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Dây chuyền lọc nước tinh khiết 300l/h VACA300



VACA300 water filtration line with a capacity of 300 litres/h achieves VA exclusive brand certification No. 250969

  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Model: VACA300
  • Life expectancy: 15 years
  • Origin: Viet An-Vietnam
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Free installation

Category: RO-VACA

Product code: VACA300

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Product details

The pure water filter line VACA300- 300 liter / h  is designed with extremely simple and modern design by Viet An imported and distributed exclusively in Vietnam.

Ảnh tập thể công ty Việt An

It is a specialized product for purifying bottled water, PET bottled with a capacity of 300 litres per hour, the quality of finished products always meets the standard of QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health Therefore, VACA300 has been highly appreciated by many large companies in Vietnam (such as Diana Company, company sam, shinhan vina, ..)

VACA300's water purification process is fully automatic, almost no noise, long warranty and maintenance periods. You can use purify pure water VACA300 for many years.

 Viet An TMTH Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading company in providing solutions for treating domestic water and purifying water. Every year, Viet An supplies hundreds of thousands of industrial bottled water RO filter lines to serve the consumers needs.

Let's accompanies Viet An to learn more about pure water filter line VACA300 - 300 litres/ h through the following article.

What is the RO pure water filter line VACA300- 300 litres/h?

RO pure water filtration line system VACA300 - 300 liters / h  is a specialized machine system used to filter water, water treatment is the best today. They are capable of transform ordinary water sources into pure clean water through RO filtration, using electricity and membranes combined with reverse osmosis, removing impurities, heavy metals, chemicals and even disinfect water. After being treated, the water source is filtered through an RO filter system with pure water standards according to the standards 6-1-2010 / BYT of Vietnam and the world standards, ensuring hygiene and health of users.

  Below is the results of water analysis after being processed through the RO filtration system

Kết quả phân tích nước sau lọc RO

RO membrane filter is considered the heart of the whole water filtration system VACA300. What is the RO membrane filter?

RO membranes are manufactured according to the principle of reverse osmosis - water flows from where the mineral concentration is low to high concentrations through a semi-permeable membrane to become balanced.

RO membrane is applied in filter line, pure water treatment VACA300 that Viet An supplies to the market are a genuine product manufactured directly in the United States.

With the 0.001 mironmet filter size, the RO filter will only let the water molecules pass through, 99% of the impurities in the water will be trapped and excreted through the sewage line.

With the application of reverse osmosis principle, water with high mineral concentration is pumped by forced pressure through a semi-permeable membrane and therefore, insoluble substances (salts, metallic substances, etc.) are discharged through Wastewater and pure RO water is created.

The R.O filter removes insoluble inorganic substances such as metal ions, salts, chemicals and organic substances including bacteria, endotoxins and pathogenic viruses. The efficiency of removing these substances through a membrane filter R.O can reach 95 - 99%.


Thin sheet membranes made of Polyamide (PA) are widely used and commonly used in artificial kidney water treatment techniques. This RO membrane filter is made from very thin semi-permeable PA membranes and is tightly wrapped around a highly permeable collection tube. The coil design will increase the surface area exposed to water and reduce the size of the filter.


Filtering and water treatment capacity of the RO membrane filter has been verified and proved by the analysis results of water samples after treatment through RO water filtration line that we have just given above.

So when you own the water filter line system 300l / h VACA300 it means in your hand has the most advanced water filtration equipment today.

The composite - auto valve pure water filter line 300 litre/ h is the best choice for you

  • You can own this industrial water purifier with only 62 million VND - it is a reasonable price suitable for many customers.
  • The water purification process of VACA300 water filtration line takes place completely automatically, it only needs to connect to the power source, connecting the water pipeline, the system that will automatically filter and treat pure water
  • The composite material is durable, capable of withstanding brackish water and salt water
  • Genuine automatic valve system helps to quickly filter the column, the quality and taste of water after filtering is always stable compared to using a manual valve.
  • Filter capacity is high up to 300 litres of pure water per hour
  • Twice sterilization system with the UV lamp and ozone machine will ensure the water after filtering is pure water to meet the standards QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and FDA standards of the US

Besides, providing pure water filter line VACA300- 300 litres per hour, Viet An also gives customers automatic bottle filling and bottle filling machines so that customers can perfect business production facilities.


The combination of water filtration line system with the filling system will ensure your PET bottled and bottled pure water production reaches the standard given by the Ministry of Health and also helps businesses to obtain extremely great value.

The cost to invest in buying a semi-automatic filling system is only about 20 million VND.

If you have the need to own genuine equipment, filter, water treatment, genuine filling machines in the best market, please contact Viet An at 0949 414141

 With low investment capital, it is possible to produce bottled water, produce bottled water with the process of producing completely closed pure water automatically. If you are interested in selling bottled water in the Vietnam market, you should not ignore this.

See more article details

Parameters, configuration

Number Accessories Quantity Unit Origin Picture
1 304 Stainless steel Push pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
2 Air disinfection lamp 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
3 Air disinfection lamp hanger 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
4 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
5 Mn sand (Institute of Chemistry) Full Kg VA/ USApec
6 Quartz sand Full Kg VA/ USApec
7 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
8 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
9 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
10 Activated carbon Full Kg Holland
11 Composite column 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
12 Auto valve 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
13 Cation seed Full Liter India/ England
14 Filter core 20” 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
15 Filter cup 20” 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
16 304 stainless steel booster pump 1 Pcs Ebara/ Pentax-Italy
17 Membrane shell 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
18 RO membrane 1 Pcs Hitech-USA/CSM Korea
19 Flowmeter 2 Pcs Taiwan
20 Pressure meter 3 Pcs Taiwan
21 Oil pressure meter 2 Pcs Taiwan
22 Copper solenoid valve 1 Pcs Cn Korea
23 Reverted salt container 1 Set VA/ USApec
24 Electrical system 1 Pcs LK Korea
25 UV lamp 1 Pcs Poland/ Hungary/ USA
26 Ozone machine 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
27 Filter cup 10” 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
28 Bacterial filter core 1 Pcs VA/ USApec
29 Heat-welded pipe and accessories Full Set Vietnam
30 Stainless steel frame bracket Full Set Vietnam

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