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máy thổi chai tự động vapet3000


51,900 USD

VAPET3000 semi-automatic bottle blowing machine with a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour

  • Model: VAPET3000
  • Capacity: 3000 bottles / h
  • 1-year warranty
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015
  • Free shipping nationwide


Product code: VAPET3000

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Product details

Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 with a capacity of 3000 bottles/h is being supplied by Viet An with the lowest price in the market.

Ảnh tập thể công ty Việt An
Collective photo of Viet An company


Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 is a new solution for businesses to take initiative in the bottled water production business, with this machine you can create 3000 bottles of pet bottles per hour. Sleek, diverse designs and different sizes of bottles to bring newness to the product design as well as easily compete with other competitors in the market.

Today the demand for pure drinking water, freshwater, and carbonated water have become an essential need of society. So do you know the cost of a water bottle with 70% to 80% of the cost for bottle shell, bottle cap and labels?

Model VAPET3000 with excellent features to meet the needs of businesses. The use of bottle blowing machines will save you a lot of costs compared to buying outside bottles and minimize monthly labour costs, bottle blowers also save power, are easy to operate and control, it can blow every bottle according to the size and design you want. If you are a large bottled drinking water business, owning a VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine is extremely necessary.

Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 with a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour, the machine is assembled according to ISO 9001-2015 standards the most rigorous standards today and being imported and distributed by Viet An in Vietnam.

Why should you buy the bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 with the capacity of 3000 bottles / h of Viet An? The article on Viet An will introduce to you the automatic VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine, but it has many advantages and is useful for businesses to seize the opportunity of trading in bottled bottles or bottled water business ... provided by Viet An company.

Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 capacity 3000 bottles / h

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company - Customer confidence affirms our brand


Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Viet An General and Trade Limited Company, Being equitized from August 2009. Viet An is a company, an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, importing and exporting, distributing bottle blowing machines, PET bottle blowing machines, filling machines, ice-making machines, water filtration lines and many other products with VA, USApec brand, Vinaro is No. 1 in Vietnam.

The core values ​​of Viet An:

Quality - Achieving high-quality standards in manufacturing and service activities.

Easy access - Close, friendly and professional; care about colleagues and customers.

Spirit of cooperation - Cooperation and sticking to colleagues in the whole corporation; building sustainable relationships with customers and partners based on mutual understanding.

Dynamic - Always forward, developing constantly; seize opportunities and create new standards; ready to receive new ideas and initiatives.

Advanced technology and reasonable price: possessing the most advanced technology in the field of water treatment to give customers the most practical benefits.

Responsibility - Transparency and honesty; demonstrate the sense of responsibility to the community; build standards in corporate governance.

 With nearly 20 years of formation and continuous development. We Viet An company received a lot of medals, certificates of merit, certificates of merit from the state, the Prime Minister, the President personally awarded. Some Viet An awards have been achieved such as:


Viet An received a gold medal of high-quality Vietnamese goods in 2009

Viet An was honoured to receive the gold medal of the leading brand in Vietnam in 2015

In 2015 Viet An brand certification was honoured to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

January 12, 2016, Viet An Representing Vietnam Small and Medium Business Association to attend the meeting, to announce the New Year's greetings and receive the certificate of merit from President Truong Tan Sang.

On November 29, 2016, Viet An Company was honoured to receive certificates of merit for enterprises with good achievements in the fight against counterfeit, fake and poor quality goods.

Viet An is very honoured as one of the top 100 companies in Vietnam received the certificate of merit from President Tran Dai Quang on January 7, 2017.

Viet An Company honoured to receive the gold cup on January 8, 2017, in the ceremony of honouring "Integration and development enterprises"

On October 2, 2016, Viet An was officially recognized as a member of HANOI supporting industries business association.

November 18, 2016, Viet An was honoured to receive a gold cup and a certificate of gold brand Thang Long - Entrepreneur of 2018.

On November 26, 2016, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company was honoured to receive the certificate of merit from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for individual collectives with outstanding achievements in implementing the Central Resolution of 7th session X on 26-11-2018.

Automatic bottle blowing machine with a capacity of 3000 bottles / h

PET bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 is applied with the No. 1 advanced bottle blowing technology of the United States, assembled at Viet An factory according to ISO 9001: 2015 standard. With the PET bottle blowing machine, this plastic bottle blowing enterprise will get the best quality products for their production as well as supply bottles, PET bottles, plastic bottles for the market. With reasonable prices and quality guaranteed. Due to being an automatic machine, the bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 provides fully automatic embryos, the bottle embryo will be arranged by the automatic bottle loading machine in the right direction (not reverse) in the order of inclusion in the heater machine. The number 3000 corresponds to the capacity of 3000 bottles/hour that the machine can blow.

Blowing machine is designed to be lightweight, without losing too much area. This product is suitable for businesses selling pure drinking water, bottled carbonated drinks nationwide.


máy thổi chai tự động vapet3000
Photo Automatic Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000

System of bottle blowing machines (Required to buy) Viet An's VAPET3000 includes:

A. System of server blowers and Heating machine

Blowing machines and Heating machine


máy thổi chai tự động vapet3000
Photo of Full automatic bottle blowing machine VAPET3000



System of blowers and heating machine

Capacity for 350ml bottles (pcs / h)


Capacity for 500ml bottles (pcs / h)


Capacity for 1500ml bottles (pcs / h)


The maximum capacity of one blow head (pcs)


Largest bottle capacity (L)


Drying lamp capacity (Kw)


Closed pressure (Kn)


Dimensions of blowers (D * R * C mm)


Size of the heater (D * R * C mm)


Weight / kg)


Fully automatic bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 has an automatic embryo bottle parts supply. You just need to pour the embryo bottle into the bin. The bottle loader will automatically load the embryo bottle up and arrange and put it into the heater machine.

The heating machine in the bottle blowing system VAPET3000: It use to heat the bottle embryos and distribute heat evenly on the surface of the embryos. This heating machine heats up 2000- 2500 bottles of 350ml and 500ml bottles. As for 1500ml bottle embryos, the heating machine heats 1500- 1800 billets. At that time, the surface of the bottle embryo is evenly liquid so that it can be transferred to the server parts to blow out the bottle shells to ensure the standard. Minimize product errors.

Bottle blowing machine: Includes blowers and bottle mould parts. Thanks to the compressed air of the compressor, bottle embryos is defrosted from the heat exchanger that is put into the moulding of blowing machine. Then the blower will blow air from the high-pressure air compressor after it has been filtered and dried, causing the embryo to transform into the jar shell, bottle shell of 350 ml is exactly the shape of the mould. This blowing machine VAPET3000 blow up 2000-2500 bottles of 350ml and 500ml bottles within 1 hour. As for the 1500ml bottle, this machine can blow 1500-1800 bottles within 1 hour. If you still want to use this 350 ml bottle blowing machine to blow the bottle, the bottle is less than 1500 ml, then you must use blowers and other mould parts. And you can contact Viet An to order separately.

B. The auxiliary equipment of bottle blowing machine with a capacity of 3000 bottles / h

High-pressure air compressor

Máy nén khí áp cao
Photo of high-pressure air compressor


High-pressure air compressor



Compression pressure



Power capacity



Compress Air capacity



Size machine

D*R*C mm





The high-pressure compressor of VAPET3000 bottle blowing system is responsible for creating high-pressure airflow, providing high air pressure to blow out extremely beautiful bottle shells.

Air cylinder tank for high-pressure air compressor

Bình Khí

Photo of Air cylinder tank

Air cylinder tank









Bottle size

D*H mm thick 10mm






Air cylinder tank: The air cylinder tank of the bottle blowing machine works to balance the air, which helps the airflow from the high-pressure air compressor to the blowing machine. So, the finished bottle will not be defective.

Air filter


phin lọc khí
                 Photo of Air filter


Air filter



General specifications



Air filter: Air filter of bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 is installed behind the air cylinder bottle (also known as air bottle). The air filter acts to filter the air and purify the air before the air is given in to the air dryer machine. The clean air is very important to the finished bottle is faulty or not.


Air dry machine

máy làm khô không khí
Photo of air dry machine.

Air dry machine


General specifications



Air dry machine: In the bottle blowing machine system, the air drier has the effect of drying the air before putting into bottle blowing machine. This will limit the error of the bottle shell product or the PET bottle shell depending on the size is blown out.


Water-cooled machine


Máy làm mát bằng nước
Photo of Water-cooled machine

Water-cooled machine


General specifications



Water-cooled machine: in the bottle blowing system, the Water-cooled machine has the effect of cooling the bottle mould and bottle of finished products after blowing. Because without a cooling tower, after blowing, the bottle will get hot and stick to the mould. Make it difficult for you to separate the bottle. Making the capacity of bottle blowing machine will be reduced.

Above is the bottle blowing system of VAPET3000 of Viet An.

Mould (Separate Purchase) of bottle blowing machine


khuôn máy thổi bình
                  Photo of the mould of bottle blowing machine

In addition, you also have to buy your own mould to match the bottles you want to create. The mould you can order outside. It is not necessary to buy from Viet An.


Name Products

Price (USD)

Import Steel Mold 350 ml

800 USD

Imported Steel Mold 500 ml

800 USD

Import Steel Mold 1000 ml

850 USD

Import Steel Mold 1500 ml

1050 USD

Viet An Steel Mold produces 350 ml

550 USD

Viet An Steel Mold produces 500 ml

550 USD

Viet An Steel Mold produces 1000 ml

585 USD

Viet An Steel Mold produces 1500 ml

700 USD

What do you get when you buy Viet An VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine?

The price of the blow moulding machine is 350ml, 500ml, and 1500ml is the cheapest in the market.

Viet An VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine has the lowest error rate! There are no machines in the Vietnamese market today that can guarantee such a low rate of finished products.

Bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 uses the latest technology in Italy, so it is extremely energy saving. Reduce the price of finished products, help you to compete very well with the market, not worry about price competition.

Bottle blowing machine is operated with a computer control system, extremely stable. Designed with safety lock, automatically disconnects when a problem occurs.



The bottle blowing machine supplied by Viet An is the only machine on the market that has a mechanism to blow both bottle and PET bottle shell and plastic bottles. This mechanism is designed by Viet An according to the needs of each customer. During operation, the machine works very smoothly. Less noise, not affecting people around.

The bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 is also designed to be compact and does not take up more space. Make your workshop space more clean and eye-catching.

Bottle blowing machines are warranted for up to 12 months.

Extremely good after-sales regime. Only available in Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

Viet An bottle blowing machine meets ISSO 9001: 2015 quality standards

Operating procedure of bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 provided by Viet An

Step 1: Pour the embryo into the embryo container of the VAPET3000 automatic bottle loading unit.

Step 2: Start bottle blowing machine VAPET3000, Worker setup time programming and bottle blowing regime available on computer control panel automatically run. Embryo bottle will be automatically loaded by the embryo loader into the heater machine to heat the embryo, making the surface of the embryo bottle laxity evenly.

Step 3: After the embryo surface is heated evenly, the embryo will be automatically pushed to the blowing unit.

Step 4: The machine will automatically blow the bottle with high pressure. The finished bottle shell after being blown will be cooled and pushed out. The embryo will then be transferred to the filling section to fill the water or will be transferred to the gathering place to transfer to the consuming place.

Note when using VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine of Viet An

  • Regular cleaning of bottle blowers VAPET3000 to help the machine blow the bottle without rusty, as well as ensure the safety of the finished bottle shell.
  • With the VAPET3000 bottle blowing machine, you should maintain the machine to blow the bottle in the periodical weekly or monthly. Machine maintenance and maintenance process also depend on the demand of the enterprise.
  • Regularly check the specifications and operation of the machine, fan and equipment parts of the blowers, heaters and accessories. See the parameters and compare them with the correct results? If wrong, you should check. If you can not check yourself, please contact Viet An for advice and test support!
  • It is recommended to install the bottle blowing machine layout in a dry, spacious and convenient place for the operator and maintenance of the machine.
  • Should periodically clean the machine, periodically maintain the machine to improve the durability of the machine, so combine other devices to create a closed and most economical production system.
  • Ensure the power source according to the manufacturer's requirements. Do not use the device when the power is too low. If you still press the device when the voltage is insufficient, it will cause unnecessary damage to the bottle blowing machine. Lightly is reducing the lifespan, heavy is the ability to cause fire and explosion of bottle blowing equipment

Customers who buy Viet An VAPET3000 bottle blowers will be transported and installed for free with 1-year machine warranty and long-term maintenance, with a team of highly experienced professional technicians, we will create for customers have the best conditions for mutual benefits.

If you have any need for bottle blowing machine VAPET3000 please contact 0949.41.41.41 for the best advice! Wish you all good health.

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Specifications of bottle blowing system VAPET 3000 (Required to Buy)

 Mould purchased separately (Not necessarily bought of Viet An)

Model VAPET3000
The latest Italian technology in 2019 - saving power, Complete assembly at Viet An's factory in Vietnam to meet ISO 9001-2015 standards. Fully automatic embryo supply, the embryo is brought down from the top with an automatic  pick up transfer head
System of blowing machine and heater machine Capacity for 350ml bottles (pcs / h) 2400-3000
Capacity for 500ml bottles (pcs) 2400-3000
Capacity for 1500ml bottles (pcs) 1800-2200
The maximum capacity of one blow head (pcs) 1250
Largest bottle capacity (L) 2
Drying lamp capacity (Kw) 20
Closed pressure (Kn) 450
Size of the machine only (D * R * C mm) 1980*1650*2020
Size of heater machine (D * R * C mm) 1950*1350*2650
Weight / kg) 2600
High-pressure air compressor Compression pressure (Bar) 30
Electrical power (Kw) 11*2
Compressor air capacity (M3 / min) 2.0/4.0
Size of the machine (D*R*C mm) 2000*1700*1450
Weight / kg) 1000
Air Bottle for high-pressure air compressors Capacity (Lit.) 1100
Compression pressure (Bar) 30
Size of the machine (D*H mm) thick 10mm 800*2000
Weight (KG) 400
Air filter General specifications 3.0m³/3.0Mpa
Air dry machine General specifications 3.0m³/3.0Mpa
Cooling tower General specifications 3HP
Price (USD)  

Name Products

Price (USD)

Import Steel Mold 350 ml


Imported Steel Mold 500 ml


Import Steel Mold 1000 ml


Import Steel Mold 1500 ml


Viet An Steel Mold produces 350 ml


Viet An Steel Mold produces 500 ml


Viet An Steel Mold produces 1000 ml


Viet An Steel Mold produces 1500 ml



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