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Radiator tower for tablet ice making machine has different capacity

  • Model: Radiator tower
  • Standard: ISO9001-2015
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Origin: Genuine goods


Product code: COOLING TOWER

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Product details

Currently, many factories and workshops are using radiator towers to cool the machine system and equipment for their units, it ensures stable and durable operation in hot summer days. And the cooling tower is the product that many businesses choose because of its outstanding design and high performance.

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However, each factory or workshops need to use cooling towers with different specifications, the need to use cooling towers suitable for the work of each factory to bring benefits for the business.

What is the benefit for the calculation and selection of the cooling tower to suit the needs of the business? The following article of Viet An Radiator Tower would like to share some information on this issue, hoping to help you choose the right type of radiator tower.

The reasons customers should use radiator towers for their business

For optimal cooling effect:

- The ice cubes production line in a factory is a combination of many types of machines working together, and thus will produce a large heat source, the machinery parts must be much friction. Moreover, the engine is faster and hotter ... therefore, the machine quickly degrades, reduces working efficiency and may fail so businesses must use water cooling towers to help the equipment in the factory work more stable stability.

Cost savings:

- Selecting a water cooling tower suitable for work needs will bring optimal cooling effect, stable cooling machines will operate smoothly and stably, limit the occurrence of such incidents and failures. It costs no money to repair and maintain machines regularly. Since saving a cost.

- Saving electricity and water costs: not only helps to save investment costs, but also saving the cost of repairing machines, choosing to buy and use cooling towers in accordance with needs with work will help the equipment is not a long operation time for cooling should not cause electricity loss, water loss, thereby helping businesses save electricity and water bill costs.

Using the cooling tower to help protect the environment:

- Industrial radiator tower is based on the evaporation of water into the atmosphere to remove heat in the water so it will not consume much electricity, limit the loss of machine lubrication oil to preserving the environment. At the same time, the cooling tower also re-uses the water according to a closed process, so it helps to save water sources, not causing environmental pollution. In addition, the use of this water-cooling device also saves a lot of electricity because businesses will not have to install and operate large air conditioning systems, causing fewer negative impacts on the environment.


The general structure of the cooling tower

A cooling tower system consists of many parts with different functions. Depending on the purpose of use, one can customize some small functions accordingly. But the general structure consists of the following parts:


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The general structure of the cooling tower

The cooling tower supplied by Viet An is manufactured according to ISO 9001-2015, the quality standard is verified by international organizations. Is the most used circulatory tower in businesses.

In the market, there are many different types of towers to buy good quality products, customers come to us Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company. In here, the technical staff will advise customers to have the best choice for their business.

Mechanism operation of the cooling tower system in an ice making machine

The cooling tower is based on the principle of absorbing heat from the water through the cooling plate and discharging it, thereby reducing the temperature of the water to cool the machines in the factory. Equipment is often installed in factories to cool engines, generators in power plants and some types of reactors in the chemical industry, ... The machine is effective for these plants. Because the circulating water in the closed system, the heat exchange surface will not have sedimentation, corrosion or loss of water due to evaporation, no discharge causing environmental pollution, saving the maximum amount water needed.

In addition to the radiator tower system, Viet An also provides many industrial machines such as ice making machine with many capacities, bottle filling, bottling machine, RO water filtration line ...

Hopefully, the information shared above will be helpful to you, help you choose the type of tower that suits your work requirements and bring benefits to the business. Any questions related to this cooling tower system, please contact the hotline: 0949 41 41 41 or 0942 41 41 41

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