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  • Manufacturer: Viet An
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015


Product code: COLD STORAGE

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Product details

Cold storage for ice making machine is an important device in industrial ice making systems. The ice cubes after production are quickly melted by ambient temperature, before being transported to consumers, we need to carefully preserve them to ensure the best ice volume. Using cold storage for ice cubes will help the ice production process to be more stable and productive, ensuring ice cubes for a long time until consumption and use.


Kho lạnh chuyên dùng cho máy làm đá viên

Advantages of cold storage for ice cubes

Preserving ice cubes and pure ice does not melt in a long time.

Quick and efficient cooling system saves energy.

The operational capacity is continuous and durable.

Control system is fully automated.


Structure of cold storage used for ice making machine

Cold storage is built by assembling insulated panels, using cold compressors, refrigerated storage fans and some other specialized components. As follows:

  • Insulation panels

This is a device with good thermal insulation and sound insulation; it is rated as highly durable.

Designed with high aesthetic, easy to clean, clean and maintain.

The panel is lightweight and environmentally friendly, resistant to many insects.

Cold storage panels for ice cubes are easy to install and move.

  • Compressors used in refrigeration warehouses

Being Installed on solid concrete pillars, avoiding moisture and running stably.

The machine runs smoothly, quiet, no vibration to the surrounding environment.

All operations of inspection, warranty, maintenance and dismantling of machines take place easily.

  • Blower fan of cold storage used for ice making machine

Blower fan creates fresh air, help prevent dust, odours, cold air loss, save energy costs.

Extend the lifespan of an air-conditioner.

  • Cold storage door

Cold storage door has many different types and sizes such as door hinges, sliding doors and delivery doors to meet all customer needs.

Cold storage doors used for ice making machines are made of stainless steel 304, hinged and locked made of atimon or stainless steel materials ensure the rigidity and shine for the door.

The door frame has a very solid multi-layer design and a drying resistor, which keeps the door dry, clean and easy to replace.

Safety latch system helps worker inside cold storage can open the door while standing inside.

Some points to keep in mind when investing in cold storage installation

  • Installation location

Building location needs to be high, avoiding flooded areas, avoiding water source pollution, and the aisle is convenient.

The supply electric power always has a stable, ensuring good operation.

clean water system according to medical standards.

  • Premises and cold storage structures used for ice making machine

it needs to arrange in a spacious place, easy to receive, unload and transport products in stock.

Warehouse background and buffer rooms should be from 0.8 to 1.4m high compared to the ground around the warehouse, the minimum width of the Warehouse should be 5m.

There are walls separated from the outside.

The ceilings and walls and other rooms inside cold storage should be made of durable, stainless, non-corrosive or water-repellent materials.

The floor of the old storage should ensure bear the load, ensure flat, non-slip.

  • The lighting system of cold storage used for ice making machine needs to be safe and cover protected.
  • Equipment of cold storage

The equipment must have a suitable capacity, it always keeps the heat in the warehouse at a stable level, even if the warehouse has been filled with products.

The refrigerant should not affect the environment.

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in the field of installing ice cubes, installing and building cold storage of prestige, quality, fast, competitive price. With long-term experience in this field, the process of installing cold storage dedicated to ice cubes is firmly grasped by the company so that we can advise customers in the most effective way without unnecessary waste. In addition, Viet An provides all the components of the pure ice making machine system.

Above is the most basic information about cold storage used for ice making machine. Customers can contact Viet An directly with hotline number: 0949.41.41.41 to get more detailed information

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