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The ice making machine USApec 4T4-ton produces 4 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • • Capacity: 4 ton / day
  • • Dimension 2000 x 1600 x 3200 CM
  • • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • • Capacity: Over 95%
  • • Warranty 12 months
  • • ice size: optional

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 4T

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Product details

The ice making machine USApec 4T 4-tons produced by Viet An.Jsc. You are managing a business and beverage industry, you are interested in ice making equipment. Are you should import ice cubes from an outside facility or choose your own ice maker? To protect the health of consumers, while enhancing the credibility of the food business, you can trust 4-ton ice cube machine USApec 4T. This is a perfect choice for you to have a drink business. And you can business pure ice cubes. With perfect technical design, the machine made 4 tons of ice making machine will certainly satisfy any buyer.

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Currently, the quality of ice in the market is difficult to control from both the authorities and consumers. Ice cubes are used frequently, especially in tropical countries such as Vietnam, and are used in all public places such as restaurants, schools, eateries, or supermarkets. When producing ice from USApec 4T ice making machine from Viet An, you can take the initiative entirely in production especially for clean water. If you want 100% pure ice, you can install more refined water filter before putting into the ice making machine. And the old ice making machine will no longer be able to meet your needs, as the business needs to expand its operations further - buying a new ice making machine higher-powered is essential. Therefore, come to Viet An - the leading brand in Vietnam in the field of refrigeration, Our company provides the most diversified and high-quality ice making machine - all your problems will be resolved immediately.

Why should buy an ice making machine USATec4T?

- The ice making machine produces 4 tons of ice cubes of Viet An capable of fast cooling, thanks to a system that helps completely automatic cooling. In addition, the machine also has a smart control, the ability to automatically shut down when there is power problems, so you will never have to worry about the failure of the electrical line. In addition, the refrigerant used is also safe, highly effective and does not harm the ozone layer. Therefore, the number of pure ice cubes produced will be melted more than 5 times than the normal ice cubes.

- The design of the USApec 4T is quite compact and has a high scratch resistance, so it can be placed in many locations, which does not occupy much space, is easy to transport or install depending on the Wide or narrow for your business or household.

- Machine quiet operation, low noise, best heat transfer performance, can work stably in high-temperature environments.

 Ice making machine USAtec 4T  is manufactured in accordance with the latest international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and is registered with USApec 250970 at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office.

- Application of intelligent automatic water shutoff valve system with automatic, modern high-quality discharge valve, reduces power consumption by 45% compared to 4-ton ice machine series other in the market. At the same time, the price is always preferential, more competitive than other brands.

Manual 4-ton ice cube machine USApec4T:

On the market today there are many types of the ice making machines 4 tons of ice cubes come from different brands, from good to bad, from popular to high-end, diverse to help consumers can comfortably choose. depending on the purpose of their use. However, you should note the following points to your machine can work better and more durable:

- Water source: Our company recommends that customers should use tap water or filtered water, can also use groundwater to make the ice cubes are cleaner, with transparency and assurance.

- You need to check the power to see if it matches the capacity of the USApec 4T  - for timely adjustment because not all models use the same type of voltage.

- Reading is carefully the manufacturer's instructions.

- If you are in trouble and can not use it, please contact the company's staff to Hotline: 0942.41.41.41 for more detailed advice, avoiding self-repair or following information on the network will cause the machine to deteriorate.

The accessories that come with the USApec 4T:

Cold Storage: This is necessary equipment to ensure that the ice cube is used in the event of maintenance of the USApec4T ice machine, when power failure, or to Or used to store excess ice cubes when not used up. The use of white foam material covered with two layers of thickness is also called panel, Safety locking system ensures stable ice cubes storage temperature in the range of -4 to -9 degrees Celsius, At this temperature, the stone becomes sporadic, not sticky when delivered to the customer.

Packaging system: Made in stainless steel at Viet An factory, the system supports the user to operate quickly, neatly and effectively in the ice cubes into bags, each bag to distribute to customers.

Water filtration system: Customers can use pure RO or NANO water purification system to make ice cubes, Water quality meets the drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health, ensure water is pure, does not contain bacteria, toxic substances harmful to health.

The ice cubes of USApec 4T 4 tones ice making machine is slow-melting and keeps the heat for a long time. Thanks to this great feature, they are used by bars, brasseries, karaoke bars, large hotels to use the same alcoholic beverages as cocktails, whiskey, keep them cool longer and make them more flavour attractive. Besides, they also keep cool for summer drinks for cafes, refreshments.

To own a great  USAtec 4T ice making machine, you are welcome to visit the nearest local Viet An branch. All Viet An branches are very detailed below!

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