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Dây chuyền lọc nước 70000 lít/h van cơ



VACC70000 water filtration line with a capacity of 70000 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Capacity: 70000 liters / hour
  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Material: Composite – manual valve
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months

Category: RO-VACC

Product code: VACC70000

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Product details

Water filtration line of 70000 litres/ h is a product specialized in bottled pure water and applies RO technology, which is selected by many drinking water factories. Because of the need to use bottled and bottled drinking water to replace other common drinking water is increasing. Everyone wants to protect their health in the face of water pollution being increasingly polluted. The greater the demand of the market has opened up an opportunity to invest in developing pure drinking water business in recent years. However, many people rush to invest in production without understanding the product, the supplier has led to unfortunate consequences such as buying fake goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods.

To limit these mistakes, Viet An is a unit with nearly 20 years of experience in providing water treatment solutions, always importing and distributing genuine industrial water filtration systems to market quality. Let's join Viet An to learn about the production line of 70,000 litres/ h VACC70000 pure water using a composite valve column through the following article.

Briefly about the water filtration line of 70000 litres/ h VACC70000

VACC70000 filter line uses mechanical valve water filter column manufactured according to the most modern technology of the United States, minimizing human participation in the water production under the pure water standard.

VACC70000 production applies RO water filtration technology as the most advanced water purification technology today, with this superior water filtration technology helps filter lines of bottled, bottled pure water remove up to 99% of the substance contamination contains in water. Ensure the finished water is pure water meeting the 6-1-2010 / BYT food safety standards of the Ministry of Health on PET bottled and bottled drinking water. VACC 70,000 has high durability, stable operation, less maintenance, fewer repairs.

Advantages of composite materials

Composite is a material made from many different materials to create high mechanical strength and small specific weight. Using this material makes the device capable of withstanding brackish and saline water very well. Especially suitable for climatic conditions in Vietnam. Many customers of Viet An in coastal areas, brackish water areas and saltwater areas choose to buy this purified water purifier line.

The composite material is also very easy to clean and preserve the filter system.

Why do use a mechanical valve filter line

Due to the use of mechanical valves, this filtration system has a relatively low cost compared to using automatic valve products.

Furthermore, the water and valve filtering capability of the automatic and mechanical valves is the same, the only difference is that with the mechanical valve flow, you must actively adjust the 3-way valve to wash the filter column with automatic valve flow. then the filter system itself can wash the filter column when a certain amount of water is reached.

Perhaps because of that difference, the industrial purified water purifier line uses the favoured mechanical valve and the choice of use.

The process of water purification of this VACC70000 line is a closed filtration process. The water source will be pumped to the filter columns, through filters and sterilization systems, filtered bacteria before being taken to the reservoir to prepare for the process of PET bottle, pure bottle.

Auxiliary equipment for pure water filtration line VACC70000 - 70000 liters / h

The capacity of 70000 liters is very large, so many large-capacity production and business establishments invest in installing this filter line system. In order to complete the production process as well as to meet the above water filtration capacity, it is recommended to invest in equipping the system of bottle filling machines, bottle shrinking machine system, bottle shrinkage membrane machine.

You should buy a bottle filling machine with a capacity of 900 bottles (20 litres/ bottle). This type of extraction machine is made entirely of 100% stainless steel material to ensure food safety and hygiene. As a complete import product, it has high durability, precise quantitative filling ability, saving pure water during the filling process.

In addition, customers should also buy more Automatic film bottle shrinking machine which is used to shrink the bottle, neck, bottle cap and bottle body, with many different thermal modes to adjust to the needs of the user. The machine is fully imported, ensuring the best quality.

All auxiliary equipment for water filtration line with a capacity of 70000 litres VACC70000 is available at factories and branches of Viet An. If you are interested, you can go directly to Viet An's branches or factories for reference.

Address Hanoi: No. 10 - N6, Lane 40, Xuan La Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Factory address: Lot 43 D1, H2-G2 street, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Me Linh, Hanoi

Address Saigon: Ice crossroads, 40 Nguyen Anh Thu, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

Address Danang: Lot H, Road No. 3, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Q Lien Chieu, Da Nang City.

Address Buon Me Thuot: 87 Phan Huy Chu, P.Khanh Xuan, Buon Ma Thuot City

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