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Water filter valve system

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Water filter valve system USApec brand, automatic valve, mechanical valve, 3-door valve, 5-door valve genuine, produced in the United States and distributed exclusively by Viet An.

  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Brand: USApec
  • Application: filtration equipment, water treatment


Product code: Water filter valve system

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Product details

The valve system is one of the indispensable water purification components in the filtration and water treatment lines. Valve systems are often attached on filter columns with the function to regulate and control the flow of water in the filtration line system.

What kind of valves does the water filter valve system have?

In a water filtration chain, there are usually types of valves such as automatic filter valve, automatic reconstitution valve, three-door mechanical valve and mechanical salt suction valve.

Automatic filter valve:


Van lọc tự động

Automatic water filter valve uses an LCD display screen, it can use many languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Italian, German. On the screen of the filter valve, it fully shows the parameters of the water flow, so it is easy to see when observing.


This type of filter valve is reasonably designed throughflow: filtering, rinsing, backwashing, sucking saline solution to recycle materials, returning the salt solution to the container.

The valve is compact, durable, stable, low energy, simple structure. However, the automatic valve can automatically close, opening and dividing the water flow from the water pumping system to the filter column. Therefore, they can automatically wash the filter column, filter materials simply, easily without any external impact.

With this automatic valve, the filtered water quality will always be guaranteed. Therefore, most PET bottled and bottled water production facilities choose to use automatic valve filter lines.

Automatic reconstitution valve

Compact design, automatic operation with a maximum capacity of 3kg / cm2 pressure. They are capable of self-restoring with the correct door-release principle, not allowing hard water to pass through. The reverting time is calculated by the volume of water.

Installation of automatic reconstitution valve is a simple, easy operation.

3-door mechanical valve


Van 3 cửa cơ

Considered to be an important part in the structure of well water filtration system, domestic water filter. It makes the flow of water in and out easier.

Like other mechanical valves, the 3-door valve only moves according to the opening mechanism and closes in a path to allow. The main function is to prevent or control the flow of water in a water filtration system.

The 3-door valve can only rotate in 3 directions, this valve cannot rotate and push up and down. Therefore, when using customers, it is necessary to be careful not to damage the valve.

Operation mechanism of the 3-door mechanical valve:

Filter: Water is brought into the filter column from top to bottom, clean water follows the central tube out. After filtering period of 15 - 30 days, backwash should be carried out to restore the working ability of the filter material inside the filter column.

Backwash: Water is brought into the filter column by a central filter tank and moved up and out along the sewage line. Time to rinse about 10-15 minutes, until clean material changes to filtration mode to perform the filtration process.

Salt suction valve

Van hút muối 5 cửa cơ
  • Smoking salt
  • Push water into a salt container
  • Filter
  • Fast wash
  • Backwash

Instructions for using 5-door salt suction valve

  • The backwash time takes place within 10 minutes
  • Salt Recycling: This is a mechanical valve, you should rotate the valve handle to the water supply location: Push water into the salt tank and supply water to the salt container, Turn the valve to the position to suck salt water and then suck salt water. into the filter column. Aspirate the prepared saline solution into the filter column
  • After scouring the cation exchange filter column, turn the valve handle to a quick wash mode for about 10 minutes to rinse the residual salt.
  • The need to know the use of valves will make the process of using well water filtration system easier and without any trouble or mistakes when using or maintaining.


  • Customers should prepare salt water materials to suck into the water filtration system
  • Salt water is mixed with a concentration of 10 - 15%


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