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Pump system

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Viet An specializes in supplying pumping system for pushing stainless steel head, suction pump, booster pump in industrial water filtration lines. 100% of water pumps are imported directly from Italya

  • Origin: Italy
  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Warranty 12 months


Product code: Pump system

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Product details

In industrial water filtration lines, the water pumping system plays an important role. The whole process of filtration and water treatment of filtration lines needs a pumping system. What are the specific types of water pumps in the pumping system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of water pumps used in filter lines, industrial water production? Which type of pump has the best quality? Let's accompanies Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to find out about this issue through the content below.

 Which pump system does in the water filtration lines include?

In each water filtration line will be attached to a water pumping system including 1 push pump, 1 suction pump and 1 booster pump. Depending on the capacity of the filter line, which needs a pump with a capacity respectively

Hệ thống bơm nước

Water pumping system

High-pressure water pump:

It is a type of machine that ensures the flow of water in the filter flow to be stable. Design is compact, elegant, with pump chamber lid and pump disc to resist friction and withstand high temperatures.

High-powered pumps supplied by Viet An are those imported in Italy. This machine has a temperature sensor relay, which allows the machine to automatically disconnect power when the pump temperature is too high, to avoid heating the machine and causing a fire or explosion. Motor rotation cores in high-push pumps are highly accurate, It is plated with anti-rust to keep the machine running continuously for many hours without interruption.

Advantages: High-pressure water pump is connected to the source water system and filter column system while the filter line through a PVC water pipe system. When connected to a power source, the pump system will operate to create pressure to push water from the source water to the filter columns containing water filtration materials.

Currently there are many types of high-pressure water pumps, however, it is recommended to choose a 304 stainless steel water pump because this pump will have much higher durability than other models.

Water suction pump machine:

Similar to push pumps, suction pumps also aim to ensure the stability of the flow of water in the filter line. This machine also withstands high temperatures and has durability over 5 years. The operating principle of the suction pump is the opposite compared to the push pump.

But thanks to this contrast, it will create a continuous movement of water filtration lines to filter and treat water

Advantage: Water suction pump is connected between the filtration system and the finished water tank system through PVC piping system.

Booster pump

This type of machine helps to increase water pressure, creating a stronger flow for water, thus improving filtering capacity, water treatment for filtration lines.

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