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Oil separation system - high-quality pure ice making machine

  • Model: Oil separation system
  • Standard: ISO9001-2015
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Origin: Genuine goods



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Product details

The oil separator system of the ice making machine plays an important role in the ice cubes production. The oil separator of the Viet An ice making system in particular or other ice maker equipment in general in the market both undertakes a major function that is adjusting the amount of oil circulating to the compressor. Avoid ing oil spills to other devices, without affecting the production process.

Hệ thống tách dầu

Besides, provided components for the ice cubes production process, Viet An also provides industrial ice making machines, Filling bottling, Filling jarring, RO water purifier ... etc.

With 20 years of experience importing and supplying to the market a huge of industrial machines, showing that customers have been increasingly giving us the trust absolutely, because of devoting themselves to society. Viet An will take more effort to bring the most advanced and modern technology products to customers.

Advantages when using an oil separator system in an ice making machine

- Oil separation system is an extremely important part, affecting the operation of the machine, in addition, the system is also closely related to other devices to ensure smooth operation, convenient, we need to have a good quality oil separation system

- Avoiding cause environmental pollution

- Oil separation system has a modern compact industrial design

Structure of oil separation system

The oil separator system consists of many components that make the oil separation process are fast and efficient.

  1. Oil separator set

-The oil separator set works based on the simple principle that is changing the circulation and the speed of the solvent. Besides, it is affected by the weight factor and oil dust.

- The principle of general operation in the oil separator system: When the steam is sucked to the compressor under the low-pressure condition, the compressor is responsible for compressing the solvent to higher pressure, when passing the oil separator, Oil dust will be separated from the solvent and returned to the condenser to exhaust heat and heat exchange. The current solvent in liquid form continues to be passed through another device to form ice cubes.

  1. Oil separator grid

- The oil separator grid has the function of refining oil, separating oil and dirt, grease for cleaning. In the ice cube maker is too. In order to make products are high-purity ice meeting the prescribed standards, the oil separation stage must be done properly. In ice cube making machine use both liquid separator grid and oil separator grid.

 -Filtering grid has applications such as:

  • Used in restaurants and hotels, especially the kitchen areas
  • Used to filter dirt or foreign objects such as insect carcasses, cobweb ...
  • to oil separator, water separator in machines
  • Lưới lọc dầu
  1. Oil separator valve

The stop valve is an extremely important device in the oil separator system, which helps the oil separator work well, as well as ensure the capacity of the whole system.

The role of oil separator:

  • Reduce the speed oil or reduce heat mix
  • Change the direction of flow
  • Function blocks oil, oil filter and oil separator
  • Using oil storage tanks and heat separators

The oil separator valve clearly shows its role when the oil recovery system from the oil separator. When the oil is recovered from the oil separator to the cacte compressor, if the amount of oil in the cacte compressor is too low, the oil will be recovered by opening the stop valve to allow the oil to flow.


Van chặn bình tách dầu
  1. The oil separator float

The oil separator float is special tools used in ice cube production systems. The float absorbs oil with a relatively large area according to the oil leakage area. The float size depends on the scale of manufacturing ice cubes which are designed and installed.

The principle when installing the oil separator float is to choose the appropriate length to ensure that the joints do not overlap, optimizing oil separation is efficiency at the best level.

Besides manufacturing ice cubes, the customer also uses oil separator float on oil pipes, manufacture plants, machines, container or oil trucks. One of the most commonly used oil separator floats is that the float can bend over different surfaces, limiting the breakdown, limiting property damage.

Characteristics of the oil separating float:

  • non-pollution
  • Waterproof, only soluble in grease solvent
  • Good absorbent, fast absorbent
  • Do not damage or leak equipment causing financial damage
  • Oil separation rate has a high absorption

Oil separator float is essential products whenever oil spills or other chemicals spills. Not only in ice production line but also in many other areas, using oil separator float helps small or big businesses to keep the environment clean, non-pollution and without compromising product quality. In addition, oil spills have more affected human health as well as financial losses. Therefore, "flood prevention is better than flood prop", individuals or business enterprises, related industries should install oil separating float right from the machine installation to limit problem breakdown.

Phao tách dầu

The oil separation system requires

It is essentially buying a good quality oil separator system to ensure the ice cube machine works well and limit the problem. In the market today, there are quite several units providing this equipment, however, please carefully select good products to avoid buying fake goods or poor-quality goods. If you have not found the address provided, you can contact Viet An for advice about the product to suit the capacity and size of your ice making system.

All products of Viet An have a clear origin, being quality accreditation then supplies to customers. If you have any questions about oil separation system, please contact us immediately. Viet An General trade Joint Stock Company, Hotline: 0949 414141

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