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máy làm đá viên 1 tấn inox va1t



The ice making machine inox VA1T – 1 ton produces 1 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Made: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: INOX VA1T
  • Free 100% Shipping, Installation


Product code: INOX VA1T

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Product details

 You want to own an ice making machine 1-ton Inox VA1T,  with super speed ice making brings to customers - cool food and drinks - high quality, without having to go out buying ice cubes source unknown. Viet An is a reputable address in the market to sell pure ice making machines with nearly 10 years of experience, big customers who have used our products are Samsung company, Shinhan Vina company, Diana company and some other big companies.

Life is more and more modern and developing - food hygiene and safety issues are even more focused. Especially food and drink, so clean ice at restaurants and drink shops. The market has so many different types of stainless steel ice cubes making machine- making you difficult, confused, not sure how to be able to both save costs - but provide quality products. Follow the article below, to make the most accurate decision!

Why should we choose ice making machine 1 ton iNoxVA1T of Viet An

On the market today there are many types of 1-ton iNox ice cubes from many different brands. From affordable to high-end, with diversified designs, the same quality is not fixed - making it difficult for consumers to choose freely. All thing will be solved, when looking to the Viet An ice making machine - this is a perfect choice for business owners and eateries, mini supermarkets, frozen food storage facilities. v...

As one of the leading brands in the field of manufacturing, importing, distributing, filling machines, RO purification water lines and all kinds of European standard ice making machines, Viet An brings products High quality and most advanced. This product is assembled and managed according to the most stringent international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ice making machine VA1Tof Viet An will be able to provide the coolest, purest ice cubes.

Prominent advantages of the ice making machine Inox VA1T:

1, all type of iNox ice cube ice maker 1 ton has a cooling method from water and air, using all kinds of cooling solvents to meet the standards and safety for human health. This process is 100% automatic - self-contained, without any external interference - so the quality of pure ice is 99.99%.

2, The body and sell are made of extremely durable stainless steel, which helps prevent the cabinet from being corroded by oxidation, moreover, it is easy to clean and clean - to help ensure food safety and hygiene for the user.

3, The entire VA1T Viet An stainless steel ice cube machine with a capacity of 1 ton is designed to compact, easy to use and move, can adjust the size of ice cubes according to the users' wishes.

4, Inox ice making machine 1-ton smooth operation, no big noise, good heat transfer efficiency and help extend the life of the machine to the maximum level.

Note when using and storing ice making machine Inox VA1T

To ensure the best quality of ice made and help the machine's life longer, you should keep in mind the following points:

-  Water source: You should use tap water to make ice. In the process of transporting water from outside into ice making machines, pipes and water-settling locations will easily stain, the water touches the feeling of greasy, if this situation lasts, it will cause the system to stick dirty and hard to clean, so check periodically.

- Water intake and drainage:  ice making machine Inox VA1T will need a cold water source along with water-opening and closing valves. In addition, you need to equip a genuine floor drain.

- Energy source: Because this is a relatively large capacity ice making machine, the input power source must be good, you should choose the wires that are thick enough not to be thin, to avoid the situation that can cause fire because not all ice making machines operate with 110V electric current.

- Space and layout: Being supplied with enough air is very important for VA1T stainless steel ice making the machine to optimize ice making. You should arrange the machine carefully, do not leave the machine in a place with lots of steam, places with direct sunlight of the sun, uneven places, this will increase productivity and production efficiency. The ice cubes are clean and pure.

Features of the best ice making machine Inox VA1T today:

Using the latest energy-saving technology from the United States, the cooling system combining wind and water - safe with the Earth's atmosphere helps to minimize power consumption compared to other ice cubes on the market. Owning a compact design, Viet An ice machine is easy to install, move flexibly, save time for users.

- In Vietnam, the concept of clean water, clean ice or pure ice is mentioned a lot but the actual quality of water does not reflect exactly what people mentioned. With ice making machine Inox VA1T ton/day will bring satisfaction to even the most fastidious people.

- Ice making water is produced on the most modern technological line in Korea, with three levels of water filtration, deodorizing, sterilizing by ultraviolet rays, each ice cube is made at extremely low temperature - so it is much longer, transparent, retain essential micronutrients. The ice making machine VA1T Inox is really necessary for your home and office even if you have a refrigerator.

- You should periodically check maintenance, cleaning of ice machine parts, preventing microorganisms from growing and contaminating the water source

The machine has an extremely fast cooling capacity and an intelligent control unit to create a quick mass of ice. Using water condensation technology, by modern air circulation, 1-ton ice making machine is capable of cooling on a large scale.

Above, we have introduced to customers about VA1T ice making the product with a capacity of 1T / 24h of Viet An trading joint stock company. Hope to cooperate with customers in the near future! If you need to consult the details of components inside the machine, you can contact the company or its branches selling ice making machine 1-ton iNox VA1T nationwide:

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