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máy làm đá viên mini va270



The Mini VA270 ice cube maker produces 130KG tons of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 130 KG / Day
  • Size: 680 x 670 x 1010 MM
  • Refrigerant: R22 / R404A
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: Optional
  • Free: 100% Shipping, Installation


Product code: Mini VA270

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Product details

The ice making machine VA270 130KG / 24h is applied the most advanced technology today. Helping ice making machine possess a fast ice making speed and the highest efficiency compared to other making machines in the market. With this machine, one day customers can save about 35% of power consumption - compared to other models are the same capacity.

You will witness the real capacity of the machine, with an output of 130kg / 24 hours working of ice making machines for daily life and business purposes.

The ice making machine VA270 is the number one brand in Vietnam

With this  VA270 brand, customers will be meticulously, enthusiastically and friendly by our staffs company about operate - so that the machine can work well in all conditions and circumstances.

With eye-catching design, it is made entirely of high-strength stainless steel, good anti-rust. Ice making machine using Italian Piston cooling technology is extremely efficient and energy saving. Outstanding with water purification equipment, it is the system to process the input water before cooling. With this system, water will go through many superior filters(such as residual filter core, activated-carbon filter core, reverse osmosis filter core - RO) and finally is UV lamp system, it remove 99.9% of scum to protect health is better.

The surface of the radiator, wide area with 3 sides help the machine work more stably without worrying about heater, durability of the machine is longer.

Application most advanced cooling technologies in the world to help speed up rapid cooling.

Good features of the ice making machine 130kg VA270 from Viet An company

  • Although the machine has a capacity of producing ice cubes 130kg per day, but the machine volume is only 90kg.
  • With today's modern technology, for ice making machine 130kg only needs 15-20 minutes to own an excellent quality ice tray.
  • Application of the most advanced cooling technology from the United States to help speed up rapid cooling.
  • With the speed of making ice is very fast, it helps us save a lot of time and money and helps to be proactive in meeting the ice needs of business establishments.
  • The electrical control panel system is extremely simple, easy to use as well as can control the time of making ice and automatically defrosting into the storage.
  • The ice cube making machine size 130kg: 680 - 670 - 1010mm.
  • The compact and delicate design, the whole machine is designed 100% high quality 304 stainless steel to help the VA270 ice making machine is a durable, beautiful and luxurious appearance that is suitable for most of the machine space and your business model.

What incentives will you receive ? When buying the ice making machine VA270 130kg ?

  1. Free ship nationwide, warranty up to 2 years. within the first month of use - if the device is operating at a low capacity, or it does not meet the criteria committed by Viet An Company - customers will be refunded 100% of the product value.
  2. Currently, Viet An's nationwide branchs, delivery and installation of ice making machines nationwide is easier than ever. Just a few clicks to order machine, Viet An will transport and install the goods completely to be free for you.
  3. Discount up to 12% of component value constituting ice making machine.
  4. In case, you buy more than one ice making machine, the company will discount 15% of the product value.
  5. After purchasing equipment, if customers need support from Viet An - you will be helped by a team of technical experts.

The VA270 brand - (130kg) ice making machine of Viet An is the most famous and prestigious brand in Vietnam today. Specializes in supplying and distributing quality products that have been tested by experts.  We have a factory in Vietnam specializing in machine maintenance, full replacement components and repairs are easy to find when needed.

The above is quite complete information about the ice making machine 130kg of Viet An company. If customers need to answer questions, you can contact us via phone number 0949. 41. 41. 41. It's pleasure to serve you!

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Details of the ice making machine VA-270 130KG
Price Quantity Unit
  Ice cubes output / 24h 130 Kg
  Large container 75 Kg
  Weight machine 90 Kg
  Cryogenics R22/R404A  
  Ice size 2.8x2.8/23x23 cm
  Machine size 680X670X1010 mm
  Power capacity 720 W/h
  Electricity money in 24 hours (VND) 3,013.6  
  Water quantity in 24 hours 130 liter
  Water money / 24h (VND) 940.03  
  The total cost of electricity and water / 24h (VND) 30,153.6  
  Cost for buying ice outside / 24h (VND) 130,000  
  Savings cost per day (VND) 98,906.4  
  Savings cost per year (VND) 36,100.8  
  Payback time 14 month
Note, the above price does not include 10% VAT.
Thank you very much for your interest in our products
Sincerely yours!
Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company


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