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máy chiết rót chai tự động 12 trong 1 vacgf 4000

VACGF 4000

89,783 USD

  • Capacity: 4000 bottles/ hour
  • Criterion: ISO
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Free delivery


Product code: VACGF 4000

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Product details

12 in 1 automatic bottle filling machine VACGF-4000 gives the enterprise a new solution in the structure to produce water bottle. One of the most modal machines, filling machine VACGF_4000 made by Việt An company using high technology from America with 12 automatic stages to produce water bottle, carbonated and gas drink.


Việt An introduces to you automatic filling machine VACGF-4000. All the machine is auto so it can decrease the expense and increase profit for the enterprise, also it ensures food safety. With accessories import from high technology country. The device has the ability to measure and fill perfectly.

 With these 12 automatic stages, the 12-in-1 automatic VACGF 4000 filling machine will satisfy customers.

  1. Stage 1: drier machine

+Drier machine: Empty bottles will be transferred to this bottle drying machine, where plastic bottles with a diameter of Φ55-Φ100 and a height of 100-320mm will be automatically dry. The maximum capacity that the machine can get every hour is 10000 bottles

  • Power: 0.37-0.75 KW
  • Size: 1200x1500x900mm
  • Weight: 150kg
  1. Stage 2: Air conveyor

+ Air conveyor: AC2 air conveyor system with a length of 2.4m will transport empty bottles after bottling at stage 1 to the system of washing, extracting and swirling bottles.

 Power: 2.2Kw

 Size: 2400x200x1000

 Weight: 50Kg

  1. Stage 3,4,5: Washing, filling, swirling automatic bottle cap 3in1

+12 in 1 VACGF 4000 automatic bottle filling machine with 12 wash heads, with 12 washers will wash empty bottles with pure water with ozone to ensure 100% sterilization. The sterilized bottles will be transported by conveyor to the filling system. With 12 extractors, 12 bottles are filled each time, filled with water and transferred to the vortex system. With 6 swirling machines, it automatically swirls the cap into the bottle and moves to the next unit.


 + 350ml bottle: 4000-4500 bottles / h

 + 500ml bottle: 3000-4000 bottles / h

 + 1500ml bottles: 1500-2000 bottles / h

 Wash head: 12

 Extraction head: 12

 Vortex cap: 6

 Power: 4Kw

 Pressure: 0.6Mpa

 Size: 2180x1900x2300

 Weight: 2500kg

 Download bottle cap: the system loads the lid of the automatic bottle filling machine 12 in 1 VACGF 4000 completely

 Capacity: 6000-12000 bottles / h

 Power: 0.37kw

 Size: 1200x900x3000

 Weight: 200kg

  1. Stage 6: Stereoscopic machine

+Here normal bottles will be delivered to the next system, unusual bottles will be kept for workers to move out.

 Power: 3x20kw

  1. Stage 7: Bottle dry blowers

+The bottles when loaded to this stage will be bottle blowers

 Capacity: 4000-8000 bottles / h

 Power: 6Kw

 Size: 1500x600x1400mm

 Weight: 100kg

  1. Stage 8: 1-head label drop machine

+The bottle after being blown dry will be transferred to a label dispenser to release the label onto the bottle

 Capacity: 9000chai / h

 Power: 3kw-220V

 Size: 850x800x2180mm

 Weight: 100kg

  1. Stage 9: Bottle shrinkage machine

+ The system will conduct shrink bottles for labelled bottles to ensure the bottle is always new and beautiful. Plastic bottles with a diameter 28 ~ 125mm will be suitable for this type of machine. Labels with a length of 30 ~ 250mm, the thickness of 0.035mm made of PVC / PET / OPS material will be affixed to the bottle by steam pressure.

Capacity: 5000-9000 bottles / h

 Power: 18kw - 380V

 Size: 1800x560x 1300mm

  1. Stage 10: Printer expiry date

+The bottle will be transported to the expired printer system. Here the average machine can print 1666 words / second ~ 255m / minute with the height of the word is 1-20mm.

 Capacity: 2000-9000 bottles / h

Power: 0.1kw

Fonts: 5 * 5, 5 * 7, 7 * 9, 10 * 16, 12 * 16, 16 * 24, 12 * 12 and 16 * 16 (Chinese).

  1. Stage 11: shrinking films machine

+ There are PE, PVC, POF films with packing size of L600 × W400 × H350mm and maximum packing capacity of 8-12 packs/minute

 Capacity: 7-8 bags / minute

 Power: 15-18kw

 Size: 5050x 3300x2100mm

 Weight: 1200kg

 -Great advantages of automatic bottle filling machine 12 in 1 VACGF 4000

All components of 12-in-1 automatic bottling machine VACGF 4000 are made from high-quality iNox

 Bottle converters only need star-shaped wheels, load axles, and arc directional discs.

 Adopts advanced valve system to control the flow rate of the liquid. It can keep the unstable level of liquid in the tank and ensure accurate filling.

 Automatically close the valve when there is no bottle in the machine to avoid material loss. Automatic filling with high speed and control of precise material level.

 Apply effective cap-writing system and protection device. Magnetic torque device is applied in the screw cap head to ensure high-quality screw cap.

 12-in-1 automatic bottling machine VACGF 4000 has a perfect overload protection system, which is used to effectively protect equipment and operators.

 Due to the operation of the touch screen, the state of the operating device is clearly shown.

 12 in 1 automatic bottling machine VACGF 4000 has the main electronic devices such as touch screen, PLC, sensor ... used by famous brands.

 Equipped with an intelligent system that automatically disconnects when a problem occurs.

 12-in-1 automatic bottling machine VACGF 4000 is compact, quiet, excellent automatic, low labour intensity.

 Benefits of regular cleaning

The cleaning of the automatic bottling machine of 12 in 1 VACGF 4000 will be carried out periodically for several months, weeks, or days depending on the needs of users (filling) of the enterprise, the nature of the solution ... Cleaning the machine brings many high efficiencies such as:

 + Improve durability, machine life

 + The machine has less damage, saves repair costs

 + Ensure absolute safety and hygiene when extracting the solution

 In addition to bottled filling machines, Viet An also provides a wide range of bottling machines with diverse capacities. Customers are in need of understanding and buying 12 in 1 VACGF automatic bottling machine

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máy chiết rót chai tự động 12 trong 1 vacgf 4000
Stage name  Price
Bottle sealing machine  99.000.000 VNĐ
Air conveyor  29.000.000 VNĐ
Automatic bottle washing machine  559.000.000 VNĐ
Automatic bottle filling machine
swirling automatic bottle cap
Automatic bottle cap loading machine  79.000.000 VNĐ
Stereoscopic machine  4.000.000 VNĐ
Bottle dry blowers  119.000.000 VNĐ
1-head label drop machine  489.000.000 VNĐ
Bottle shrinkage machine  89.000.000 VNĐ
Printer expiry date  159.000.000 VNĐ
shrinking films machine  439.000.000 VNĐ


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