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Hệ thống van của máy làm đá viên


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  • Warranty: 12-month
  • Manufacturer: Genuine goods
  • Maintenance: Long-term
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015
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Product code: VALVE SYSTEM

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Product details

The valve system of an ice making machine is extremely important. It holds many functions such as supplying, water discharging, ice defrosting. the main valves types are used such as an electronic valve for making ice, fluid level valve, return valve, the mechanic valve for stop condenser, a mechanical valve for compressor ...


Hệ thống van của máy làm đá viên

 What are the characteristics and operating principles of valve systems?

1. solenoid valve

Van điện tử cấp dịch               

This is an electromechanical device, it used to control the flow, gas or liquid based on the principle of closing or opening valve due to the force of the electromagnetic coil. Valve design is fast opening and closing mechanism with high durability, stable operation, low energy consumption, compact design, simple structure.

The principle of operation: There is an electric coil including 1 iron core and a spring compressed into the iron core, while the iron core rests on a rubber-lined end. Normally, if spring has not electric, it will be pressed into the iron core, the valve will be in the open state. When we turn on electric, the coil generates an electromagnetic field, it will cause the iron core to be attracted to the magnetic field, which is strong enough to overcome the spring at the time the valve will open.

2. Solenoid valve for defrosting ice


Van điện từ xả đá

In the valves system, the solenoid valve in the ice cubes production has the defrost function, when finishing work session (also called an ice batch), the machine will transmit the signal leading to impact on the motherboard department (Mainboard) requires opening a block valve to help the hot air escape, impacting on the tray to make ice fall into designed ice containers.

The valve structure consists of 2 parts: Part associated with the motherboard and T-shaped pipe

The principle of solenoid valve operation:

When operating the ice making system, the T-pipe has the conducting cold air function into the system.

When the ice's age reaches the pre-set level, a sensor will communicate to the motherboard to require defrosting. At this time, the Mainboard will respond to the Sensor by transmitting signals to the solenoid valve to open the hot air. This liberated hot air will impact the lower part of the ice tray, causing an amount of ice to stick to the tray to melt so that the ice can fall off the tray.

Per time the ice cubes in the tube drop out, the ice tray will close, Sensor will activate a new production cycle. The cycle is repeated.

Advantages of the valve system

The common advantage of using a valve is that it has a fast opening and closing mechanism, stable operation, high durability, low energy consumption and a simple structure that is easy to remove and repair.

     - Suitable for many models of ice machines

     - There are many different models

     - Material valve is good, it is good heat resistance and extremely durable

     - Ensuring hygiene and safety

     - Easy to disassemble for cleaning or replacement

     - Compact, meticulous design

     - Products imported genuine company

Using the valve system makes the ice production process is more proactive.

Why should use a valve system in the ice cubes production?

To ensure the production process is necessary opened and closed conveniently when using different valves types for many purposes. Each valve type has own special functions, but they are all imported by genuine Viet An, these valves have high durability.

- Products are manufactured to ISO 9001-2015 standards the most rigorous today

- Today, valves are widely used in many industries with many production systems and industrial machines, for your machines to operate for a long time, there must be a quality valve system. In Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company will give you the best solution. When purchasing any products, customers will receive an attractive after-sales service that will surely satisfy customers.

In addition to the necessary components for ice making machines such as ice mortar, valve system, ice cutting system, oil separation system ... etc. Viet An provides mini pure ice production line, VA pure industrial ice cubes making machine, USAspec. Produced according to international standard ISO 9001: 2015 (latest). Machines made of stainless steel 304 as anti-rust. The lifespan of the ice making machine up to 15 years. Applying the latest US technology saves 45% of power consumption. The system is programmed automatically with a capacity of 60kg to 100 tons.  The clean ice quality meets FDA standards of the United States and 6-1 / 2010 / BYT standard in Vietnam ensure 99.99% clean ice. Viet An sells products directly through the nationwide store system (Free installation, free transportation).

Please contact us to better understand the valve system of the ice cube making machine. We service you 24/24 hour.

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