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Hệ thống lọc nước ro 750 lít


5,900 USD

VACC750 water filtration line with a capacity of 750 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Model: VACC750
  • Longevity machine: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Shipping: Free 100% nationwide
  • Installed: Free 100%

Category: RO-VACC

Product code: VACC750

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Product details

The 750-litre water filter line VACC750 is the current industrial water purification and treatment product. Good quality products, international standard components that you are received when choosing to buy industrial water filter products VACC750- 750 litres of Viet An Company. Viet An is a leading brand in Vietnam, we are committed to100% product quality. Followed capacity of 150 L / h, 300 L / h, 400 L /h, 750 L / h is an excellent capacity for bottled and PET bottled water businesses throughout the country today.


With fast water filtration capacity of up to 750 litres per hour, this water filtration system will help the water production process take place quickly, there will be more people using water sources to ensure hygiene standards with the more reasonable price. Water filter line VACC750 using composite valve filter column suitable to treat well water, tap water, brackish water ... become to pure water. With a cheaper price than other products of the same type, but the quality of filtered water is not inferior to other products.

The structure of 750-litre pure water filter line

VACC750 is a filter device and water filter core to ensures under the standards of the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.

The line is designed with modern structure and components, but it is easy for maintenance and replacement when it is damaged.

Machines with dimensions 3 x 0.5 x 1.7 m (D x R x C) are not too big, not bulky when transported.

The line can be easily combined with bottle filling or bottling machine to create a complete system for trading and producing bottled and PET bottled pure water of business establishments.

Maintenance and cleaning process of VACC750 is easy without too much time and human force.

The water purifier price is extremely attractive, and it is the choice for many customers.

In order to avoid the overloading or burning phenomenon, on each water filter line that Viet An provided has designed gauges as well as devices to automatically disconnect power when there is a problem. Ensuring safety for equipment as well as factories and workers.

Instructions for using a 750-litre pure water filter line - VACC750

After the filter line system is completely installed, you should open the tap continuously to fill the container and use it for about 3 hours to see the filtration effect as well as to wash it through the filter columns before conducting pure water production continuously.

Carefully read the user manual as well as the notice that our technician notifies. If you have any questions, please call 0943 41 41 41 immediately for assistance.

Note: Check whether the power source is suitable and stable. It is recommended to place the device in a dry, flat, well-ventilated place and keep a safe distance from other equipment in the factory, avoiding direct sunlight.

You should monitor the maintenance schedule to replace the filter core and maintain the equipment on time. to ensure the water quality as well as the performance of the device.

When choosing to use the mechanical valve line, you need to actively monitor the water flow to carry out the filtration of the filter column. You only need to adjust the 3-door valve mounted on the top of each filter column, this operation is simple, easy and anyone can proceed. This will ensure the water quality of the system is always stable and ensures hygiene and safety standards for bottled and PET bottled drinking water.


After sales policy when buying water filter line 750l-VACC750

Policy for customers to buy a  composite-manual valve pure water filtration line 750 litres/ h for bottle and PET bottle.

  • Free shipping for customers buys water filter line whole all provinces in Vietnam
  • All components and machines of the pure water production line are warranted for 12 months.
  • Receive technical support and equipment operation 24/7.
  • Accept payment by bank transfer or cash directly for customers buy composite-manual valve pure water filtration line 750 litres/ h
  • Free consultancy for customers with accompanying products, supporting the production and trading process of PET bottled and bottled pure water.

Do you have any questions that need to be answered about the issue of opening a bottled water business or questions related to production lines? Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us for the best advice and support. Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company always look forward to accompanying and serving you!

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Parameters, configuration

Components Number Unit Origin Picture
1 Inox 304 push head pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
2 Air disinfection lamp 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
3 Air disinfection lamp hanging rack 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
4 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
5 Manganese sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
6 Quartz sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
7 3-door valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
8 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
9 3-door valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
10 Activated carbon Full Kg VA/ USApec
11 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
12 Salt suction valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
13 Cation seeds Full liter India/ England
14 Filter core 20 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
15 Filter cup 20 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
16 304 inox booster pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
17 Membrane shell 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
18 RO membrane 1 Pcs Protech-USA/CSM Korea
19 Flowmeter 2 Pcs Taiwan
20 Pressure meter 3 Pcs Taiwan
21 Oil pressure meter 2 Pcs Taiwan
22 Copper solenoid valve 1 Pcs Korean technology
23 Recycled salt container 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
24 Power system 1 Pcs LK Korea
25 UV light 1 Pcs Poland/ Hungary/ USA
26 Ozone machine 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
27 Filter cup 10 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
28 Bacterial filter core 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
29 Heat welding pipes and accessories Full Set Viet Nam
30 Inox frame bracket Full Set Viet Nam

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