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dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 1000l VAIAK1000



VAIAK1000 mineral water filter line with a capacity of 1000 liters / hour meets VA brand certificate No. 250969• Standard: ISO 9001:2015

  • Model: VAIAK1000
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Free installed


Product code: VAIAK1000

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Product details

We often think that mineral water is made from natural mineral springs but now with mineral water filter line of 1000 litres/h VAIAK1000, you can create mineral water from any water source.

Mineral-Forming particles that can supplement minerals beneficial to the water, contribute to creating a mineral water source that meets food hygiene and safety standards but has many benefits for human health. Using mineral water to replace carbonated drinks, soft drinks seem to have become more and more popular. If you want to own a genuine, high-quality, high-quality, 1000 litres/ h mineral water filter line, please refer to the article below.

Produced from the modern filtration technology line, applying the most advanced RO water filtration technology in the US, 1000 l / h mineral water filter line using inox auto valve filter column is a  quality product according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, it imported directly by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company and exclusively distributed in Vietnam market by Viet An Company.

What difference does VAIAK1000 have?


Demand for bottled mineral water and bottled water is becoming more and more popular and constantly increasing. Therefore, currently on the market, there are many mineral water products from different brands provided. However, how are consumers interested in mineral water production lines? Whether mineral water products are truly safe and bring many benefits to the body without boiling or re-filter.

A product of standardized bottled water and PET bottled water will be produced according to the following lines and processes:

+ Firstly, the water source to produce mineral water will be directed to the crude filtration system to remove suspended organic compounds as well as heavy metals in the water.

+ Next step, the water will continue to lead to RO filtration system with ultra-small filters to completely remove impurities as well as harmful bacteria. After being passed through this filtration system, the water will no longer have strange odours.

+ Then the water will be put through the ultraviolet, reverse osmosis sterilization system to help prevent re-infection, ensure safety for water sources when bottling, bottling finished products. After being processed through this system, the mineral water products created will be of the highest quality.

+ Finally, the process of filling and bottling, bottling finished products. In order for the water source not to be invaded by bacteria, the flask and bottle used to store water will be soaked in a KOH solution and then rinsed with pure water. When the bottle shell, PET bottle shells ensure safe, the will be poured, bottled, labelling to create the finished product.

Advice on the installation of water filtration lines for 1000 litres/ h

As you know, if you want to stand firm and thrive in this attractive environment, it is necessary to consider carefully from the beginning, paying attention to both engineering and technology and equipment line. If you intend to operate in this field but do not want to be more  surprised, you should refer to the specific steps below:

+ Firstly: you should find a position to open factories, workshop. It is best to avoid areas near cemeteries, petroleum depots, chemical factory warehouses, animal farms, waste treatment areas, etc. If not registered for business in bottled water, businesses also need to quickly do that.

+ Second: find a good source of water, if you need to drill wells, carry out the process of overall water source testing. It is necessary to build a water tower and a water supply system, to prepare a power source capable of meeting the water source.

+ Third: when buying water purification equipment, it is necessary to ensure the best quality. It must be a reputable brand, trusted by experts and users.

+ Fourth: consider the scale of business activities is small, medium or large. If the scale is large, it is necessary to invest in automatic lines, prepare sources of consumable materials such as bottles, PET bottles, shrink films, labels ...

+ Fifth: brand, logo, personnel recruitment planning and training. Investing in vehicles to transport products, preparing financial resources to ensure good service for the operation in the factory for at least the first 6 months, when the revenue is not really available.

+ Sixth: investment in backup generators and expenses for opening bottled water production plants. On average, an establishment operating in this field has at least 60 to 100 m2.

Viet An - unit specializing in supplying and installing mineral water purification lines 1000 litres/h, if customers intend to do business in this field, you just pick up the phone and contact us, any questions Your will be fully answered. Besides, we also provide some other capacity mineral water purification systems, you can refer to the information at http://vietan.vn

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