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Dây chuyền lọc nước tinh khiết 5000l/h VACA5000



VACA5000 water filtration line with a capacity of 5000 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Model: VACA5000
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Free installation

Category: RO-VACA

Product code: VACA5000

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  • Parameters, configuration
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Product details

Pure water filter line VACA5000 - 5,000 liters/h is products help create pure water to serve the daily needs of the people, contributing to helping the body to prevent disease and protect the health besides that is also a competent assistant to help PET bottled and bottled water production and business establishments gain huge profits, solve many people's jobs and contribute to the country's socio-economic development.

Ảnh tập thể công ty Việt An

When the water resources situation is increasingly polluted by the pressure of population growth, by the speed of urbanization and industrialization. Concerns about health conditions do not guarantee the statistics of the status of people infected with diseases related to the use of unsanitary water, using water filtration systems purity becomes very necessary.

 Viet An is one of the leading companies in providing industrial water purifiers, pure water treatment lines with a capacity of 5000 litres/ h using automatic valve filter columns. With over 20 years in the water treatment industry in Vietnam - we are committed to bringing satisfaction to all customers. There are already large companies using our product lines such as Samsung, Diana, and Vina milk company. Thanks to the application of the most advanced RO water filtration technology, our water purification products are committed to ensuring the standard output water: colourless, odourless, 100% pure, but still full of essential minerals for the body.

Why should use composite auto valve water purifier line VACA5000-5000 litres/ h

What is a composite filter column?

Composite filters are based on fibreglass, basalt fibre, organic fibre, carbon fibre, Boor fibre, silicon carbide yarn, metal fibre, short fibre and dispersed particles, fabric core. Composite filter column has been tested and certified by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) for human health safety. For this reason, this material is used in most industrial water filtration lines today. Composite filter column is also chosen by many people because its price is quite cheap, and cheaper than a stainless-steel filter.

Advantages of a composite water filter column:

  • Low price
  • Durable
  • it can resist natural corrosion
  • Heat resistant
  • Light-weight
  • Safety for human health
  • The filter column surface is smooth and easy to clean

Besides, VACA5000 water filtration line also uses automatic valve system which is imported directly from the United States with the ability to self-regulate, self-wash the filter column without the external impact of the workers as for manual valve line. This helped to save the cost of hiring workers, besides keeping the taste and stability of the output water quality, protecting the filter core, the filter and increasing the life of the filter line.

Water filter line VACA5000-5000 litres/h is one of the water filtration lines using composite auto valve filter column that Viet An provides to the market.

When you own this water purifier you will have 5000 litres of pure water per hour to serve the needs of eating, living and production.

The water purification process of RO pure water filter line VACA5000-5000 litres/h

  • Pre-filter system, also known as a coarse filtration system, headwater filter with a sediment filter effect, organic impurities, turbid water, ... This is an important filtration stage contributing to the anti-clogging of equipment behind.
  • Iron and manganese removal system: Water passing through composite auto valve filter column contains Mn Sand, quartz sand will remove positive ions (Cation): Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Fe3 +, Fe2 +, ... And negative ions (Anion) such as Cl-, NO3-, NO2-, ... Then water treated through this system will continue processing.
  • Filter system for detoxification, decolourization, deodorizing: Water after being removed from heavy metal will continue to be transferred to composite auto valve filter column containing genuine imported activated carbon, here will remove colour, odour and toxins in the water.
  • Limestone reduction and water softening system: Water removed metal, detoxified, colour, odour continues to be transferred to the limestone reduction system and water softener. The composite auto valve water filter column contains water softening particles, salt suction valves and cationic particles to soften the water, reducing the limestone and magnesium in the water.
  • Safe water filter system: Water after removing metal, odour, toxin, reducing limestone and magnesium will continue to be transferred to the safety system with stainless steel filter containing 40 cores to protect the filter RO at the next filtration stage.
  • RO filtration system: This is considered the heart of the entire filtration line. The water after safe filtration will be pushed to the RO filter system by the booster pump, In here has 3 membrane covers containing three RO membranes with only 0.0001micron filtered grids size so they only have water molecules passing through. The rest contains impurities, residues, viruses, the remaining bacteria will be dug out. Especially, the water filter line using automatic valve filter column provided by Viet An also has the ability to retain the essential minerals for the body to ensure the finished water is the most beneficial pure water for health.

How long does the VACA5000 pure water filter line warrant?

  When customers need to install pure water filter line 5000 litres/h of Viet An, you will be entitled to warranty policy within 12 months and maintain the whole machine life. The maintenance period of the line, as well as the replacement of water filtration materials provided by Viet An in the instruction manual book when product delivery to customers. When you proceed to replace filter materials, filters, filter core should use genuine goods, you do not buy products of unknown origin will adversely affect the quality of finished water.

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Parameters, configuration

Number Accessories Quantity Unit Origin Picture
1 304 Stainless steel Push pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
2 Air disinfection lamp 7 Pcs VA/ USApec
3 Air disinfection lamp hanger 7 Pcs VA/ USApec
4 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
5 Mn sand (Institute of Chemistry) Full Kg VA/ USApec
6 Quartz sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
7 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
8 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
9 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
10 Activated carbon Full Kg Holland
11 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
12 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
13 Cation seed Full Liter India/ England
14 40” Filter core 7 Pcs VA/ USApec
15 Stainless steel filter 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
16 booster pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
17 Membrane shell 3 Pcs VA/ USApec
18 RO membrane 3 Pcs Hitech-USA/CSM Korea
19 Flowmeter 2 Pcs Taiwan
20 Pressure meter 3 Pcs Taiwan
21 Oil pressure meter 2 Pcs Taiwan
22 Copper solenoid valve 1 Pcs Cn Korea
23 Reverted salt container 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
24 Electrical system 1 Set LK Korea
25 UV lamp 2 Pcs Poland/ Hungary/ USA
26 Ozone machine 2 Pcs VA/ USApec
27 Stainless steel filter 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
28 Bacterial filter core 5 Pcs VA/ USApec
29 Heat-welded pipe and accessories Full Set Vietnam
30 Stainless steel frame bracket Full Set Vietnam

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