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Cột lọc nước va

water filter column

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Viet An specializes in providing composite water filter columns and VA-USApec genuine stainless steel filter columns. Commitment to quality and price. Specialized filter column in industrial water filtration lines for water filtration materials, water filter components

  • Brand: VA
  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Origin: Genuine goods
  • Warranty 12 months


Product code: water filter column

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Product details

VA water filter is one of the indispensable water filter components in industrial water filtration lines. With the main function is to contain water filtration materials such as Mn sand, pH raising particles, metal filter particles, cationic particles, activated carbon. VA filter column is imported and distributed exclusively by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam with two main types: composite filter column and stainless steel filter column.

VA water purifiers are available to the market

Currently, Viet An is providing two types of VA brand water purifiers which are composite filter columns and stainless steel filter columns. Although the function of these two columns is the same, they have different structures and characteristics.

Composite water filter column

The filter is made of fibreglass, basalt fibre, organic fibre, carbon fibre, Bor fibre, silicon carbide fibre, metal fibre, short fibre and dispersed particles, fabric core. This is a material that has been recognized by the FDA to be safe for people, so it is suitable for the transmission of clean water in daily life.

Cột lọc nước composite

Outstanding technical characteristics of composite columns

+ High corrosion resistance

+ Good circulation characteristics: due to the smooth surface

+ Heat resistance: 10 C to 400 C

+ Insulating, insulation: plastic does not conduct electricity and poor heat transfer

+ High durability: Produced by wrapping technology, interlacing layers together

+ Lightweight: Only 1/4 of metal pipes weight

+ Maintenance costs are less: No rust in all chemicals, no abrasion in nature as well as in the process of use, the surface of the tube is smooth, without being attached to organisms and dirt, maintenance costs are very low

+ Suitable for all terrain: Inside and outside the tube is coated with polyester with anti-permeability, corrosion and penetration of natural substances is used very effectively in alum-contaminated environments, salty, brackish water, alkaline water...

Stainless steel filter column

As one of the filter columns used in many filtration systems, water production today.

Cột lọc nước inox

The strength point of the stainless steel filter column

  • High durability
  • The surface is shiny, beautiful and easy to clean
  • No oxidation, no corrosion
  • Does not affect water treatment efficiency when exposed to direct sunlight

 Limitations of stainless steel columns

  • Do not use when the input water is contaminated with heavy iron, heavy alum, with a very low pH because when it is filtered for a long time, it will stain, rust, it takes a lot of cleaning to ensure the quality of the output water.

• Production cost is high so stainless steel filter column cost is usually higher than composite filter column and other filter columns

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