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Dây chuyền lọc nước tinh khiết 20000l/h VACA20000



VACA20000 water filtration line with a capacity of 20000 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Model: VACA20000
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Free installation

Category: RO-VACA

Product code: VACA20000

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Product details

It is a product applies advanced science technology, pure water filter line VACA20000-20000l using composite auto valve filter column has been the leading water filtration product in Vietnam.

Ảnh tập thể công ty Việt An

VACA20000 using RO reverse osmosis water technology will transform well water, groundwater, unhygienic water into pure water quality under standard QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health and standards and FDA standard of the United States. If you want to own a quality water purifier, reasonable price to serve your business or to treat water for residential areas, urban areas, the 20000-litres water filtration line will be a great choice for you.

Auto valve composite filter line 20000 liters produced by USApec brand - the leading water purifier brand in the United States and imported directly by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company, exclusively distributed in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing water treatment solutions, Viet An has received many noble awards from the State and voted by consumers as "Vietnam Leading Brand in 2015". Incessantly striving to improve and update new technologies, Viet An is proud to bring customers the best quality water purification products, the cheapest price, the longest use time.

Why should a pure water filtration line of 20000 litres VACA20000 be installed in the current period

  • Vietnam in recent years has experienced outstanding industrial development, the speed of industrialization has increased, along with the booming population. But the price for that development is water pollution. The situation in urban and rural areas is contaminated with toxic substances, iron contamination, alum ... they are increasingly threatening the health of many people.
  • Countless diseases related to the use of unsanitary water for a long time such as skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease .... and even cancer, etc. … Everyone is worried and looking for measures to protect their health.
  • In the past, we used to boil cool water to ensure health. However, with the current state of polluted water, boiling water cannot guarantee the removal of bacteria, iron, zinc, arsenic ... from the water.
  • Meanwhile, people are becoming more and more busy with life and social work, so time for themselves and their families is less. Therefore, boiled water is no longer considered to be an effective solution to have water as standard.
  • Besides, with the development of science and technology, effective solutions for water treatment and water purification have been found to be able to meet a hygienic water source for everyone. That is the production line, pure water filtration application of RO water filtration technology.

The use of pure water filtration and treatment solutions will help you get a standard water source to use. Health protection is essential when water accounts for up to 70% of our body structure, so if we want to have a healthy body, it is necessary to have a clean and safe water source.

The difference of Viet An pure water filter line of 20000 liters compare other industrial water purification products in the market

  • Water after being treated through purified water purification system VACA 20000 liters is pure water ensuring quality standards. Water is transparent, colorless, odorless, naturally sweet and extremely easy to drink
  • Ultra-fast water purification process, after 1 hour the system has filtered up to 20,000 liters of water.
  • the water purification process is completely automatic and closed cycle thanks to automatic valve system, self-adjusting filter column so it always ensures the stability of water and contributes to increasing the life of the filter membrane, and the filter line system.
  • The water filter line is simple to operate, only need to connect to the power source and the water inlet is the system that will automatically filter and treat water.
  • As a large capacity water purifier product, VACA20000 is designed very small and compact, so it is easy to transport and install, and it does not take up much area.
  • Application of ultra-energy saving technology, when using the production line of 20000 liter / h pure auto valve filter column of Viet An will help you to save maximum electricity consumption compared to other filter lines Industrial countries applied old technology before.
  • Time to use water filtration line VACA20000 up to 15 years. The system operates stably, requires less maintenance.

The structure of a pure water filter line of 20000 liters / h composite auto valve filter column

+ Air disinfection system: With 20 air disinfection lamps to disinfect air to create a sterile environment in the air

+ Heavy metal filter system: Includes 1 column of a composite, Mn sand, Quartz sand, automatic valve to remove manganese, heavy metal precipitate

+ Detoxification system, decolorization, deodorizing: Includes 1 composite column, activated carbon to detoxify, decolorization, deodorizing in water

+ Limestone reduction system and water softening: Includes 1 composite column, cation water softener, automatic valve to remove limestone and magnesium in water

+ Safe filter system: 20 cores 40 diameters, 1 filter to protect RO membrane

+ Booster system

+ RO water filter system: Contains RO filter to purify pure water to meet the standard QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health.

+ Automatic flow measuring device, automatic water and electric pressure measurement

+ Bactericidal and bacteriostatic system: Includes 8 UV lamps, 6 ozone machines to kill bacteria, 4 film 5-core filters and 20 bacteria filter cores to filter bacteria in the water

The structure details of the water filtration line can be found in the specifications section.

Application of pure water filtration line VACA20000-20,000 litres/h

+ Filtering water in residential areas, urban areas, schools, hospitals, factories

+ Filtering purified water to produce bottled and PET bottled water in current bottled water production and business establishments

+ Provide pure water for chemical and cosmetic production facilities

  If you want to own this water purifier with a capacity of 20,000 liters, please contact Viet An at 0949 414141 for advice and support.

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Parameters, configuration

Number Accessories Quantity Unit Origin Picture
1 304 Stainless steel Push pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
2 Air disinfection lamp 20 Pcs VA/ USApec
3 Air disinfection lamp hanger 20 Pcs VA/ USApec
4 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
5 Mn sand (Institute of Chemistry) Full Kg VA/ USApec
6 Quartz sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
7 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
8 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
9 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
10 Activated carbon Full Kg Holland
11 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
12 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
13 Cation seed Full Liter India/ England
14 40” Filter core 20 Pcs VA/ USApec
15 Stainless steel filter 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
16 Booster pump and feeder pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
17 Membrane shell 6 Pcs VA/ USApec
18 RO membrane 12 Pcs Hitech-USA/CSM Korea
19 Flowmeter 4 Pcs Taiwan
20 Pressure meter 3 Pcs Taiwan
21 Oil pressure meter 2 Pcs Taiwan
22 Copper solenoid valve 2 Pcs Cn Korea
23 Reverted salt container 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
24 Electrical system 1 Set LK Korea
25 UV lamp 8 Pcs Poland/ Hungary/ USA
26 Ozone machine 6 Pcs VA/ USApec
27 Filter 5 core 4 Pcs VA/ USApec
28 Bacterial filter core 20 Pcs VA/ USApec
29 Heat-welded pipe and accessories Full Set Vietnam
30 Stainless steel frame bracket Full Set Vietnam

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