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máy làm đá viên VA1500


4,691 USD

The ice making machine mini VA1500 660KG tons of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 660KG / Day
  • Size: 760 x 860 x 1950 MM
  • Refrigerant: 1220 x 860 x 1950 MM
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months


Product code: Mini VA1500

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Product details

A smart businessman will know what is the best quality ice making equipment. The ice making machine VA 1500 (660kg) of Viet An is proud of an ice making machine mini with the highest quality. This machine has a very clean stainless steel casing outside. After completing the production batches, ice cubes are dropped into completely enclosed storage containers, bacteria and dust cannot penetrate and harm your product.


Besides, the machine also does not make a loud noise, so it is favourited customers. Control and insulation systems are very great. It is all your expectations from an ice making machine, VA1500 (660kg) of Viet An can meet and even more for customers!

Superior features are only in the ice making machine VA1500 (660kg)

  1. The product is very easy to use.
  2. Although the ice making machine capacity is 660kg, but the unloaded weight is the only 200kg - it is very easy to move, design and install.
  3. The ice storage of up to 520kg - making ice storage easier than ever, the ice cubes in stock for many hours do not stick to each other (thanks to good maintaining temperature).
  4. With only about 119 million VND, customers can own for themselves am ice making machine 660kg is extremely smart. If the business is good, the payback period of the product will only be calculated in months.
  5. The machine can create 2 ice sizes which are 2.8x2.8mm ice cubes and 2.3x2.3mm.
  6. Very beautiful product design thanks to the monolithic delicate design. Finished ice melts a long time than normal ice.
  7. Operating the VA1500 (660kg) ice making machine is simple with modern automatic technology, you only need to press a single button to start the entire operation of the ice making machine.

The structure of VA1500 ice making machine (660kg)

  1. Water pump: it operates under recirculation mechanism, it has the function of pumping up water to make ice.
  2. Refrigerant: R404A refrigerant imported from developed countries.
  3. Ice mortar: Water cooling parts made ice according to mould
  4. Ice mould: Shaping ice cubes into cubes in size of 2.8mm x 2.8mm / 2.3mm x 2.3mm standard.
  5. Defrosting trough: it transported finished ice to ice containers.
  6. Ice containers: it reserves and preserves ice cubes up to 520kg.

Excellent effect of the ice making machine mini VA1500 (660kg)

  1. Processing food and drinks: it is one of the main effects of ice cubes because of its ability to quickly cool, long time melt, no taste, so it is suitable to prepare drinks such as a smoothie, coffee, tea, ... In addition, ice cubes are also used to make salad, cold noodles, ...
  2. Preserving food: for fresh foods such as seafood, it is necessary to ensure the freshness or frozen vegetables need to keep the crispness, the ice cubes are necessary and useful.
  3. Beauty: is it an unexpected use? For girls and women, this is an extremely effective, rejuvenating and easy-to-use skin care method, the price is cheaper than expensive cosmetics. Just 1or 2 ice cubes are used regularly every day, after a short time, your skin will be shiny, elastic and always pink, radiant.
  4. Treat fever and headache: Applying cold ice to your forehead to help your body sweat, quickly reduce symptoms of the disease and quickly recover better health.

Viet An Company ensures that our VA1500 (660kg) ice making machine is the best product in the market. Come to our company, you will be able to use the best ice making machine products. In addition, customers also enjoy great deals and excellent after-sales services that are not available anywhere.

Please contact us today to get this versatile super-clean ice cube making machine. We import products directly so the price will be an original, genuine warranty and leading experts to be trained at a genuine company. Make sure you won't be disappointed with the service or the price and features of the product. For more information, please contact 0949 41 41 41 for free advice. Viet An is pleased to serve and welcome you!

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Details of  ice making machine VA-1500 660KG




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Note, the above price does not include 10% VAT.

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