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Máy làm đá viên 600kg usapec



6-ton ice making machine USApec 6T produces 6 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 6 ton / day
  • Dimension 2200 x 1600 x 3200 CM
  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • ice size: optional

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 6T

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Product details

The automatic 6-ton ice making machine USApec 6T is increasingly popular in many businesses today, because of its convenience, safety and hygiene, but also very cost effective. One of the ice making equipment with many outstanding features, receiving much attention on the market is USApec 6T ice maker making 6 tons of ice per day, it produced and distributed by Viet An.JSC. Owning this device also means that you have both a smart and modern technology capable of producing high quality, clean and high-quality ice that maximizes power savings. (Maximize power consumption compared to other ice making machines in the market).


At present, although there are many types of ice making machines launched with various styles and other origins - USApec 6T is still the most favourite and reputable product. As one of the premium brands, having a solid position in the field of import and distribution of ice making machines, Viet An is committed to bringing our customers the best quality products.

When the weather becomes hot, especially when the temperature rises above the level of 41 degrees, the demand for ice water and ice cubes increases sharply, exceeding the supply of the market. The ice production facilities, although operating at full capacity are still not enough to supply restaurants, hotels, beverage shops, and clean ice prices will often be pushed up 2 to 3 times higher than normal.

Learning about the outstanding function of the 6-ton ice making machine USApec 6T:

- Being produced based on the latest international standard ISO 9001: 2015 today, advanced ice making technology is imported from the United States, ice making machine Viet An brand  - The team of leading engineers research and design products in accordance with the climate of our country.

- The system of wind-cooling, air-cooling, making ice in the shortest time should save time and cost for you.

- The USApec 6T is quite compact, easy to clean, increases durability and enhances aesthetics.

- Possessing the latest deodorizing technology, helping the ice cubes is not impurities affecting health, ensuring safety for users. This is also one of the reasons why Viet An products are always loved and trusted.

- High-quality automatic valve system will automatically close the water flow. Smart control panel helps you limit energy consumption compared to other ice making machines on the market.

Note when using and preserving the ice making machine 6 tons USApec 6T:

- It can be said that USApec 6T has a quite fast ice making speed, therefore, every day the machine produces up to 6000kg / day of finished ice cubes. However, you should also note that the amount of ice produced depends on the climatic conditions around the location of the machine as well as the temperature of the water inlet to make ice. Therefore, you should find an ideal location, cool to place the machine fixed, avoid moving and turning off the machine too much, except when periodically maintaining the machine.

- With any one product - With any one product - if the machine is not properly operated and sanitized, how the machine cannot be used a long time. Being ensured the best quality of ice and helping the machine's life longer, you should keep in mind the following points:

- The water source: You should use tap water or well-treated water sources to ensure the quality of the input water.

- Energy source: Because 6-ton ice making machine is a relatively large capacity ice making equipment, the input power source must be good, you should choose the wires that are thick enough, not thin to avoid possible situations explosion.

- Installation space: We recommend customers to arrange the USApec 6T ice maker carefully, place the machine in well-ventilated places, without any obstructions, which will increase productivity as well as the performance of the machine.

 - Maintenance mode: It is recommended to periodically check and clean the parts of the machine according to Viet An's petition time, preventing the growth of microorganisms that contaminate water.

Some models should use the USApec 6T ice cube maker 6 tons/day

- The stores of coffee and soft drinks use ice cubes to prepare smoothie, fruit juices...

- Hotels, restaurants and bars should have ice-making equipment to serve customer needs and ensuring food hygiene and safety, as well as self-control in clean ice cubes.

- Supermarkets, fresh food stores - need ice cubes for better storage and freezing.

- Enterprises and factories producing ice cubes need to upgrade equipment as well as production methods to improve profits and save costs.

        You are the owner of a business, looking forward to shopping the USApec 6T 6-ton ice cubes making machine to bring consumers cool quality food and drinks which does not depend on the outside ice source and can save costs for businesses. Please visit Viet An Joint Stock Company, we will surely make you satisfied. With many years of experience in the field of distribution the ice making machine USApec 6T - Viet An.JSC is pleased to serve and welcome you. For detailed advice and quotation for each product, please contact our hotline: 0949.41.41.41 or visit our branches nationwide. Thanks so much!

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