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  • Manufacturer: VA
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015
  • Material: Stainless steel 304


Product code: PACKING SYSTEM

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Product details

The packing system for ice cube making machines is an important and necessary part for a general ice cubes business. Because the scale of ice production and business is certainly larger than the use of ice cubes in households, we cannot pack ice cubes manually, it is not only waste time but also unsanitary

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company have been constantly thinking, exploring, and creative learning the most advanced technology of European countries to design the ice packing system. The application of a packaging system in the ice production in Viet An to replace human hands helps you to pack ice cubes simply, avoid losing human strength and time in packing.


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The role in a packaging system

The packaging system will replace people by automatically packing ice into bags when the material is enough ice cubes and bags.

In addition, if we use hands to pack ice cubes, we must use protective gear, because the ice has a very cold temperature that makes our hands cold and frozen and cannot continue this work for a long time.

The development of modern science and technology has helped the manufacturing industry no longer depend on human labour which has alternative machines. Especially, these jobs can affect workers health, therefore, you see useful the role of machines and robots.

The application of automatic packaging machines in the ice cube production line will be the most optimal, safe and economical solution for businesses when they want to improve the growing production situation. Applying an automatic packaging system helps businesses gain many benefits because of flexibility and low cost. And especially improving the modernization in the production of enterprises, bringing businesses to new heights when using automated systems is modernized.

Characteristics of an ice-packing system in Viet An

With Viet An’s packaging system, you can be assured about the capacity and efficiency of the machine. Each ice packing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, it safe for health, it has been tested and certified by a competent authority.

The ice cube packing machine size has many types, it depends on the ice making machine capacity. Viet An provides the most widely used a G3 packaging system that is suitable for ice making machines with 1-3 tons capacity. In addition, Viet An also provides the other packaging systems  following:


Model VA

Product name



Bucket load 4T-5T



Bucket load 6T-7T



Buckets 8T-9T



Load bucket 10T-15T



Bucket loader 15T-20T


Please contact Viet An to know the specific price of the packaging system used for ice making machine as well as being consulted about the product information, to help you understand the packaging system as well as Other products such as ice making machine, water filter line, etc... which we provide products for you.

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