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Single-head label drop machine

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  • 1 year warranty
  • High quality 304 stainless steel
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Origin: genuine


Product code: Single-head label drop machine

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Product details

Automatic sleeve label machine (1 head) appear to meet the needs of the business. When creating any product, what consumers are concerned about is the origin of the product. Therefore, product labelling is very important, it will evaluate whether your product is of good quality or not.


Previously, when people still had to do manual work and did not know the industrial machinery system, businesses took quite a lot of time and cost for a product labelling process. Seeing this is a quite important stage in the production process, Viet An has learned and provided to the market one-end labelling machines with a capacity of 9000 - 15000 bottles per hour.

In addition to the product line of industrial labelling machines, Viet An also supplies bottling and bottling machines. Bottle blowing machine, etc.

5 reasons why you should choose an automatic sleeve label machine (1 head)

Label of the product is also the image and brand of the business

- An automatic sleeve label machine (1 head)  with a low investment cost to buy a machine. Products after being released look beautiful and competitive compared to other products on the market. The process of releasing labels is completely automatic, does not require the participation of workers, so there is no labor cost, saving a lot of production costs.

- An automatic sleeve label machine (1 head) with a capacity of 9000-15,000 bottles/hour, If you have to hire many labellers in 1 hour but the productivity cannot reach that number, then the machine will replace people here are very necessary.

- Single-headed drop machine has an average weight of 450KG, power consumption 3KW-220V. The machine does not take up too much area of the business, easy to disassemble, convenient for transportation.

- The speed of releasing labels is fast and accurate to absolute, usually, after less than 0.03 seconds, one label has been finished, ensuring a high aesthetic for the product.

-Life over 20 years, manufactured with genuine components imported, international-class quality, assembled according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. So when using the machine is always stable, durable. No maintenance costs, no downtime. operating at full capacity with the most energy-saving technology, so the gluing process will be costless. The machine runs smoothly, does not make noise, does not pollute.

Operating procedure of one-end labelling machine

Stage 1: Start the machine, set on the PLC screen the power you want to achieve

Stage 2: When the bottle has been poured, the bottle will be moved to the bottling stage where the label will be dropped into the bottle from the top down to absolute accuracy.

Stage 3: The bottle will move through the bottle adjustment unit

Stage 4: Bottles are transferred through the next process or through the place of packaging.

Highlights of a single-head drop labelling machine

Specialized product for dropping bottle labels, equipped with the most modern and advanced technology of the United States. With high memory, the labels of over 30 different products can be stored, so customers will gain many benefits during the production process.

Price is also one of the competitive advantages of one-end labelling machines compared to other products. Because Viet An is the exclusive distributor of this product, no one will be able to provide specialized products to An automatic sleeve label machine (1 head) with a capacity of up to 15000 at a lower price of Viet An. The machine is designed to run continuously for 24 hours. Help businesses drop labels fast, beautiful, 100% accurate.

An automatic sleeve label machine (1 head) is needed for all production and business businesses including bottled pure water, carbonated drinks, soft drinks, mineral water, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. With the main feature is automatic label drop, an average of about 0.03 seconds / label.

The body is made of stainless steel 304 stainless steel, no corrosion, helps the device look beautiful, more shiny, easy to clean and hygienic.

Our policies for customers

Compared with other similar products on the market, the price An automatic sleeve label machine (1 head) is much cheaper. Made from 304 stainless steel, the intelligent controller automatically shuts off when there is a problem, so the life of the machine is high.

The psychology of individual or business customers besides quality, price issues, the factors that make many people interested are the warranty period and the location of the warranty. At this point, Viet An affirms its leading position in the market because Viet An has a national warranty policy with all products we provide including one-bottle bottle drop machine. When you choose to own this quality product line will be warranted within 12 to 24 months and lifetime maintenance of the machine. Just contact 19006013.

As soon as the warranty or maintenance request of the customer is required, Viet An will arrange the technician to take place at the customer's production site to carry out the warranty for the customer.

If you have any further questions about Viet An's first label drop dispenser please contact our Hotline


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