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1-ton ice making machine USApec 1T produces 1 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • • Capacity: 1 ton / day
  • • Dimension 1300 x 1600 x 2700 CM
  • • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • • Capacity: Over 95%
  • •Warranty 12 months
  • • ice size: optional

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 1T

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Product details


Viet An always endeavours to improve its products. Currently, ice making machine USApec 1T is a lot of people are interested and favoured by their convenience, saving and safety. Are you curious to know why? Let's commercial joint stock company Viet An  learn about products through the article below

Why use a pure ice making machine 1ton?

When the demand to use ice cubes for refreshment on hot days, it is also the time when the ice cubes are not up to the standards of safe food products are discussed. As a result of using dirty ice is that people's health is going down, which is many people with mild gastrointestinal illnesses buy self-healing drugs, heavy illnesses on treatment at the hospital. There is a lot of information to guide people to use clean ice cubes, which has a clear origin but sometimes for personal benefit that people ignore these recommendations. Perhaps the ice businesses are afraid of investing heavily to buy clean ice making machines imported from abroad because of high prices. But now it's no longer a concern for everyone.

The process of producing clean ice of the machine makes 1 ton

The production process of pure ice machine USApec 1T 1 ton/day standard, the water source from the depth of 90 m, well water, groundwater, processed through reverse osmosis, and micro bacteria by ultraviolet light. Ice moulds, ice cutters, ice water tanks, cold mills and ice buckets of the ice maker system are all made of stainless steel, without rusting over time. The process of producing closed ice is completely automatic and there is no direct contact with the human hand so the pure ice is completely safe for food hygiene.

Meet the standard requirements:

The quality of water ice making must meet 40 criteria of heavy metal, ice finished products must meet 22 criteria, including 6 criteria of microorganism, the quality of the certificate will be granted by the Department of Health. However, according to the inspectorate of Hanoi Health Department, the quality of the ice is still different at the establishments that have been granted the certificates. It has a minimum threshold, has the basis of reaching the maximum threshold, even reached international standards. Thus, with the production facilities outsourcing, the quality is not guaranteed (But how can we distinguish between manual ice and pure ice)?

Research at the company's quality inspection department shows that: We can assert that it is possible to distinguish pure ice  and manual ice If you take a little hard:

1. The normal ice cubes when the melt to leave the residue, cloudiness.But the Pure ice cubes into the glass of water is still transparent, can see through to the other. When it is dissolved, the water is like mineral water.

2. Long-lasting pure ice melt is 4 to 5 times higher than the normal ice. Machines for the production of pure ice in tube form.

The USApec 1T pure ice production line of Viet An has capacity from 1 ton / 24 hours to 30 ton / 24 hours or higher. These products can be used in daily meals or in refrigeration systems, most commonly used for restaurants, fast food outlets, supermarkets, medical centres, schools, etc.

Pure ice products are safe for the environment when using Free on or Ammonia refrigerated gas. All parts of the machine in contact with water are made of stainless steel. Features of pure ice making machine.

Highlights of the pure ice making machine USApec 1t / 24h

- The machine making ice cubes 1 ton per day has a very simple technical design. Aesthetically compact size.

- The operation does not require skilled workers.

- Durable, low maintenance cost.

- The machine makes 1 ton of ice cubes per day produced by the latest technology of the US 2018 extremely energy saving.

- Full replacement equipment, easy to find.

- the machine quiet operation did not hear the noise.

The structure of the pure ice making machine 1 ton:

+ ice mould: a tube made stainless steel (stainless steel304)

The water splitter is made of elastic, which create a durable outer pad for the connection between the ice mould and the water splitter.

+ Refrigerant: R22

Ice cutter: Made of stainless steel controlled by a gear motor specially designed for the production of cylindrical or ice crushed by turning the cutting motor and using a switch to control this function.

Ice cut motor: Designed to take on the heavy function is cutting ice in standard sizes

Water pumps: Centrifugal pump is cast in cast iron, it is large enough to store the water throughput, which will be frozen several times and produce a crystal clear water film.

+ The ice bucket is made of stainless steel (stainless steel 304) to ensure hygiene.

+ Gas valve and exhaust valve imported from Denmark or Japan stable operation, long life.

The size of ice cubes that machine made 1 ton per day:

- Large ice cubes: 48 x 80 mm. Usually use for beer, soft drink ...

- Medium size ice cubes: 38 x 45 mm. Usually use iced tea, soft drinks ...

- Small ice cubes: 34 x 40 m. Usually use iced tea, soft drinks ...

- Small ice cubes: 18 x 30 mm. Often use coffee, fruit juice, brewed water.

Before investing the pure ice machine USApec 1T, you should be consulted specifically to best meet the needs of users. All needs related to pure ice, Viet An General Trading JSC always consult and support enthusiastically. All machines made of 1 ton pure ice had detailed design documentation. We are confident to bring the best products to customers.

You should contact Viet An Trading JSC directly

Hotline: 0943.41.41.41 for advice on choosing the perfect ice making machine 1 ton best suited to your needs.

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Parameters, configuration

TT Components Number Unit Origin Photo
1 Compressor 1 Pcs US / Japan
2 Face sieve above 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
3 Ice mortar 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
4 304 stainless steel ice tube Full Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
5 Face sieve under 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
6 Gas tank 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
7 Gas pipeline 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
8 Ga R22 Full Jar France / India
9 Condensing system 1 System US / Japan
10 Oil separation system 1 System US / Japan
11 Oil separator grid 1 Set US / Japan
12 Separator oil float 1 Pcs US / Japan
13 block valve of oil separator jar 1 Set US / Japan
14 Shell of the oil separator 1 Shell US / Japan
15 Ice cutting system 1 System Viet An/ Viet Nam
16 Ice defrost trough 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
17 Motors cutting 1 Set US / Japan
18 Double wheel 1 Pcs US / Japan
19 Cutting blade set 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
20 Water reservoir above 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
21 water reservoir under 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
22 ice making machine frame 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
23 Fill filter 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
24 Cold oil 1 Barrel France / India
25 Water pumping system 1 System US / Japan
26 Water pump for cooling 1 Pcs US / Japan
27 Water pump for ice tower 1 Pcs US / Japan
28 Intermediate pump Full Pcs US / Japan
29 Plumbing system 1 Set Tien Phong/ Viet Nam
30 Protection relay Full System Denmark
31 Gauges Full Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
32 The float system adjusts to make ice 1 System Viet An/ Viet Nam
33 Float valve 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
34 Adjustment float 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
35 Block valve after the buoy 1 Pcs Denmark
36 Block valve before the buoy 1 Pcs Denmark
37 Mufflers 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
38 Liquid separator 1 Jar Viet An/ Viet Nam
39 Packing system 1 System Viet An/ Viet Nam
40 Load bucker frame 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
41 Load bucket motor 1 Pcs US / Japan
42 Load bucket Axis 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
43 Water distribution knob 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
44 Valve system 1 System Denmark
45 Solenoid valve for making ice 1 Pcs Denmark
46 Electromagnetic valve made ice 1 Pcs Denmark
47 Electromagnetic valve recovers liquid 1 Pcs Denmark
48 Mechanical valve blocks the condenser 1 Pcs Denmark
49 Mechanical valve blocks the compressor 1 Pcs Denmark
50 Fully automatic electrical system 1 System Korea
51 Transposed jar 1 Jar Viet An/ Viet Nam
52 Soldering iron stick Full Pcs US / Japan
53 Copper welding stic Full Pcs US / Japan
54 Cooling tower system 1 System Viet An/ Viet Nam
55 Motor cooling tower 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
56 Heat sink plate 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
57 Composite radiator tower shell 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
58 Pozzle pipe 1 pipe Viet An/ Viet Nam
59 Radiator tower impeller 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
60 Cold storage system 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
61 Industrial heat gantry 1 Set US / Japan
62 Compressor for cold storage 1 Pcs US / Japan
63 Hinges lock for cold storage doors 1 Pcs Viet An/ Viet Nam
64 Porous of cold storage 1 Set Viet An/ Viet Nam
65 Transporting and installation cranes equipment (Investor pay) Full Trip Viet An/ Viet Nam
66 Water filtration systems 1 Set American technology
67 Operation and troubleshooting instructions (Free) 2 Work Viet An/ Viet Nam
68 Warranty service Full Trip Viet An/ Viet Nam
69 Maintenance service Full Trip Viet An/ Viet Nam
70 Ice capacity 1000 KG/date night Viet An/ Viet Nam
71 Ice size 1-5 size mm Viet An/ Viet Nam
72 Size machine 1.3x1.6x2.7 m Viet An/ Viet Nam
73 Weight machine without load 1500 Kg Viet An/ Viet Nam
74 Brand, origin Model: USApec VA1T, genuine USApec, Company Goods
75 Power consumption, voltage 12+10%, 380v Kw Viet An/ Viet Nam
76 The above price does not include VAT 10%

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