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Máy co màng log tự động


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Warranty 12 months Origin: genuine Material: high grade 304 stainless steel Free shipping



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Product details

Is your business looking for an automatic log shrinking machine? You are wondering where to buy the product to have the cheapest price but the genuine product? ... All the issues you care about will be solved by us when coming to the Viet An general trading Joint Stock company.


Automatic log shrinking machine

With a long history of establishment and nationwide development, we are proud to bring a new industry to our country. With the motto "Quality always comes first" now when creating customer confidence we have to make more efforts to not disappoint customers. Coming to us is coming to prestige, dedication and professionalism. In addition to Viet An automatic film shrinking lines, there are also bottling filling lines, water purifiers RO standard, pure ice making machines ... etc.

Viet An is currently a leading company in terms of quality and price to better understand the automatic log shrinking machine, please join us in the following article.

The structure of an automatic log shrinking machine has many special features

-The machine is made of stainless steel 304 material, no corrosion, no oxidation

-The machine has an advanced touch screen system for convenient machine control

- Schneider's PLC program controller

-Equipped with Airtac pneumatic system

- Schneider's AC and PLC switches and intelligent thermostat operate stably to prevent membrane shrinkage from being faulty and noise-free.

- Large capacity conveyor motor, ensuring smooth running

-The machine has a large fan system on top and bottom to ensure the efficiency of contraction in one go are beautiful

-Quick cooling system for cooling stretch film-even-beautiful

-The system includes: bottle conveyor, collage machine, shrink wrap.

-The machine has a surface of more than 20 years.

The stages of automatic log film shrinking machine

Step 1: After the bottles are filled with water, the conveyor system moves to the bottle log film shrinking machine.

Step 2: Here the bottles will be programmed from 6 bottles, 9 bottles, 12 bottles or 24 bottles into a block, then the machine will be transferred to the shrinking position.

Step 3: The device will then take a film and shrink film. With extremely large vapor pressure acting on the membrane, the membrane changes and tightens into the bottle.

Step 4: After that the excess film parts will be cut and pasted and the bottle logs will be conveyed out to the place of packaging and consumption.

The most advanced quality today

How to make the product look more beautiful, more eye-catching designs to attract the attention of consumers but the price of the product has not been increased? Understanding that desire of manufacturers, Viet An Company has provided automatic log shrinking machine with the ability to automatically carry out bottle transfer and arrangement, film packaging, sealing and cutting operations. gluing, shrinking, cooling and shaping ...

- This machine helps manufacturers to save labor costs, but productivity is constant. Moreover, this log film shrinking machine applies the maximum energy-saving technology.

- The machine saves up to 30% compared to other conventional shrink film machines. Based on these, it is enough to confirm the quality of the product than other machines on the market, and confirm that the choice to use automatic log shrinking machine is the perfect choice for production units. Trading in soft drinks and soft drinks ...

- Designed in a compact industrial design, the perfect combination of the best 304 stainless steel material makes the log shrinking machine more shiny, more beautiful, more attractive to users.

- Smart control panel with PLC screen showing all parameters for you to easily program and control

- Competitive price: The machine is imported and distributed exclusively by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, so the price is always the cheapest.

- After-sales regime: The quality of after-sales service of Viet An has also contributed significantly to the overall quality of this product. When purchasing any product of Viet An including automatic log shrinking machine. You will enjoy 1-year nationwide warranty, lifetime maintenance.

In addition to the automatic log shrinking machine, Viet An also supplies bottle shrinking machines, label dropers, ink jet printers ...

=> In order not to buy fake goods of poor quality, please come to us Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to own for your business the most advanced automatic log laminating machine.

Factory address

  • Address: Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Hanoi.
  • Tel: 1900 6013 - Fax: (043) 7591.795.
  • Hotline: 09 42 41 41 41

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