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máy làm đá viên va1050


3,909 USD

The Mini VA1050 ice cube maker produces 460KG tons of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 460KG / Day
  • Size: 760 x 860 x 1950 MM
  • Refrigerant: R22 / R404A
  • Capacity: Over 95% - Depending on installation location
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: Optional


Product code: MINI VA1050

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Product details

Currently, the ice making machine mini 460kg (VA1050) has dominated the ice machine market and it has become one of the best-selling and being favourited products by the consumer. Products are manufactured and distributed exclusively in Viet An - the brand has many years of experience in the supply of water purifier

All of these ice products are made according to the "quality is No. 1" criterion, it meets fully the most stringent regulations of Vietnam in particular and the world in general. Come to us, customers will feel completely secure and satisfied.

Besides, we are the only unit in Vietnam to meet regional standards - to export to Southeast Asian countries.

Why is an ice making machine VA1050 460kg  favourite?

- Being researched and designed based on the most modern technology of the United States - however, it is still suitable for geographical, biochemical and environmental conditions in Vietnam.

- The ice making process is an automatic, closed circulation, it is very little interference from outside, the ice making time is fast - so the clean ice quality is pure 100%, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

- Thanks to the powerful engine and extremely large capacity of 2000W / h, the maximum ice output of 460kg per day ensure the mini ice cube machine 460kg operation which is continuous, the ice cube is always getting out evenly, without ice broken or small scrap.

- The amount of electricity and water use is very low, saving about 40% of electricity compared to normal types.

- The structure is monolithic, compact, beautiful that is easy to transport - it does not occupy much space, saves maximum area.

- Parts of machine assembly such as machine case, ice mould, ice cutting knife, ... they are imported from famous industrial countries in the world, Applying stainless steel materials for machine.

Ice cubes have many benefits for our lives

Perhaps, we think that using ice cubes is only to preserve food. In order to keep drinks and food cold, besides, ice cubes have many other benefits such as:

- When you are going on the road or diner-out, unfortunately, you stuck gum in your hair or clothes, do not rush to get it right away because they have very high adhesion. The simplest way is to take the ice cubes placed on top, waiting for a while to remove them easily.

- Polishing bottles and jars: Due to the narrow and tightening structure, there are many folds, so the bottle is quite difficult to clean. Use a mixture of ice cubes, lemon and salt put in jars and shake them. Lemon and salt are used to remove stains, grease, ice cubes that will push these two substances.

- Tighten pores the skin before applying makeup: if you want the chalk makeup and foundation cream to stick long, smooth and not drift quickly due to the sweat, after washing your face, using small ice cubes to rub the entire face, especially 2 cheeks and nose wings, where there are large pores. The cold temperature of ice cubes from 460kg tablet ice cubes will tighten pores, soothe the skin and reduce excess oil. Then continue the skin care and makeup process.

- Reduce belly fat, reduce fat: Cold ice water makes the process of burning fat more active and helps strengthen the connective tissue in the abdomen, helps skin tone firm. To achieve that, use an ice pack on your belly daily.

Repair service when machine 460kg ice cube maker is an error

- When an incident occurs, Viet An will immediately dispatch technicians to your business - to check and advise the best solution.

- If the device is malfunctioning, it can be handled simply and quickly for no more than 2 hours.

- Announcing the specific price list for each repair service, low price commitment, best quality guarantee.

- After being repaired, you re-test and re-operate the machine, when the machine has run well, stable, then pay the service fee and receive a warranty card.

 The ice making machine 460kg (VA1050) is a beautiful design with superior features produced on modern technology line ISO 9001: 2015. Regardless of which customer is the owner of any business model, they should learn and invest in their facility. With outstanding features and large output, the 460kg ice making machine will meet your business needs.

To own immediately for yourself and your loved one to have VA1050 460kg ice making machine made by Viet An, please come to our stores or call the phone number via 0949.41.41.41. The company is pleased to welcome and serve you!

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Details of ice making machine VA-1050 460KG




Ice cubes output / 24h



Large container



Weight machine






Ice size



  Machine size



  Power capacity



  Electricity money in 24 hours (VND)



  Water quantity in 24 hours



  Water money / 24h (VND)



  The total cost of electricity and water / 24h (VND)



  Cost for buying ice outside / 24h (VND)



  Savings cost per day (VND)



  Savings cost per year (VND)



  Payback time



Note, the above price does not include 10% VAT.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products

Sincerely yours!

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