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máy làm đá viên inox xuất khẩu iva3t



The IVA3T Inox export ice making machine produces 3-ton ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 3 Ton / Day
  • Size 2000 x 1600 x 2600 MM
  • Material: High-up Inox SUS 304
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: Optional

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA3T INOX EXPORT

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Product details

The ice making machine inox export IVA3T 3 tons/day is cheap and the best quality in the Southeast Asia market. The demand for ice cubes is highest in the summer. At the time of extreme heat, the amount of ice cubes is always in scarcity as small ice producers cannot afford to supply in the market. That is the reason why the industry of ice cubes producing becomes a fertile land for smart investors cannot ignore.


If you need of using ice cubes in large quantities for production and storage or even try trading ice cubes. Industrial ice making machine will be a great choice for you. It is not an ice making machine Inox export IVA3T simply, but also it gives many health benefits for you when using machine due to food hygiene and safety products, as well as saving power, cooling energy that ice making machine IVA3T of Viet An company brings for you. Are you always curious to know why it is like that? Let's with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to learn about more products through the article below to understand products.

Why do you choose the ice making machine inox export IVA3T - 3 tons/day of Viet An?

The pure ice making machine is designed according to the latest technology in the US in 2019. Being produced by Viet An Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam. With a compact and ergonomic industrial design, it makes installation of the machine simple for customers, and it is safe for producers.  the compressor is new German technology, saving electricity, small noise, less affecting people around.

The ice making machine inox export IVA3T takes pure water to make ice cubes, so it is very safe for ice products, ice cubes are clean ice and meet food safety standard no 6-1- 2010 / BYT. The ice making machine is designed with a simple technique, high durability, maintenance costs are low, saving power.

The Inox ice making machine VA3T - 3 Ton is smart. Being made of high-quality Inox304, adapted to the climatic conditions of Vietnam, helping the machine is not corrode because of oxidation. With the system of components are painted coating with 2 layers of epoxy anti-rust which helps ice making the machine to withstand the harsh weather in Vietnam.

Great benefits when using the ice making machine inox export IVA3T - 3 Ton of Viet An

We always acknowledge the valuable comments of customers, because the support of customers is the existence of the company. With young staffs and dynamic staffs, we always try to be more and more perfect in quality, price and after-sales service, the best warranty and maintenance for you to feel secure when choosing the machine. Come to us, you will receive thoughtful care. Hopefully, with the enthusiasm of youth, we will give customers confidence on the way of Modernization. Latest Technology Application in 2019 (Energy-saving) compared to other ice making machines on the market, saving about 80% compared to the cost of buying ice outside.

The ice making machine inox export IVA3T has warranty about 24 months & Product Lifetime maintenance with nationwide utility warehouse system, professional customer service.

- Super speed ice making time: Only 25 - 35 minutes for 1 batch of pure clean ice cubes.

- Many functions with compact design are suitable for many spaces, easy to use, convenient

- Pure Clean Stone quality certified by the Ministry of Health

- Components imported from Europe with clearly certified stamps of ISO 9001: 2008 & CE Marking standards

- Intelligent operation mechanism, fully closed operation process should limit dirt and pathogenic bacteria to ensure user health.

The  ice making machine inox export IVA3T can produce many sizes of ice cubes

It is an industrial ice cube making the machine, it can give a very large capacity of ice cubes (at least 3 tons / 24h) with products made of tubule ice with many different sizes depending on the consumption demand in the market and customer requirements before ordering a specific machine as follows:

- Type 1: size 48 x 80 mm is suitable for drinking beer, soft drinks .... this type has the advantage of ice melted a long time, but it has a slightly larger ice cubes size, sometimes causing is much trouble.

- Type 2: size 38 x 45 mm is suitable for drinking iced tea, wine .... ice cubes have advantages not too big but still ensures ice melted a long time

- Type 3: size 34 x 40 mm is also suitable for drinking alcohol, iced tea... With a moderate size of ice cubes easily used for drinking.

- Type 4: size 18 x 30 mm is most suitable for drinks such as coffee, juice, smoothies .... it brings fast cold for drinks depending on the speed of ice melting faster than the above 3 types.

ice making speed is super-fast suitable with the demand for large-scale ice cubes business.

Some notes when buying ice cube making machine IVA3T in the market.

Currently, in the market of ice making machines have many types and many fake goods, customers pay attention to specific branch addresses to be able to buy genuine goods. There are also many ice cubes production facilities in the manual form, depending on the industrial production every day, the facilities will be equipped with different types of ice cubes. ice making machine prices range from one to several hundred million (prices also depend on machine capacity and quality). Come to Viet An company, we ensure you are satisfied with the ice making machine inox export IVA3T - 3 Ton.

The demand for pure ice cubes is increasing day by day but there are not all ice cubes establishments having pure ice machines good quality, creating ice cubes that meet food hygiene and safety standards. The ice making machine inox export 3 ton is not originated in the market is relatively large, which makes customers are overwhelmed by the offers and inexperience in how to choose a type of ice making machine in product quality, with warranty and maintenance attached. There are many manufacturers so many people do not know to choose the pure ice making machine.

Ensuring the health of family members or the quality and price of the product, you should a smart consumer. Please contact Viet An company to have the best ice cube making machine IVA3T inox export. We guarantee to commit to providing you with ice making machines quality and conforms to health standards. Your trust is a pleasure for us!

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