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Dây chuyền lọc nước điện giải 1200 l/h VAIAD1200



VAIAD1200 water electrolyte line with a capacity of 1200 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Model: VAIAD1200
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam


Product code: VAIAD1200

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Product details

Water-electrolyte filter line of VAIAD1200 - 1200 liters (also known as alkaline ionized water filter line) of Viet An is not only a water purifier that not only purifies chemical components, pollutants in the water to ensure drinking water directly but also ionizing to change some chemical properties of water (changing the values ​​of pH, ORP, water molecular structure) beneficial for human health, animals and many other uses in the family life.

As one of the leading units in providing water filtration and treatment solutions to protect human health, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has supplied lines that can produce ionic water with rapid electrolysis process. Alkaline ionized water is the most beneficial drinks for human health today. Let's go with Viet An to find out the type of filter line capable of electrolysis capacity of 1200 litres through the below article.


 Structure of electrolyte water filter line - VAIAD1200-1200 litres

VAIAD1200 model is an electrolyte water purifier used by many people, the quality of alkaline ionized water products has been verified for quality, good for human health and beauty.

VAIAD 1200 electrolyte water production line has 2 separate outgoing water which is alkaline water and acidic water outlet lines with different pH levels from 4 to 10 for use with many different purposes such as drinking, cooking, washing, healing, washing your face, washing vegetables, equipment cleaning, etc., ...

The product is high-quality filters, the life expectancy of more than 10 years. It has many smart features, fewer errors, 1-year warranty, long-term maintenance.

It is made up of 2 main systems that are pure water filtration system and electrolyte machine so that this product can provide customers with an electrolyte water source to ensure quality.



Why is water electrolyte filter line VAIAD1200 - 1200 good for health?

According to the studies of water after passing through VAIAD 1200 machine, it helps to protect and enhance human health thanks to the important characteristics of electrolyte water, which are an antioxidant, extremely small molecular size and high alkalinity. After filtering and passing through electrolysis, water has three important properties:


Changing the ORP value of tap water from 500 mv to -150mv ~ -800 mv

Water is passing the VAIAD 1200  electrolyte filter water line, after passing electrolytic lines to obtain highly active hydrogen ready to add electrons to neutralize free radicals, active oxygen in the body should have a very good and strong antioxidant effect, slows down the aging process, helps the body to be younger and healthier. ORP is a measure of water redox and oxidation-reduction (ORP) (-) the better the anti-aging process.

ORP index of drinking water:

+ Ordinary tap water ORP ~ 300 mv.

+ ORP soft drinks ~ 400 mv (drinking plenty of fresh water is not good for human health).

+ ORP bottled water ~ 200 mv, green tea ORP ~ -100 mv, ORP olive oil ~ -200 mv, they are both good anti-aging effects for the body.

+ However, water passes through the electrolyte water filter line 1,200 L / h can change the ORP value about -400 mv, which is better than green tea and olive oil in anti-aging.

Changing pH value in water (pH ~ 4 - 10)

Filtered water through VAIAD 1200, after electrolysis will separate the water molecules and suck up to 2 electrodes (-) and electrode (+) and create water with different pH values ​​PH ~ 4 - 10 densities Health benefits are alkaline water. Highly alkaline water helps neutralize acid in the blood to maintain optimal body PH. Excess acid gnawing in the body for many years can cause esophageal reflux acid, arthritis, cancer, inflammation, Gout, obesity, high cholesterol and many other diseases. Alkaline ionized water daily will help you and your loved ones get rid of harmful toxins, excess acid, eliminate pathogens, create a feeling of comfort, increase cell activity, and good for health.

Changing the molecular structure of water from 15 - 20 molecules to 5-6 molecules. Water through the electrolyte filter line 1200 litres/h helps to separate water molecules so there will be 15-20 molecules in a molecular cluster, therefore water through VAIAD1200 has only 5-6 molecules linked together, when we drink water, it can absorb immediately through cells to bring water inside to body,  it helps the body absorb minerals, eliminate toxins, best scum, avoid and support treatment of diseases of mineral deficiency, calcium deficiency, iron deficiency ...

The main structure of VAIAD1200 model

VAIAD 1200 includes a filtration system to filter impurities, heavy metals, organic matter, chlorine, colour, odour, pollutants, ... keep minerals,

UV disinfection system and electrolysis system.

Operation of VAIAD 1200: input water passes filter column to removed contaminants, and water passes into the electrolysis system. In the electrolysis system take place a water electrolysis process and creating 2 water lines: Alkaline water and Acid water.

Do you want to protect your family's health, your loved ones from all kinds of diseases and cancer from now? Please help your family eliminate pathogens to live happily, live well, live long. If you are using a variety of health protection methods, drinking water from electrolyte water purifier VAIAD1200- 1200 litres of Viet An, that is the perfect and safest choice for you.

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