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The most prestigious quality assurance is only available at Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company

  • Model: the Water pump system
  • Standard: ISO9001-2015
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Origin: Genuine goods



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Product details

Water pumping system plays an important role in the production process as well as the operating process. In order to ensure the production process takes place smoothly, customers need to buy good quality and high-power pumps.

The pump system provided by Viet An ensures quality factors as well as ISO9001-2005 quality standards of the most rigorous standards today. Please join us to learn more details about the product through the information below.

The water pumping system operation principle of an ice making machine

  • The general principle of all water pumps is using the natural force to move liquids.
  • The type of water pump used in the ice production line is made from cast iron material, it is formed centrifugal pump and the size may vary depending on the ice making machine of customers. Good water pumps must ensure large size and capacity for stable water circulation, being frozen many times and help create ice films with transparent crystals, without impurities such as dirt, objects strange,…
  • Working centrifugal pumps also take advantage of the pressure difference. When starting the engine, the pump fan makes the water around it splash out of the discharge mouth pump, forming vacuums with lower pressure than air, if one end of the tube is dipped into the water, the air pressure will push water into the pipe. When the water meets the rotating fan, the energy of the fan acts and passes to the water causing the water to move out of the pipe mouth, the water going out of the exhaust pipe will be replaced with water from the nozzle, This process keeps repeating the current as in the centrifugal pump which we often see.
  • For water pumps can work to meet the following conditions:

       The centrifugal pump head must be closed to ensure that air does not go into

       - The tip of the suction tube must be completely submerged in water

       - The pump fan must have sufficient energy

       - Between the  pump fan and centrifugal drive must be a gap large enough for water goes into

What does the water pump system play in a role?

- Production facility has available water source, after being cleaned treatment to meet the standard will be pumped to the water tank. This amount of water is automatically circulated into the container to make ice. The pump will pump water in the container to the ice tower to make ice cubes. Due to technical characteristics, the ice tube has a low temperature, so not only the water in the ice tube but also the water around the outside of the ice tube will also freeze and can stick to the wall pipe. The amount of water when pumped excessively into the ice tube will flow down to the other tank and then the pump continues to pump up the ice tower to make up the next ice making cycle.

-Water pumps help people saving time and energy while promoting the development of production and consumption.

-Using a water pumping system to help businesses accelerate the production process quickly. The machine has a compact structure that does not occupy more space and it can be installed in many locations.

How to choose the water pumping system to suit the manufacturing unit?

Water pumps are simply devices that transport water from one place to another. Therefore, depending on the demand, we choice water pump accordingly.

  • Household water pumps are used to pump water for living and eating
  • Industrial water pumps are used to pumping water, pumping waste, used in fire-fighting systems, in industrial water pumping systems.
  • In agriculture, water pumps use the distribution of irrigation water for crops, livestock, especially on large scale aquaculture.
  • In scientific research, the expert uses water pumps for many different activities.
  • In environmental sanitation are used widely sewage submersible pumps, high corrosion resistance pumps.

In the market today, there are many fake products and poor goods in order to impersonate reputable business units, we recommend that customers have any need for any water pump systems or industrial machine components, you can directly go our company to find about the product clearly.

Through this article, you will understand how water pumps play an important role in life as well as in the production of ice cubes. To have a production cycle with high productivity, you should invest the best quality water pump product and meet to standard ISO 9001–2015 such as Viet An provided. Please contact us for assistance with choosing the most suitable water pump for your device.

 For more information about the water pumping system of ice cube machine, please contact

Hotline: 0949 41 41 41 or 0942 41 41 41. Sincere thanks!

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