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  • Model: Cold compressors for ice making machine Manufacturer: VA
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015



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Product details

Cold compressors for ice making machine applies 100% new modern technology of Germany, being imported and distributed by Viet An General trade Joint Stock Company with many outstanding features, optimized for high performance. And this is a high-structure machine with 2-3 times the thickness of other compressors in the market today. The compressor has advanced design, safe for users with a firm and durable valve system. With the utility of the product, you can easily use and especially the machine can work 24/24 without making noise, without affecting the surrounding people like other common machines in the market today.

What is the cold compressor for ice making machine?

Refrigeration compressor is a type of mechanical device that increases the pressure of gases. The compressor is considered an important link in the industrial system using high pressure to operate the machine. And this is an indispensable device for ice making machine of Viet An.

Advantages of cold compressors for ice making machines

It can be said that this is one of the most important equipment, it has a great influence on the stable operation of an ice making machine. In addition, the cold compressor also has a close relationship with other components, when the compressor has trouble, the entire ice production process will be stopped immediately.

- The mission of block machine: it is continuous suction of refrigerant in the gas form to compress to high pressure and push into the condensing system. Therefore, compressors need to be large enough capacity to ensure efficiency.

- The function of refrigeration compressors:

+ Control the productivity and safety of the cooling system.

+ Being provided automatic electronic solvent, exclusive air separation solvent, saving power consumption from 10-20% and increasing the life of the device.

- Modern industrial design: With a compact, lightweight design, the cold compressor makes it easy to take anywhere.

Structure of cold compressors

Currently, there are many different types of compressors, so the structure and principles of operation are not the same. After researching and studying period, Viet An decided to use a 2-stage screw compressor, with a rotating piston and using oil injection method.

Auxiliary valve system for cold compressors: Steel valves preserve the operation of the compressor the safest. Pressure valves located on oil supply pipes help improve device performance. Thanks to the reasonable design of the central gravity and the position of the screw, the compressor will reduce noise and ensure stability when operating the ice making machine.

Oil pump system: With small flow rate supplies oil with many different pressure levels, reduce energy consumption. In addition, the oil pump operates only during the start of the compression device and it will stop when the device reaches a balanced operating state.

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company is a leader in importing and distributing water filtration lines, filling machines, cold compressors, ... we are always updating the latest science and technology to best serve customers.

For more details and exact price of cold compressors for ice making machine, please visit the nearest branch of Viet An or call the hotline: 0949.41.41.41 for support and perfect service. Sincerely thank you!

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