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dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 70000l VAIAK70000



VAIAK70000 mineral water filter line with a capacity of 70000 liters/hour meets VA brand certificate No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Model: VAIAK70000
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free nationwide shipping


Product code: VAIAK70000

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Product details

Mineral water has been substituting soda and carbonated drinks because they are a drink that has many benefits for the body. Mineral water is made from a mineral water filter line of 70000 l / h- with a closed water purification process, mineral particles help replenish the body's minerals into the water.

This is the result of scientific and technological advances, improvements and upgrades to meet the increasing use of people. With a mineral water production line of 70,000 l / h capacity, it will help people proactively create artificial mineral water instead of relying on natural mineral springs with limited reserves at present.

Let's enjoy Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to learn about the mineral water production line of VAIAK70000 - 70000 l / h  through the following article.

Mineral water filter line 70000 L / h can create mineral water from which water source?

Designed with RO water filtration technology combined with mineral-forming particles, VAIAK70000 mineral water line can filter water and create mineral water from water sources such as:

Tap water has been partially treated but still contains a lot of bacteria and still has a bad smell. Therefore, when undergoing the treatment process at the water filter line, the odour will be treated thoroughly. You will feel the delicious, pure taste of the water, not the bad smell as well as the mixed metal is not as good as when untreated.

Rainwater is also suitable for this mineral water production line because the composition of rainwater contains only acid, not limestone or dirt. In addition, this line is also suitable for water wells, so in the delta or rural areas, this production line can also be applied to filter water for daily life.

Groundwater: mainly well water is the type of water that many facilities choose to use as water input for the process of filtering, treating water and creating minerals for water. Because the volume of this type of water is very large, in addition, there is not the cost of buying water, this is an input water source that many people choose to use.

Advantages of mineral water filtration line 70000 L / h of Việt An

Do many people wonder what is the difference between a mineral water filter line and a normal water filter line? And what are the benefits of choosing RO technology for this line? The answer is quite simple when VAIAK 70000 mineral water filter line has many advantages such as:


Drinking water right at the tap: this is the biggest and most favourite advantage of water filtered through RO technology. After the water is produced and filtered through the filter membrane, users can drink water at the tap without going through any other water treatment process. This feature is quite convenient for businesses, companies and even households. Because we don't have much time to filter again and again water every day.

Reaching ultra-clean water standards: it is also the leading advantage of 70,000 L / h mineral water production line according to RO technology. People will look at the quality before deciding to buy any product. Understanding that, the handling team, as well as the staff of Viet An, we have created clean water, removing impurities, removing metals that are not good for the human body such as lead, iron, ...

This is also the reason why when you drink water filtered through VAIAK 70000 filter line, it has a sweet taste and does not have unpleasant odours like untreated water.

Supplementing necessary minerals: with this RO water purification column, it will create a clean water source but still get the necessary minerals for our body.

Especially micro-elements that the body cannot synthesize on its own. So, it is said that who drink clean water are at much lower risk of infection for who drink untreated water.

Save space and costs: this is also a great advantage for many people when selecting this VAIAK 70,000 mineral water filter line. The form is simple, compact and does not take up much room space. You can install it anywhere that best suits your home space.

When purchasing VAIAK 70,000 products from Viet An, you absolutely do not spend too much money in exchange for quality products are extremely good. Savings are in the design to the water source, making the whole chain more popular with consumers than ever.

Quotation of mineral water filter line of 70000 litres/h

With a capacity of 70,000 litres of mineral water per hour, this water filtration line is of great interest to factories producing bottled mineral water. Currently, this product is launching the market by Viet An with the price of 7,259 million VND. This is a relatively large cost, so only large-scale production facilities, potential customers are available to invest and install.

Although the level of investment is large, the profits that businesses receive from the production and trading of PET bottled and bottled mineral water are not small. We only offer a small example for customers to compare and evaluate.

We often use the most current is pure water, to produce 1 bottle of 20 litres of pure water costs from 4-7 thousand VND. While this water bottle brings to distributors only costs 10-15 thousand VND. So after producing each bottle of 20 litres of pure water, the enterprise only receives a profit of 6-8 thousand VND. This is also a high-profit margin compared to trading other products but try looking at the mineral water business below.

To produce each bottle of 20-litres mineral water, the production facility also lost 8-10 thousand VND. While bringing mineral water bottles to distributors will be priced from 40-50 thousand VND. So the production facility will earn from 36-40 thousand VND per bottle of water,  higher than the production and trading of pure water 8-10 times.

When we look at the above profit, we affirm that there will not be an investor who does not immediately think about investing in installing mineral water filter line to develop the business to meet the market demand today.

Opportunities for investment and business development are always for everyone, if you are the owner of pure water production and business establishments, you want to expand the business model to increase competitiveness for businesses to catch up with the trend of the times, want to increase profits for businesses and want to invest in installing the 70000 liter VAIAK70000 mineral water filter line of Viet An, please contact us at 0949 414141, we always ready to serve you.

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