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máy làm đá viên va850



The mini VA800 ice cube maker produces 400KG tons of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 400KG / Day
  • Size: 760 x 860 x 1830 MM
  • Refrigerant: R22 / R404A
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: Optional


Product code: MINI VA850

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Product details

The ice making machine VA850 produces 400KG of ice cubes per day. With over 10 years of construction and development, Viet An is proud to bring the best products. The ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h is designed with modern and elegant design, all accessories are installed monolithically to ensure a stable production process, produce ice cubes are equally. Besides, The ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h is also safer for users when it is designed with three protection circuits, fully automatic electrical system, capable of automatically disconnecting when electrical leakage. With such operation, the machine can reduce up to 50% error rate and improve lifespan up to 60%. Come to Viet An to experience high-quality products, professional and thoughtful services.


The ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h

The ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h is suitable for business models: milk tea shops, soda drinks, beer shops, restaurants, hotels ... you should be used the ice making machine VA850 ice maker - 400KG / 24h to have a source of pure ice cubes, ensuring food safety and hygiene using mixing drinks at any time. The ice storage box of the machine is very large, and it is made of good heat-insulated stainless steel and it has an anti-evaporation rubber border so the ice cubes can be stored for a long time without melting.

The factories, small and medium-sized companies, enterprises should also use ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h to refreshments for employees by the cleanest ice cubes to ensure health.

The quality of ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h

1.Size: The standard is 2.8mmx 2.8mm / 2.3mmx2,3mm according to the ice cubes mould which is designed in accordance with the machine.

  1. Output: Due to being equipped with extremely powerful has maximum 400KG/24h per day and outstanding capacity to allow continuous and stable production of ice cubes, without being stalled or jammed.
  2. Colours: thanks to the water filter that can handle dirt, effectively disinfect bacteria with components made of stainless steel material, the ice cubes will be transparent, you can see through under the light without colour dispersion or dirt cloudy. When ice cubes dissolved in water, it is not deposits and impurities are harmful to human health.
  3. Time of melting: ice cubes of VA850 - 400KG / 24h ice making machine have better aging and hardness than ice cubes of other devices in the market. The ability to keep cold for a long time, when left in the air at room temperature will dissolve more slowly, it helps preserve food like frozen, food fresh still retain the delicious, perfect taste like the original.
  4. Production process: The ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h is a closed cycle and fully automatic, so it will save time for you, ice cubes always ensure hygiene all food.

You can combine RO water filtration line with modern reverse osmosis technology invented by the United States of Viet An monopoly to make ice cubes with the most perfect quality, ensuring safety for users' health. while saving costs and increasing revenue and maximum profits.

Instructions for using the ice making machine VA850- 400KG / 24h

- Reading carefully the instructions attached to the product, if machine encounter problems, serious damage cannot be overcome, you should immediately call the warranty centre, avoiding self-repair or follow the tips on the Internet or folk experience.

- Regarding the water source: the source of water quality has an important influence and decides on the finished ice product as well as the components of the machine. Therefore, you should use disinfected water, clean water, uninfected water.

- You need to check the power source, or the voltage level suitable for the capacity of the machine.

- Installation space: Note that you should not put ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24  in places with high humidity, too high or too low heat background, many obstacles around, obscuring visibility.

- You should periodically maintain and clean the parts of the machine, replace the accessories (when necessary) according to the time prescribed by Viet An.

We are a unit specializing in providing industrial ice making machine products applying high quality modern Italian technology. The Viet An ice making machine is a bright spot in the Vietnam market for both pure ice quality as well as reasonable price. We commit to free delivery nationwide, product warranty up to 2 years, and lifetime maintenance. For more information about the ice making machine VA850 - 400KG / 24h please contact Hotline: 0943.41.41.41 or visit our branches system in Hanoi, HCM, Da Nang, BMT etc ... Viet An Company is pleased to serve and welcome!

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Main parameters of VA850 400KG / 24h
Price Quantity Unit
  Ice cubes output / 24h 400 Kg
  Large container 350 Kg
  Weight machine 150 Kg
  Cryogenics R22/R404A  
  Ice size 2.8x2.8/23x23 cm
  Machine size 760X860X1950 mm
  Power capacity 1800 W/h
  Electricity money in 24 hours (VND) 75,384  
  Water quantity in 24 hours 400 litre
  Water money / 24h (VND) 2,892.40  
  The total cost of electricity and water / 24h (VND) 78,276.40  
  Cost for buying ice outside / 24h (VND) 400,000  
  Savings cost per day (VND) 321,732.60  
  Savings cost per year (VND) 117,429  
  Payback time 9 month
Note, the above price does not include 10% VAT.
Thank you very much for your interest in our products
Sincerely yours!
Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company


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