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Dây chuyền lọc nước 4000l VAIA4000



4000 LPH VAIA4000 water filtration line exclusive VA brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Model: VAIA4000
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Free installation

Category: RO-VAIA

Product code: VAIA4000

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  • Parameters, configuration
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Product details

The pure water filter system VAIA4000 - 4000 litters/hour is the number one water filter product in Vietnam today.

With closed water purification process automatically using RO wat

Ảnh tập thể công ty Việt An

er purification technology to produce finished water is pure water that is beneficial for human health. Are you looking for a pure water purifier product? Do you want to own an industrial water purifier to produce PET bottled or bottled water?  Are you looking to replace old technology water purifier products to meet the increasing demands of customers.? ... The pure water filter system VAIA4000 - 4000 litters/ h will be the perfect choice for you.

 Being improved and updated the latest water filtration and treatment technology in 2018, the pure water filter system using inox auto valve filter with a capacity of 4000 liters per hour has captured the trust of most customers domestic and foreign by fast filter, economical water filtration, pure water quality to ensure food hygiene and safety standards. Let's join Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to learn more about pure RO water filter system VAIA4000 - 4000 litters/ h through the article below.

Why has the pure RO water filtration system VAIA4000 - 4000 litters chosen by many people?

  • It is a product designed specifically to filter, treat industrial purified water from various water sources.
  • The process of water purification, pure water treatment takes place completely automatically, closed without interference from external factors, without human participation, so the water quality is 100% pure, ensure food safety and hygiene
  • Delicate, compact industrial design, with 304 stainless steel filter column that is beautiful and easy to clean.
  • The filter system, valve, pump system, filter membrane with large operating capacity, can filter up to 4000 liters of pure water per hour. it ensures the purified water supply continuously serves all needs use
  • The process of bactericidal, twice filter bacteria always keep pure water sterile after filtering and when stored in the tank waiting for use.
  • Automatic valve system with LCD screen fully demonstrates filter parameters and they can manually adjust filter column to protect filter, filter core, stabilize the taste of water output.

The benefits when used purified water

Today it seems that pure water has become familiar with humans, it is used in offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers.... and even in modern families. Because of the huge benefits that pure water can bring to people such as:

Protecting people from lead toxins: Lead is one of the obsessions for human health, which can lead to cancer. Lead in the water, if only using water by boiling normally, it will not remove lead from the water. But when using pure water filtered through industrial RO purification system VAIA4000 litters/h is different, with more than 10 standard filtration stages combined with RO filter membrane with ultra-small filter grids size 0.0001 micrometer, so lead will completely be removed from the water. Meaning you have eliminated one of your health concerns when using pure water every day.

Adding water to the body: water occupies more than 70% in our body, so every day needs to add 2-2.5 litters of water to the body. Depending on the age, on the level of movement of each person, it is necessary to add enough water to the body to ensure that all activities within the body are ensured.

Help your body stay awake: When you feel dizzy, it's probably because your body is in dehydration. Drinking water will help end the headache. Moreover, it can help you be more discerning. Research has shown that moderate dehydration can significantly weaken and affect cognitive function. Children do not know their bodies are dehydrated, it is easy to affect the results of studying at school.

Gastrointestinal support: It is well known that a sufficient amount of fiber is required if you want a healthy digestive system, not constipated but only fiber without water then everything will be only dreaming.

Lubrication of joints and muscles: Water makes up the majority of fluids, lubricants and cushioning in joints and muscles. Drinking water before exercise will help reduce cramps and tired.

Calorie reduction: Water really works for weight loss because it does not contain calories but occupies an area in the body. Instead of drinking soda or fruit juice, take a pure water glass, you will reduce 200 calories in your daily diet. It also helps you reduce to 10 tablespoons of sugar.

There are also many benefits that pure water can bring to people. So, we recommend drinking purified water meet standard every day.

How much capital is needed to install a pure water filter system of 4000 litters/h in Viet An

To own a genuine industrial water purification system with a capacity of 4000 liters / h in Viet An, you need to spend 21.900USD.

In addition to perfecting the production process, you should invest in buying an automatic bottle filling machine system with the price fluctuating around 21700 USD, an automatic film shrink machine is used to shrink the pitcher and the bottleneck, bottle cap and bottle body have many different thermal modes to adjust to user needs. The machine is manufactured using American technology to ensure the best quality.

All these products are provided by Viet An and genuine commitment with the most reasonable price.

See more article details

The auxiliary equipments of VAIA 4000 water filtration system

1. Filling system

máy chiết rót bình 20 lít công suất 450 bình một giờ

Bottle and Barrel filling machine, auxiliary equipments with capacity of 450BPH (20LPB) the price is 35900 USD, stainless steel material ensures food safety and hygiene.

2. Automatic shrinking machine

Máy co màng thủ công

Semi-automatic shrinking machine with capacity of 150-200BPH (5G barrel), 250-350BPH (pet bottle). The machine is used to shrink barrel’s fauce, neck bottle’s body and cap. There are many different thermal regimes to adjust properly to the needs of users. The machine is entirely imported, ensures the best quality.


Parameters, configuration

Number Accessories Quantity Unit Origin Picture
1 304 Stainless steel push pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
2 Air disinfection lamp 6 Pcs VA/ USApec
3 Air disinfection lamp hanger 6 Pcs VA/ USApec
4 304 stainless steel column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
5 Mn sand (Institute of Chemistry) Full Kg VA/ USApec
6 Quartz sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
7 Auto Valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
8 304 stainless steel column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
9 Auto Valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
10 Activated carbon Full Kg Holland
11 304 stainless steel column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
12 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
13 Cation seed Full Liter India/ England
14 40” Filter core 7 Pcs VA/ USApec
15 Stainless steel filter 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
16 Booster pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
17 Membrane shell 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
18 RO membrane 2 Pcs Hitech-USA/CSM Korea
19 Flowmeter 2 Pcs Taiwan
20 Pressure meter 3 Pcs Taiwan
21 Oil pressure meter 2 Pcs Taiwan
22 Copper solenoid valve 1 Pcs Cn Korea
23 Reverted salt container 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
24 Electrical system 1 Set LK Korea
25 UV lamp 2 Pcs Poland/ Hungary/ USA
26 Ozone machine 2 Pcs VA/ USApec
27 Stainless steel filter 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
28 Bacterial filter core 5 Pcs VA/ USApec
29 Heat-welded pipe and accessories Full Set Vietnam
30 Stainless steel frame bracket Full Set Vietnam

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