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máy làm đá viên mini va600



The mini VA600 ice cube maker produces 270KG tons of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 270KG / Day
  • Size: 760 x 860 x 1830 MM
  • Refrigerant: R22 / R404A
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: Optional


Product code: MINI VA600

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  • Parameters, configuration
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Product details

The ice making machine VA600 270KG / 24h is extremely perfect design with high-quality stainless steel material, eye-catching design. The product has a larger size with faster ice making capacity than normal machines. The ice making machine 270kg is rated as a powerful engine machine with outstanding capacity, especially reasonable price is suitable for business needs.


Beverage businesses: firstly, we can not be ignored to mention restaurants, cafes, milk tea shops, karaoke bars or even small water shops. The common feature of these addresses is that they provide drinks services to society, and coldest drinks are indispensable ice. If the quality of ice cubes are cleaner, more uniform, users will feel safe and they will appreciate your products.

Because, the summer in our country is quite long, and every day these establishments may have to provide drinks for thousands of visitors with a total amount of ice is not small. Self-supplies clean ice sources will be the conditions for these addresses to develop more sustainably. The ice making machine 270kg selected and widely used by many customers.

The great advantage of VA600 ice making machine 270kg / 24h

Fully automatic control switch system: Automatic control set can help you save time, ensuring the ice efficiency will be desired. The machine helps to make ice fast, strong, smooth running without causing noise, it grinds smooth ice, it is easy to clean.

Super-speed cooling system: With a stable running speed for a long time, it will help to quickly convert heat and improve the quality of ice cubes.

The components parts are imported

The product is similar to other Viet An products, the 270kg ice making machine is meticulously designed and uses the most quality components from many countries around the world. Especially, it is not only using components in the globally famous brands, but Viet An is also committed to customers in quality control issues, ensuring good product durability.

The cabinet is made of stainless steel

The ice making machine 270kg has stainless steel cover, durable, makes it easy to clean and limit corrosion over time. Besides, this material also has a glossy colour, creating a luxurious, it is a significant attraction for consumers.

Offers for customers when buying an ice cube making machine 270kg

  1. Discount up to 15% on product value when customers buy more than 1 device (it listed on the website).
  2. Support shipping service to customers.
  3. You can change and give back the machine within 7 days - whenever the machine goes wrong.
  4. Viet An has 2 forms of payment, namely: Payment by cash (before or after receiving the machine) and payment transfer ( Agribank, Tay Ho branch).

Our company always operates with the motto that "the customer is the god", all products made to aim at customer satisfaction.

Notes when installing ice making machine 270kg

Water source: using water source near groundwater, you can use water that has passed many filters to improve the quality and purity of ice cubes, making the ice cubes more transparent.

The distance around the machine location: machine should be placed near the water source to reduce pressure on the filter pump system. Besides, the machine also needs to have certain distance limits to the surrounding surfaces, especially the back machine to airy

Maintenance: when buying ice machines or any electrical equipment, you do not forget to monitor the warranty, maintenance of the machine, and especially read the instructions for using the device.

With the special highlights above, surely you understand more about VA600 ice making machine 270kg. To learn more about the machine and consider ordering, you can contact Viet An directly today for the best price.

With the ice making machine VA600 270kg will definitely help customers thrive business - the payback period of this machine is 9 months. The best after-sales service, With a dedicated delivery team, strong technical staffs, Viet An always ensures customers have the best and fastest after-sales service. Ensuring our business is always stable.

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Main parameters of VA600 270KG / 24h
Price Quantity Unit
  Ice cubes output / 24h 270 Kg
  Large container 300 Kg
  Weight machine 140 Kg
  Cryogenics R22/R404A  
  Ice size 2.8x2.8/23x23 cm
  Machine size 760X860X1830 mm
  Power capacity 1400 W/h
  Electricity money in 24 hours (VND) 58,632  
  Water quantity in 24 hours 320 liter
  Water money / 24h (VND) 2,313.92  
  The total cost of electricity and water / 24h (VND) 19,698.66  
  Cost for buying ice outside / 24h (VND) 320,000  
  Savings cost per day (VND) 259,024.08  
  Savings cost per year (VND) 94,554,739  
  Payback time 9 month
Note, the above price does not include 10% VAT.
Thank you very much for your interest in our products
Sincerely yours!
Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company


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