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dây chuyền lọc nước tạo khoáng 1500L VAIAK1500



VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line with a capacity of 1500 litres/ hour meets VA brand certificate No. 250969• Standard: ISO 9001:2015

  • Model: VAIAK1500
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Free installed


Product code: VAIAK1500

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Product details

Mineral water filtration line 1500 litres/h has been contributing to provide a large amount of mineral water for human use. Human health is extremely important so it is necessary to replenish water and replenish minerals for the body.

Therefore, the demand for bottled and PET bottled mineral water tends to increase today. This is a great opportunity for production and business establishments, investors to focus on expanding production facilities to meet the demand of the people.

Nearly 20 years of construction and growth, we have always a leader in providing the best quality water purification products to the market including VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line to the market. Viet An has received many medals, certification by the state and consumer reviews. With modern equipment, skilled technical staff, many years of experience in Viet An constantly improve and strive to deserve the trust of customers.

If you are intending to open a bottled mineral water production facility and you are interested in high-tech products for water treatment, do not forget to refer to the article about the water mineral purification line VAIAK1500 below.

 Introducing VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line

VAIAK1500 mineral water production line with Vinaro brand, USApec brand is one of the products assembled at Viet An's factory according to the most modern technology of the United States. The production process according to ISO 9001:2015 standard, the most rigorous and elite international standard today. Thanks to the application of superior "RO water purification technology", eliminating the toxins in the water, ensuring the Ministry of Health's 6-1-2010 / BYT food safety standards for bottled and PET bottled drinking water, contributing to protecting human health. Combined with mineral-forming granules, it helps to supplement the body's essential minerals into the water. Products are distributed exclusively by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

Viet An has won the title of "Vietnam's leading brand in 2015" voted by consumers.

VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line creates standard mineral water

The qualified source of mineral water must meet the physicochemical criteria and biological criteria. Based on the composition criteria of substances in the water source, it is possible to design a quality bottled water and PET bottled water line.

Whether mineral water source produced to ensure good quality or not thanks to water treatment technology. Water treatment technology must be designed to ensure optimum performance and quality of drinking water treatment. The water source is designed with the standard operating and processing system to create a water source that meets the standards of high-quality drinking water.

Consumers can be the object to assess this problem in the most accurate way. Therefore, when trading in drinking water, the business units must really focus on the technology of the line.

Standard mineral water is mineral water that uses high-quality water filtration line. To assess what is the quality line, you can refer to the 3 stages of water purification to know what is the quality line:

Phase 1: Iron removal, deodorizing, softening water

Phase 2: Refining and reverse osmosis stages

Stage 3: Kill bacteria

An advanced water filtration line operating under these 3 phases will ensure the best water quality.

Technical parameters of VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line

Product name: VAIAK1500 mineral water filter line

Capacity: 1500 liters / h

Size: 5x0.6x1.8 m

Weight: 112 kg

Power consumption: 2.24 kW / h

Power source: 220v / 380v

Benefits of installing mineral water filter line in Viet An

+ Bring high economic benefits

Currently, the demand for mineral water is increasing, the price of each 20-litre mineral water bottle is about 50,000 VND. while it is only VND 4000 - 7,000 to create a mineral water bottle. The profit you get from each water bottle is more than 40,000 VND. While the price of a pure water bottle only fluctuates from 10 thousand -15 thousand VND and to create a pure water tank also takes about 4 thousand -7 thousand. The profit you get from a pure water bottle is 6-8 thousand VND. Looking at that number, there is definitely no reason that you do not choose to invest in installing a mineral water filter line instead of installing a pure water filter line. The price of the water production line is only different from the pure water line of several million VND, but the economic efficiency they bring is much higher.

+ Meeting the demand of the market

With the mineral content needed to supplement the body, mineral water is chosen by many people. Especially in the current period when everyone wants to protect their health. Therefore, the creation of mineral water PET bottles and mineral water bottles will meet the market's requirements.

+ Actively create quality mineral water sources

Instead of relying on natural mineral springs with limited reserves, you can now create mineral water from any water source. The quality of mineral water you create is no different from natural mineral water which even ensures more safety.

If you want to own a specialized mineral water filter line with a capacity of 1500 litres per hour, please contact Viet An, we are committed to owning a genuine, high-quality product with the most reasonable price.

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