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2 ton ice making machine is exported to Mr Tan in Lao Cai

21/11/2019 0 Comment

The  IVA2T 2-ton ice making machine is 100% new manufactured by Viet An is a very important breakthrough in 2019 - the most advanced technology in Vietnam's field of refrigeration exports.

Ice cube machine is researched and manufactured by Viet An company. This is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam specializing in importing, manufacturing and distributing machines such as: filling machine, bottle blowing machine, jar blowing machine, pure water filtration line or industrial ice machine with diversify capacity with safe product quality and achieve great efficiency, reducing many costs and saving maximum energy.


On August 10, 2019, Viet An has exported 2 tons of ice making machine - IVA2T for Mr Tan under the contract of 196/2019. Mr Tan chosen is versatile ice size 34, with this size he can provide ice for many customers with different needs such as drinking beer, soft drinks, coffee, smoothies ... etc.

Why did Mr Tan choose Viet An's 2-ton ice cube making machine?

Viet An is a company specializing in manufacturing and installing ice water production systems, industrial refrigeration equipment, purified water filtration lines, filling lines, bottle blowing machines, jar blowing ... Experienced and high technical technology. We have developed technology based on advanced techniques of American, European and Japanese industries.

ảnh tập thể Việt An
Viet An collective photo

Thanks to the hard work, Viet An has achieved many prestigious awards and high quality certificates of the competent agencies. As :

  • In 2009 Viet An received the Gold Medal for high quality Vietnamese goods for bottled water, jar water and golden lotus cup for its pure water filter product.
  • In 2015 Viet An received exclusive brand certificates "VA" and "USApec" for its products of industrial ice machine and purified water filtration line, granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property on September 10, 2015.
  • In 2015 Viet An received the award "Top 100 leading brands in Vietnam in 2015" by Consumer Newspaper.
  • Certified with international quality management standard ISO9001: 2015
  • On 11/29/2016 Viet An general trading Joint Stock Company was also honoured to receive the Certificate of Merit as one of the enterprises with good achievements in the fight against fake and counterfeit goods of the Association Against Counterfeiting and Trademark Protection Vietnam VATAP brand.

Each industrial machine has different advantages and disadvantages. Customers love and choose Viet An to buy industrial ice machines in particular and other industrial ice making and manufacturing machines in general because of the great advantages that other units do not have.

Modern technology

Speaking of modern machinery technology, we often think of products made from the US, Europe or Japan. Therefore, Viet An has imported advanced components from these countries. Therefore, the quality and performance of the machine are always guaranteed.

Besides, machines in Viet An committed genuine, saying no to counterfeit goods, Any customer who finds out we supply fake goods, we will give you a 100% refund. With the most modern technology, our machines and equipment save maximum power, reduce costs for businesses.

Luxurious design, eye-catching designs

In addition to the quality of components, machines in Viet An also have high aesthetics. Compact design, using stainless steel material, shiny. Thus, the device always keeps the luxury. Stainless steel material also helps to clean the machine easily. Increasing resistance to impact, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

Warranty, the best maintenance

All products are warranted for 12 months and lifetime maintenance. Very few suppliers have such a long-term maintenance policy. In addition to the policy of operation, the maintenance regime of Viet An is especially satisfied by customers. Free maintenance and maintenance with a team of highly qualified technicians. Warranty period, quick maintenance.

Modern technology is applied in 2-ton ice machine

The air separation system is unique to Viet An ice making machine


 By applying the latest American advanced energy-saving technology, the device can save up to electricity compared to other 2-ton ice making machines on the market. Especially, the 2-ton ice machine is also equipped with the latest gas separation system - the latest technology in 2019 is applied only in ice-making machines of Viet An. With the advantage of helping the process of creating ice take place quickly and protect the compressor from infection, protect the compressor to improve the service life of the machine. Thanks to this technology, the pipe of the industrial ice cube making machine is also designed more neatly and modernly. Ice making cycle is also greatly reduced, helping the unit save time and monthly costs.

the compressor is 100% new

100% new compressor technology is completely applied only to Viet An 2-ton ice making machine, this is a product specially ordered by Viet An with the latest technology to help the machine operate stably to achieve the longest service life. Manufactured using the latest technology. Strict quality testing before being put into use. The use of the new compressor is to control the cooling capacity of the ice machine. Controlling and saving power consumption for you, using a new compressor helps the equipment's longevity more durable, longer ensures the temperature and keeps the cooling system stable, helps the ice machine 2 ton industrial park works smoothly, runs smoothly, makes less noise.

Imported block valve


hệ thống van chặn máy đá

Block valves, using imported valves - Not a processing valve made in Vietnam as some other 2-ton ice cube making units usually do.

Cooling tower imported CBU


Tháp giải nhiệt

Cooling tower of 2-ton ice cube making machine has the cooling function of water machine system and fan. This device works to reduce the temperature of the ice water source by separating the heat source and then bringing that heat out to the outside. Components of cooling tower include frame and body of the tower, filler block, air inlet, cold water tank, water shield, fan, each part will be heat-treated individually to carry out the process of ice making machine 2 tons take place quickly and most effectively.

 Import condensation

bình ngưng

Automatic electrical system

hệ thống điện tự động

The electric system of the 2-ton ice-making machine is automatically operated with only one button to switch on and off, the automatic protection relay system, the automatic time relay system, etc. to help the machine self-ice making, self-defrosting. and automatically disconnects in any event of electrical problems. The operator only has to do one simple task of selling the ice without having to touch the ice directly like traditional block ice so there will be no worry about osteoarthritis disease.

System of load bucket motor, ice cutter

With 2 tons of ice cube making machine of Viet An. The system of bucket motor and ice cutter used is 100% new. Unlike the commercially available ice making machines that use secondhand motor and old ice cutter.

Exclusive components only Viet An industrial ice machine has


linh kiện độc quyền máy đá

Warranty, preferential conditions when installing ice machine - Viet An

Warranty: 12 months and long-term maintenance. When handing over the products, Viet An will provide all necessary papers, machines, equipment and accessories to conveniently serve necessary needs for Mr Tan such as Checking the machines, transporting goods. operator and testing, then when the machine is stable, we carry out the instructions and transfer it to Mr. Tan, so that he can rest assured our products.

Preferential mode: Periodic maintenance check, free all warranty and repair costs for him during the warranty period.

3 ton ice making machine provided and installed by Viet An Company is a quality product. Depending on the locality, the environment that our staff conduct to design different installation locations.

Thank Mr Tan, for choosing to be a partner with Viet An - We will certainly do as committed, to bring customers quality products as well as after-sales service.

Customers wishing to buy ice cube making machines of Viet An just need to contact via hotline: 0949 41 41 41. Our technician will advise and answer all customer questions as quickly as possible.

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá 2 ton ice making machine is exported to Mr Tan in Lao Cai


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