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Hệ thống cắt đá


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  • Warranty: 12-month
  • Maintenance: Long-term
  • Origin: Genuine
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015



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Product details

You are interested in using a high-productivity ice cutting system, cutting ice quickly, saving time and saving effort, while you had to cut ice manually or using portable ice cutting machines have low productivity, less safe.


Hệ thống cắt đá

Nowadays, Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company provides the ice cutting system has optimal productivity, it is quickly cut ice solutions which helps enterprises or private units save time, ensuring hygienic.

Advantages and structure of ice cutting system


  • Cutting speed is fast, high efficiency and safety.
  • Ice break rate or ice loss is almost not available.
  • The shape of cut ice is beautiful, flat and equal.
  • Simple structure easy to use.

The ice cutting machine is used to cut ice according to a predetermined size, it is necessary purposes to help cut ice faster, more beautiful, ensure safety and hygiene.

The ice cutting machine is divided into several small parts based on its function:

1. The ice cutting motor is part of a cutting system, the biggest function of the product is to cut ice cubes according to the prescribed standard sizes. This size can be changed depending on the needs of the manufacturer, but please understand the user guide before proceeding to set the ice cutting size of the ice cutting motor to avoid affecting other devices, without causing problems for the whole system.

The ice cubes size can be installed per time when production.

The ice cutting machine contains many components such as stable springs, ice mortar, stone cutting equipment, machine fixed frame, input stone funnel, output ice tray, guide bar, etc.  The most important is still the ice cubes cutting.

Ice cutting motor is made from stainless steel material to avoid oxidation, without affecting the quality of the ice cubes.

If using a low-quality ice cutting machine, the ice cubes will have uneven size, ice broken, crumbled stones, it will reduce the productivity of the whole system, and safety hygiene will not be guaranteed.

Therefore, in order to ensure product quality as well as ice production business, customers look to buy ice cutting products with good quality, clear origin as well as buy at reputable addresses and a good warranty. Investing in an ice production system in general or a good ice cutting motor will bring a high profit to customers

2. Cold oil

Dầu lạnh

3. Fill filter

Fill lọc

4 Water reservoir above


Hồ nước trên 

5. Water reservoir under 

Hồ chứa nước dưới

6. Cutting blade set

Bộ lưỡi dao cắt

 Being produced in stainless steel, it makes the cutting process fast and beautiful, the ice cubes when cutting are not broken

 7. Clamp wheel


Bánh răng kẹp

 8. Ice defrost trough


Mảng xả đá

Detailed characteristics of ice cutting system

+ Shell and body machines are made entirely of stainless steel with a thickness from 3-5mm to help the machine always shiny, easy to clean. In addition, with the frame and legs made of thick stainless steel, during the operation process will minimize the vibration as well as reduce noise effectively.

+ The machine motor has a capacity of 3HP (horse) or more, making sure it works well for many hours without worrying about lag or reducing performance.

+  Ice cubes cutting machine provided by Viet An is set up a high-quality electric circuit breaker system, it ensures safety for users.

+ Besides, the ice cutting machine is also equipped with stainless steel plates to protect the motor absolutely, preventing condensate water drop to the motor which damage the machine and endangers the user.

+ These blades are made of alloy with high corrosion resistance and durability.

+ Compact design without occupying a lot of space, convenient for the process of transferring and installing

+ Applying the most advanced technology, the production process meets ISO 9001-2015 standards

+ Ice cutting system operating consumes less electricity, it does not pollution.

In addition to the components of an ice making machine, Viet An also provides ice making machine systems, RO water filter lines, filling machines, etc.

Ensuring that when you come to our company, you will be selected with good products, consulted with suitable machines for your business. Being enjoyed the best sales policy from us.

The ice cubes demand is increasing, so if you plan to trade in ice cubes, please contact Viet An General trade Joint Stock Company immediately for our specific and detailed advice. Customers have any questions about the ice cutting system of Viet An please contact Hotline: 0949 41 41 41.

Sincerely thanks!

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