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dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 1200L VAIAK1200



VAIAK1200 mineral water filter line with a capacity of 1200 liters/hour meets VA brand certificate No. 250969• Standard: ISO 9001:2015

  • Model: VAIAK1200
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Free installed


Product code: VAIAK1200

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Product details

After the sports activities, our bodies will lose water, you should compensate for the lost minerals by using mineral water from industrial water purification lines. Being a leading company in importing and distributing specialized mineral water filter lines with a capacity of 300 litres/h to 70,000 litres/h to meet all needs of use, production and business.

If you want to own a genuine, high-quality mineral water purifier with a large capacity of 1200 litres of water per hour, the mineral water filter line of 1200 litres/h VAIAK1200 will be the perfect choice for you. With a special design, application of RO ​​water filtration technology and mineral particles will help you create a mineral water source that ensures quality standards from many different water sources.

 How does the quality of mineral water from the mineral water filter line affect health?

- Mineral water filtration lines will add minerals (Calcium, Magnesium) to your family's daily broth. Water with magnesium and calcium content greater than 150 mg / l is good for health.

- Mineral water purification technology is a quality-tested technology, people with kidney stones using this water source will gradually remove impurities and limit the development of kidney stones.

- Besides, the filtered water source used to wash face will benefit the skin, reduce acne, remove dead skin.

- The output water of the machine meets the world standard of clean water.

- Direct drinking water, no need to boil.

Briefly about mineral water filter line 1200 litres/h VAIAK1200

With a mineral composition that achieves a perfect balance and stability, water through the VAIAK1200 mineral water filter line of Viet An is considered a kind of water with the same composition as:

Purified water: A type of water that has been removed from all mineral components in water, almost chemically, only H2O without any other mineral composition. Purified water is often used in industrial production, health care, ...

Mineral water: A mineral water containing minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, ... exploited and bottled right at the source, complying with a strict process to keep high mineral content. Mineral water is recommended for use, especially for those who exercise or work outdoors to lose energy.

With the ability to turn many water sources into mineral water thanks to mineral-forming particles with a capacity of 1200 litres of mineral water per hour, VAIAK1200 mineral water filter products are suitable for medium and large-scale mineral water production facilities.

The installation of VAIAK1200 mineral water line is also very simple when you need to consult the installation, just contact Viet An at 0949 414141, we will advise all things to do, after sign the contract and choose the installation date.

All components constituting the filter line are genuine imported products, so it has high durability and longevity of VAIAk1200 mineral water purification line up to 15 years. The process of water filtration takes place automatically, self-contained, the quality of mineral water always meets the standards and has been tested by the functional unit.

How to make the quality of mineral water of VAIAK1200 mineral water filter line always good?

Most mineral cores on the market today have extremely low mineral production capacity. If you are not careful you will need to buy such machines.

All cores make minerals on the market today with a lifespan of only 6 months. You must periodically replace that core on time if you want to ensure the quality of minerals and don't want it to be a breeding ground for health-damaging bacteria.

Choose reputable water filtration providers in the market, tell the truth about their products and their functions.

Periodically replace filter cores in time to ensure clean water is always clean. Especially with mineral-forming cores, remember to replace them on time.

Viet An - the best supplier of VAIAK1200 mineral water filter line today

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company specializes in construction and installation of mineral water purification systems meeting the direct drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health. With a team of experienced technicians, Viet An is committed to bringing you the best quality products through the following advantages:

- VAIAK1200 is a machine with clear origin.

- Machine not only filters dirt, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, manganese, iron, lead ... and other hazardous substances.

- VAIAK1200 is provided by Viet An with extremely preferential prices.

- Water filtration line received the gold medal of high-quality Vietnamese goods and golden lotus cup.

If you need trading mineral water, safe or you want to improve your family's daily drinking water, please contact us for best service advice.

Hotline: 0942 41 41 41/0949 41 41 41

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