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Máy in hạn dử dụng tự động VACS 4000

Automatic ink jet printer

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  • Origin: Genuine
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Fast speed accuracy


Product code: Automatic ink jet printer

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Product details

Expiry date of the product is always the first concern of consumers. Applying the latest technology, the Automatic ink Jet Printer has been created to serve businesses that can perform this process as quickly as possible.


Automatic ink Jet Printer

The Automatic ink Jet Printer provided by Viet An has many new features that are much faster and more convenient than the previous models, the machine uses the most advanced technology of the United States assembled under ISO 9001:2015. In addition to the Viet An's ink Jet Printer, they also provide the filling machine line, ice-making machines, water filtration lines ...

What are the outstanding features of the ink jet printer?

If customers are wondering this question we would like to raise the outstanding advantages of expiry date printers as follows:

  • Printers are available on a variety of materials
  • Print at a fast rate
  • Low investment in machines, suitable for businesses or individual units producing food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics ...
  • The display screen is clear, easy to control
  • The text is extremely sharp and clear
  • Durable machine, long use time, less damage
  • The smart ink bottle and the solvent system ensures the liquid in the bottle is used up
  • Display detailed warning on the screen: the operating status of the machine, the percentage of materials used, the number of products printed.
  • Quiet operation, no noise, no pollution

Uses and features of the expiry date printer

Use: With this ink jet printer helps consumers know whether the product also ensures food safety or not to easily choose to buy the product. Help manufacturers put information on the shelf life of the product. This product is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries ...


The function fully implemented

  • The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures the durability and stability of the machine
  • The smart design used for different identification requirements of customers in many industries.
  • The display menu is equipped with 3000 words, full-featured online editing functions.
  • Support for data transmission, and in combination with other electronic devices (such as weight gauges, computer) to form a perfect automatic identification system.
  • Ability to provide print fonts and print mode when customers request.

High machine performance

  • The ink jet printer has an intelligent system that helps ensure the compatibility of ink and solvent with each refill. The machine will check the type of ink and solvent before refilling ink, thereby avoiding having to stop the machine due to the use of incompatible inks and solvents.
  • Automatically injecting the printhead cleaning solution every time the machine is turned off does not require technical intervention, thereby reducing machine breakdowns.
  • The smart control panel clearly displays the parameters. The high-voltage non-contact magnetic control automatically switches off when there is a power problem.
  • Special database information conversion technique, no need to stop the machine when changing the bulletin and take effect immediately. Continuous inkjet printing and up to 50,000 repeats of printing technology function allow the machine to meet a wide range of application requirements.
  • Low power consumption automatically disconnects when a problem occurs
  • The machine can print the smallest characters easily

The maintenance is more convenient

  • Smart core printing system keeps the machine running continuously for 6000 hours before maintenance.
  • The ink liner print system makes maintenance more convenient.
  • Easier to assess and find machine faults and prevent unnecessary maintenance costs by directly controlling the opening/closing of any valves and pumps in the ink system separately through the menu.
  • Modular design saves repair time.
  • Having an external USB port for easy backup and data recovery when a system goes wrong.

Where should customers go to buy the best quality expiry date printers?

Expiry date printers are now widely sold in the market but the quality is not guaranteed, as well as expensive price, But if customers come to us - Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, it is no longer issue of concern.

All Viet An's machinery products are imported directly from famous brands, assembled in Shanghai - China with the market-leading feature that no other product has.

Viet An is proud to be the  brand.

In order to better understand the company's products, we always encourage customers to come directly to the company for the best advice as well as making the best choice.

Or customers can contact the Hotline: 0949 41 41 41 our technician team will still know best about the product ink jet printer. Sincerely thank!

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