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Adjustment float system

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We commit quality and price. Adjustment float system is an extremely important device in the process of producing ice cubes

  • Model: Adjustable float system
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015
  • Status: In stock
  • Manufacturer: Genuine goods


Product code: Adjustment float system

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Product details

In the structure of the ice cube making machine, the adjustable float system is an extremely important part with the function of detecting liquid inside the tank to stop pumping or injecting into the tank.

Hệ thống phao điều chỉnh

With many years of experience in the industry, Viet An general trade Joint Stock Company always leads in the field of importing and supplying to the market the ice making machine, RO water purifier, filling machine line ... etc. All technologies are made according to ISO9001-2015 quality standards and have competitive prices.

What are parts of the float system have the components?

An adjustable float system consists of many parts to create different functions that make the operation smooth without interruption of the parts that need to fit together and support each other in the operation process

A. Liquid separator (also called level holder)

Bình tách lỏng

The general structure of the level holder jar includes a cylindrical body and body.

The upper part has a liquid shield as an illustration including:

  1. Output tube
  2. Throttle tube input
  3. Input gas place
  4. Pipe fitting of manometer and float valve
  5. Suction hose to the compressor
  6. Liquid membrane plate

 7-8. Tube for the fitting float valve

  1. Blowdown pipe
  2. Cylinder jar foot 

B. Block valve after the buoy


Van chặn trước phao

The float valve is used on piping systems with the function of preventing or allowing fluid to flow through the valve when the float system adjusts operation.

C. Stop valve after the float

It has the same function as the front float valve

D. Adjustable float

The adjustable float is designed to detect the level of liquid inside the tank and use a physical mechanism to control stopping or adding water to the tank.

The principle of float operation: This is a small part but especially important component in the adjustable float system, helping to stabilize the ice making process by adjusting the water level in the gutter. When the water runs out, the float drops and opens a dedicated valve to turn on the pump. The water pumped to a certain level, the float floated up and caused the pump to stop working.


    - Using for many models of ice machines

    - Simple operation principle

    - Help adjust water level control in the tank

    - Automatic smart water supply

    - PVC float is high durability, it is not corroded in the water environment

    - Compact float box size

    - Genuine imported products

E. Muffler pipe


ống giảm thanh


Silencer tube is a device that functions as its name helps to reduce the volume of sound inside the system to the maximum, it is not to let the noise escape to affect the surrounding environment.

Effect of silencer

- Environment: After direct agents, the environment is the factor affected by sound. If there is not a silencer, the surrounding environment will be noise polluted, affecting an area where you produce ice cubes

- People: machines that produce loud noise will affect those directly involved in the production of ice cubes. If it is serious that can affect the ears and nerve functions. The risk of deafness is entirely possible. In addition, loud noise will make you unable to concentrate on working.

- Machines: First, if there is not a silencer tube, the ice machine itself will not work smoothly. It is not only to reduce the noise, but the silencer also helps the ice machine work well, supporting other devices to run smoothly.

These shows that investing in a quality silencer is extremely important, to ensure the machine lifespan and human health.

So, when you buy an ice making machine, you should also consider the silencer device to see if it is the right product. Or there are machines that do not have silencers. This is great affects product quality. Using an adjustable float system has the silencer, you can freely operate production anywhere without fear of noise affecting your life.

  1. Float valve (including 2 types are mechanical valves and electric valves)

It is a device used to prevent flow or completely turn off flow when it is in circulation. The flow here is water or a common liquid solvent. In order to use an effective float valve, the installer must determine the position of the valve in accordance with the requirements, in other words, to determine the desired water level of the float valve.

Structure of float valve: Valve is composed of 3 main parts: float device, float body and float valve. The float valve is responsible for locking/opening flow. The float device is shaped like a ball, it filled with air inside and can float on the flow. Float body is responsible for connecting the float device and float valve together.

The principle of operation of the float valve in an ice cube making machine: First, the float valve will be in a locked state when the floating body rises to form a closed space. Because the float device floats on the water surface, when the water drains out of the storage area into the storage tank, the float device will fall and open the float valve. The valve will open until the water rises to a specified level. Then the float valve will close and prevent the water from flowing further. Recirculation process until production is finished.

Where buying an adjustable float system is cheap?

On the market today, there are many cheap float systems, but the quality is not guaranteed, short-term use will cause damage, effect machines and people so customers have the careful choice for yourself to buy good quality float systems.

In order to ensure quality - cheap - durable we recommend you go to Viet An Joint Stock Company for the best choice.

With many branches from north to south, customers can fully trust the quality of our products is genuine, international standard ISO 9001 - 2005.

You need any detailed information about the ice making machine as well as an adjustable float system, please contact us immediately for the earliest answer. Hotline: 0949 41 41 41

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