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Máy co màng chai tự động


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Warranty 12 months Origin: genuine Material: high grade 304 stainless steel Free shipping



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Product details

Shrink wrapping machine is an indispensable product in the production process of enterprises. The machine is used to wrap the film: freshwater, green tea and many other products ... Applying modern technology, Viet An's shrink wrapping machine not only helps to improve productivity. It also creates aesthetics for the product and enhances the brand of the business.


Máy co màng chai

The shrinking work on products represents a new, unused use of the product. It will also protect the water bottle from scratches or external shocks. Protecting labels and packaging on bottle during transportation and helping to increase the aesthetics of bottles, bottles will always be new, always beautiful, and not affected by dirt.

Nearly 20 years of construction and growth, our company has received the trust of customers with noble awards that are a great encouragement for us to make more and more efforts and efforts. In addition to the automatic bottle-shrinking products, we also supply filling machine lines, RO pure water purifiers, pure ice making machines ... etc.

Giải thưởng

Main features of automatic shrink wrapping machine

-First mentioning the shrink wrapping machine, the first thing to mention is the high-capacity machine from 5000-20000 bottles/hour

-The bottle shrinking machine uses the water source to shrink, the bottle film with high-speed heat is uniform throughout the film, so the shrink film does not wrinkle.

-The machine is applied according to the most advanced membrane coating technology of the United States manufactured in Thuong Hai - China and exclusively imported and distributed by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam.

-Simple control system

- Shrink wrapping machine has a stable operation, little maintenance, maintenance

-The body is specially designed to be waterproof, with a collection of condensed water at the bottom of the machine

-The cheapest price in the market but the quality is the highest.

-Material made from 304 stainless steel with durability over 20 years, shiny easy to clean.

So how will businesses benefit from using Viet An's shrink wrapping machine?

Of course, if a product does not bring practical value, of course, it will not be well received in the market. But for the shrink wrapping machine offers businesses a lot of benefits:

  1. The stage will be done quickly, before 1 hour, it can only achieve hundreds or even thousands, but it takes a lot of labor that precision cannot be achieved like machinery. Now, with bottle-shrinking machines, this number can reach 20000 bottles / hour
  2. Because the machine operates with such capacity, it will help businesses minimize labor costs, power consumption, greatly reducing the time for shrinkage.
  3. Products used when shrinking bottles will be protected from external influences
  4. Shrink wrapping machine runs smoothly, does not make noise, does not pollute
  5. The machine has a heat treatment layer, good heat dissipation properties, the temperature rises quickly and saves energy. With a quick cooling system convenient for transportation and storage

But be aware when using the bottle shrinking machine

With any type of machinery, when we use it, we must regularly maintain to avoid unnecessary damage so to keep the machine's long-term durability, we need:

- Regularly clean and clean machines

- Verifying operating conditions of machinery and equipment

- The machine should be installed in a cool, dry place

- When having any problem of unknown cause immediately contact a Viet An Technician for the most accurate support.

Benefits of buying shrink wrapping machine at Viet An Joint Stock Company

-Guaranteed on quality with full components

-Designed by a team of enthusiastic technicians with a wealth of industrial machinery consulting

-Enjoy preferential policies for our trusted customers

-Shipped and free installation nationwide

- 12 months warranty and long-term maintenance

-When having any machine problems, just contact us, the company will send people directly to the customer's workshop to check.

In order for customers to avoid buying fake, counterfeit and shoddy goods, we encourage customers to choose reputable suppliers and brands. Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is a leading company in the field of anti-counterfeiting, anti-fake goods and poor quality goods. Therefore, all types of automatic shrink wrapping machines provided by Viet An have separate labels for customers to easily identify and distinguish.

In addition, to see and buy genuine bottle-shrinking products, customers should go to the nearest branch of Viet An. Or contact 0949 41 41 41 for advice and support.

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