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dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 400l VAIAK400



VAIAK400 mineral water filter line with a capacity of 400 litres/ hour meets VA brand certificate No. 250969• Standard: ISO 9001:2015

  • Model: VAIAK400
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Free installed


Product code: VAIAK400

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Product details

We are constantly improving and update new technologies to meet the increasing demands of the market. Mineral water filter line of 400 litres/h- VAIAK400 is a mineral water filter product that has received much attention from domestic and foreign customers.

With many outstanding advantages compared to other products in the market, this type of industrial filter has gained the trust of customers in Vietnam and other countries in the region Asian. Would you like to know why VAIAK400 is so popular? What benefits will you get when you own this product? Let's join Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to find out through the article below.

Overview VAIAK 400 mineral water filter line provided by Viet An

Products of mineral water purification line with capacity of 400 litres/ h of Viet An are assembled and managed according to the most stringent international standards ISO 9001:2015 today. Products specializing in filtering, water treatment and mineral production have been registered exclusively under the VA Brand, USApec brand according to No. 250969 and 250970 at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department.

With the filter components system imported from the most advanced countries such as England, USA, Japan, Korea, ... and assembled at the largest factory in Quang Minh industrial zone - Hanoi by a team of skilled workers many years of experience of Viet An Company. VAIAK400 mineral water filter line is the best quality water purifier on the market today. This water purifier is supplied by Viet An to the domestic market with major branches in Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - Danang - Buon Ma Thuot and exported to Asian countries.

Why should use VAIAK 400 mineral water filter line of Viet An?

dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 400l VAIAK400
dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 400l VAIAK400

+ VAIAK 400 is a product capable of rapid water filtration but designed with compact design, does not occupy much area. The VAIAK model is capable of filtering 400 litres of water per hour. Finished water after being filtered through this system guarantees pure drinking water quality standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

+ Model VAIAK 400 has a completely closed water purification process, automatically so the finished water has pure purity, good minerals for the body to meet Vietnam standards QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health on food safety and hygiene, reaching

 FDA international standards of USA should be qualified to export to ASEAN countries.

+ Push pump used in VAIAK 400 filter line is a product that is imported directly from Italy with strong water pumping ability, creating a great push in the process of bringing water from the source into the water filter column.

+ Filter cups, filter cores are genuine products manufactured in the US, so they always ensure quality standards, have a long use time

+ Water filter membrane, membrane shell are also components originating in the US with high-quality standards, the best ability to remove impurities, dirt, chemicals .. in the water today.

+ Water filter column of 400 litres/hour mineral water filter line with high durability, capable of withstanding the wet environment, resistant to saline water, brackish water so it is suitable for households and establishments production and business in coastal areas. Using this filter column also makes it easy to clean the line.

+ Intelligent control panel system automatically disconnected when there is a problem helps protect and increase the lifespan for VAIAK 400 filter line higher than other common filter lines on the market.

What will you get when you buy mineral water filter line in Viet An?

With Viet An mineral water filter line, we not only commit to quality products, machine components are always available, easy to replace, affordable, but also ensure the following promotion modes:

  • Free shipping throughout the territory of Vietnam, free shipping support to the border gates if you want to buy machines to neighbouring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, ...
  • Diverse products, from water filtration lines to create medium capacity minerals to the large capacity line.
  • Support for 1-year warranty, maintenance for the next 14 years.
  • Customer care system operates continuously, ready to answer all your questions at any time.
  • Products of mineral water purification line are always available, shipped to you as soon as possible.
  • Support consulting, designing, installing and guiding customers to use water filtration lines to create minerals from A to Z.


So if you are in need of buying a mineral water filter line to serve your needs for use, production and business, don't forget to contact Viet An for the best support! Looking forward to cooperating with you one day soon.

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