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Máy rửa, chiết rót, đóng nắp bình 5G


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Warranty 12 months Origin: genuine Material: high grade 304 stainless steel Free shipping



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Product details

Washing filling capping machine 5G at Viet An Joint Stock Company is a genuine product imported and distributed exclusively by Viet An in Vietnam. Come to us customers complete peace of mind and trust about the product and the price is always affordable.

Unlike other models with the 3-in-1 function of washing, filling and capping, only 1 machine can perform up to 3 operations in a very fast time. So what are you waiting for own a machine to put your unit's productivity up to catch up with the era of "industrialization and modernization" of the country?

In Viet An, we also have many other modern industrial machines such as bottle filling machine, bottle blowing machine, jar blowing machine.

Introducing superior technology of washing, filling, capping 5G

The best material: 5G bottle washer, filling and capping machine made of INOX 304 material is durable, does not oxidize, is not corroded by nature, absolutely safe during water production. Booster pump system imported from Italy works stably, has a long life, requires little maintenance and repair.

Superior bottle washing technology: The 5G bottle washing, filling and capping machine is the most modern application of bottle washing technology in the United States. The device is designed to completely clean the water tank. Automatic design with washing system inside, outside. In addition, the machine is also equipped with an automatic water system, with strong eddy water pressure, for deep and efficient cleaning.

Fast filling speed: Instead of traditional power supply - injection flow pressure, the product is designed to change the frequency to adjust the filling speed. Water filtration filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted on the control panel. Ensure the finished water bottle meets the quality standards of food hygiene and safety QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health on bottled drinking water

Absolute accuracy: 5G bottle washer, filling and capping machine with convenient and fast filling capacity. You only need to set the volume on the touch screen directly. With different types of fluids, there are different adjustable temperatures. The machine uses the rotary encoder to fill with much more accuracy than conventional types

The reasons you should choose a washer, filling machine, capping 5G bottle

  1. With 3 fully automatic running stages, it will help you save labor costs and increase productivity. So just after 1 year you will pay back to buy the machine but the quality of bottled water is always guaranteed.
  2. The machine is manufactured using the most modern filling technology of the United States
  3. The process of manufacturing and assembling machines meets ISO 9001:2015
  4. Has a fully automatic PLC control system imported from Korea, Japan
  5. 5G bottle washer, filling and capping machine is made of 304 stainless steel
  6. Has a compact industrial design
  7. Application of technology to minimize power consumption
  8. 5G bottle washer, filling and capping machine for fast filling capacity
  9. Filling process ensures food safety and hygiene for bottled drinking water
  10. 12-month warranty for long-term maintenance.

Automatic stage of washing, filling, capping 5G

Stage 1: Rinse the pressure automatically

The bottles that have been withdrawn at the previous stages will be transferred to the conveyor chain moving along the conveyor to the automatic pressure vessel coating. Here the jar will be fixed on the coated tray by the holder. Combined with the Conveyor Motor, the conveyor rotates in a fixed direction to speed up the rinsing process. With a 304 stainless steel head pump, pure water pump and sterilized ozone pump will pump high pressure into the inside of the 5G tank cover, causing the bacteria in the tank to be destroyed while the dirt is also washed away to ensure the shell. The jar is sterile.

Stage 2: Automatically pressure extraction

Washing machine, filling, capping 5G bottle has a nozzle of 304 stainless steel material that can extract water bottles according to a certain norm. This filling process is fully automated by PLC control system. Pressure spring system carries water to the extraction nozzle. Combined with the 304 stainless steel head pumping system creates a potentiometer, creating a pressure to extract the water.

Stage 3: Close the lid and push the bottle out

The machine has a bottle cap stamping unit for small neckless cylinders, combined with a 304 stainless steel conveyor assembly with a roller system. There is an unscrambler with a lid to put in the lid and a hydraulic cylinder to push the water out.

Come to us -Viet An General Trading  joint stock company

-The product is always genuine

- 1 year warranty period and long-term maintenance

-The most advanced import technology, leading the era

-The most professional dedicated service

-The best remuneration policy

-When encountering any problem, we are always willing to let technicians come to your workshop to support.

Please contact us immediately for the best advice on washing machine, filling, capping 5G bottles. Hotline:


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