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IVA0.6T ice making machine produces 0,6 ton of ice tube per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Service life: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: IVA 0.6T
  • 100% Free Shipping and Installation

Category: VA Inox price under 20000USD , Hot

Product code: IVA0.6T NEW 100%

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Product details

The IVA 0.6T ice-making machine is new 100% 600kg by Viet An is an extremely important breakthrough in 2019 - It is the most advanced technology in Vietnam's export refrigeration industry.


ảnh tập thể Việt An
Collective photo of employees of Viet An Company

Ice tube making machine is researched and produced by Viet An company. This is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam specializing in importing and distributing all kinds of production machines, filling machines, pure water filter lines or ice tube with a variety of capacities with safe product quality and achieving great efficiency, greatly reducing the maximum cost and saving electricity.

Refer to the price of mini ice making machine from Viet An: https://vietan.vn/may-lam-da-vien These are all ice-making machines made by Viet An. 600KG ice tube making machine IVA0.6T new 100% specializes in producing tube ice tube with a capacity of up to 600KG per 24 hours. Applied in processing areas, restaurants or supermarkets, fast food stores, schools, bars ...

600KG IVA0.6T ice-making machine is 100% New 

Why should you choose an ice-making machine of Viet An?

Viet An is a company specializing in manufacturing and installing systems for producing ice tube, industrial refrigeration equipment, pure water treatment systems, filling lines, bottle blowing machines, jar blowing machines ... Highly experienced and technologically advanced. We have developed technology on the basis of advanced technology of the US, Europe and Japan industries. Thanks to the learning and dedication, Viet An has gained many prestigious awards and high-quality certificates of competent authorities. Such as:

  • In 2009, Viet An received a gold medal of high-quality Vietnamese goods for bottled water, jar water and golden lotus cup for pure water purifier products.
  • In 2015, Viet An received the exclusive brand certificate of '' VA '' and '' USApec '' for products of ice-making machine and pure water filter line issued by the Intellectual Property Department on 10 September 2015
  • In 2015, Viet An received the ‘’ Top 100 Vietnamese leading brands in 2015 ’by the Consumer Newspaper.
  • Being granted the certificate of international quality management standard ISO 9001:2015
  • On 29 November 2016 Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company was also honoured to receive the Certificate of Merit as one of the enterprises with good achievements in anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting work of the Anti-Counterfeiting Association and Vietnam VATAP brand protection.

Every industrial machine line has different advantages and disadvantages. Customers favourite and choose Viet An because of the great advantages that other units do not have.

Modern technology

Speaking of modern machinery technology, we often think of products manufactured from the US, Europe or Japan. Therefore, Viet An has imported high-quality components from these countries. Therefore, the quality and performance of the machine are always guaranteed.

In addition, Viet An machinery is committed to genuine, saying no to counterfeit goods, any customer found that we provide counterfeit goods, we will repay 100% money. With the most modern technology, our machines and equipment all save energy, reduce costs for very large enterprises.

Luxury design, eye-catching design

In addition to the quality of machine parts in Viet An, there is also a high aesthetic. Compact design, shiny stainless steel. Thanks to that, the machine always keeps the luxury. Stainless steel material also helps clean the machine easily. Increased impact resistance, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

Best warranty and maintenance

All products are backed by a 12-month warranty and lifetime maintenance. There are very few providers with such a long-term maintenance policy. In addition to the policy of warranty, Viet An's maintenance regime is especially satisfied by customers. Maintenance-free of charge with a team of highly specialized technicians. Warranty period, maintenance is quick.

Modern technology is applied in IVA0.6T ice-making machine - 600kg

The liquid air separation system is only available in Viet An ice tube making machine.

Thanks to the latest American power-saving technology, the machine can save up to maximum power compared to other ice tube making machines on the market. Especially 0.6-ton ice making machine is also equipped with liquid - air separation system - the latest technology in 2019 is only applied in ice tube making machine of Viet An. With the advantage of helping the ice making process take place quickly and protect the compressor from infection of liquid, the compressor improve the life of the machine. Thanks to this technology, the ice tube of ice tube making machine is also designed more neatly and more modernly. The ice making cycle is also significantly reduced to help the production unit save time and monthly costs.

The compressor is 100% new

máy nén

The compressor is 100% new, the technology is fully applied only in Viet An ice-making machine. This is the product that Viet An has ordered separately according to the latest technology to help the machine operate stably to achieve the longest life expectancy. Produced by the latest technology. The product is strictly tested before being put into use. The use of new compressors is to control cooling capacity for ice machines. Controlling and saving power consumption for you, using a new compressor helps the device's life to be more durable and longer, ensuring the temperature and safety of the cooling system is stable, helping the ice machine smooth operation, smooth running, low noise.

Imported stop valve

hệ thống van chặn máy đá

Gate valve lines, using various types of imported valves - It is not a machining valve made in Vietnam as some other units normally do.

Cooling tower imported completely

Tháp giải nhiệt

The cooling tower has the function of cooling the system with water and fan. This device works to reduce the temperature of the water source to make ice by separating the water source and then bringing that heat to the outside. The internal components of the cooling tower include the frame and the body of the tower, the buffer block, the air inlet unit, the cold water tank, the water shield and fan, each of the parts will be ensured with their own work to carry out the process of the ice maker is the fastest and most effective way.

Condenser imported

bình ngưng

The imported condenser is 100% new. It is a device that plays an important role in ice tube making machine, the function of the condenser is to condense the gas from gas to liquid form. According to the instructions of the supplier, it should be noted that the condenser should be cleaned regularly at least once a month due to the condensate or lime deposits, if not, the heat exchange process will be reduced.

Automatic electrical system

hệ thống điện tự động

The electrical system of automatic ice tube making machine only needs to operate a toggle button, automatic protection system, automatic time relay system, etc., it helps machine automatically to make ice, defrost and automatically disconnect In all cases of electrical problems. The operator only does one simple thing to do: bring the ice to sell without having to touch the ice directly like a traditional ice block, so it will not worry about osteoarthritis.

Motor, charging bucket, ice cutter

With the 600KG IVA 0.6T ice-making machine of Viet An,  the motor system, charging bucket, ice cutter system are 100% new. Unlike the ice-making machines sold on the market, they use the old motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only available at  Viet An ice-making machines

linh kiện độc quyền máy đá
Photos of exclusive components of Viet An

With the above advantages, the IVA ice-making machine is 100% new of Viet An always saves electricity than the ice-making machine in the market. You should look very far. If an old 600KG ice-making machine and new machine run at full capacity. What will happen:

  • Old machine price + 2 years of electricity.
  • New machine price 100% + 2 years of electricity money.

Only about 2 years of old ice-making machine price + 2 years of electricity cost will be equal or larger than the new ice making machine price + 2 years of electricity cost. That is not to mention the errors that the ice making machine using the old equipment components encountered! 2 years new machine can run completely stable. But what about machines using old equipment components? Definitely will give you an error. If lucky 2 years no error. Then in the third year, the new machine was better than the old one, right? Choose Viet An's new ice making machine IVA or choose an ice-making machine using old parts is your choice.


If you still want to choose ice-making machine using an old compressor, there is no system for liquid - air separating, old condenser, old pump and other old components, you can also see here: https: // locnuocvietan. vn / san-pham-viet-an / may-lam-da-vien /

Auxiliary equipment of  600KG IVA0.6T ice-making machine buy more

Water filtration system for ice making machines

Specifications of 600KG IVA0.6T ice-making machine 



Filter capacity (l / h)




Electrical-Power (kw / h)


Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Price (USD)



Packaging system

Packing system: fast and convenient, this is the advantage of the packaging system, so that the process of fastening ice is the device you need. 

To be able to produce 600KG ice-making machine in particular and other IVA ice-making machines in general. Viet An company had to explore and research to design exclusive components. Being order to make unique for ice-making machines of Viet An. Making our 600KG ice-making machine always more special than other 600KG ice making machine on the market.

0.6T ice making machine is produced at the factory at Viet An address in Quang Minh industrial zone, Me Linh, Hanoi. In 2019, this machine has made many new breakthroughs in technology, saving ice making time, saving costs, and especially saving electricity for businesses and monthly business units. Monthly business units could save tens of millions of electricity when using this model, ensuring that the machine has less trouble due to these completely new technologies. This is the answer to the reason why IVA models in Viet An have higher prices than other models. Although a bit more expensive but in return for long-term stable operation, cost-saving for businesses, in the long run, this is a good option for investors to invest and will certainly earn profits.

Quality management according to the most rigorous ISO 9001:2015 international standards, distributed at Viet An's subsidiaries in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang and Export to ASEAN countries. Viet An commits our 0,6T ice tube making machine to ensure the best quality in Vietnam for many years and ensure the best price.

Note when operating  IVA0.6T ice-making machine

The ice-making machine IVA0.6TT iNox is 100% new, has fully equipped intelligent control buttons so you need to learn how to use and know the types of alerts to fix the problem in time.

  • The IVA0.6T stainless steel ice-making machine is 100% new, operating under a closed cycle so it does not affect too much on the machine.
  • Replace water purifier core to help pure ice regularly. Depending on the water source of each area to determine filter replacement time. Normally, after 6 months, it will have to be replaced to provide water to ensure ice-making and ice-making part will not be dregs.
  • Cleaning the ice tube making machine is regularly, periodically filter the air after 15 days of operation to avoid oil drying, avoid noise engine and heating the machine.
  • It is necessary to maintenance IVA0.6T ice-making machine is usually correct periodically to increase the service life of the machine and avoid small failures that are not detected for some time, which will affect the machine.

Currently, on the market of ice making machine, there are many kinds and many fake goods, poor quality products, customers should consider choosing a reputable and reliable address to buy the 600KG IVA 0.6T inox ice-making machine is 100% new of Viet An so customers pay attention to only direct contact with Viet An at specific branch addresses, or contact our hotline directly at 0949.41.41.41 in order to You can buy ice tube making machine as genuine goods and be advised to choose the model of ice machine that best suits your business model. Thank you for your interest in Viet An's products.

See more article details

Specifications of 600kg IVA 0.6T ice cube making machine is 100% new






Ice making capacity (kg / 24h)


Ice making machine size (D * R * H mm)


Weight / kg)


Ice cube size (D * L mm)


Electrical capacity (kW / h)


Power  (V)


Voltage (A)




Cold oil for the machine

Suniso 3GS

Packing system


Price (USD)




Water filtration system for ice-making machines VA0320

Filter capacity (l / h)




Electrical capacity (kw / h)


Power source (V)


Weight / kg)


Price (USD)


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