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Contract for 1-ton ice machine and 300-liter filtration system in Lao Cai

21/02/2020 0 Comment

Currently, with the rapid development of the economy, the demand for ice cubes and pure drinking water in establishments such as karaoke bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. is increasing. However, how to choose an ice cube making machine and filtration system effectively and reasonably is not well known.

The annual inspection showed that most of the ice and pure drinking water production facilities were not up to the hygienic requirements, the facilities were still manual, and the workshops were cramped. Moreover, in addition to the manufacturing process, transportation, storage are not guaranteed.

Grasping that demand on the market today, on March 13, 2019, in Lao Cai, Mr Vu Van Vinh decided to sign a contract to buy a water purification line composite mechanical valve with a capacity of 300 L / h - VACC300 and 1-ton ice making machine - IVA1T with Mr Nguyen Khac Diep - Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

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1 ton ice cube making machine

Viet An - a supplier of ice machines and filtration systems for Mr Vinh

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is a leading enterprise in importing and distributing RO pure water filtration line, producing stainless steel ice machine, filling machine, ...  VA brand, USApec brand, Vinaro brand is number one in Vietnam.

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company with a team of experienced technical staff always put themselves in the case of customers, to meet all the different needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Outstanding features of Viet An ice making machine

Viet An ice making machine is dominating the Vietnamese market, because Viet An's pure ice-making equipment is very popular among consumers - especially Mr Vinh, who is quite favourite and receives many positive feedbacks the following outstanding advantages:

+ Equipment applies the latest US energy-saving technology, which helps to save energy compared to other devices on the market.

+ Using an international standard cooling system with R22 solvent - imported directly from India, the speed of making pure ice is faster, in just a short time, you will have pure ice, quality.

+ Components used to make IVA1T ice cube making machine - 1 ton Viet An are imported from the top developed countries in the world such as USA, Japan, Korea, ... materials Stainless steel 304 helps the machine not to corrode over time, improve shelf life, endure over time.

+ The machine has a compact design, sophistication, flexibility to install, lower prices compared to high-class imported machines but the quality is still not different. In addition, with the function of automatically disconnecting when there is an electrical problem, self-adjusting ice making time will be very safe to use.

+ In addition, ice making machine of Viet An operates very stably, high performance, easy installation or operation. You also do not have to worry too much about the operation process later. Because hardly any damage has occurred.

VACC300 pure water filtration line

Improved and updated with the latest filtration technology, water treatment system, pure water filter system using composite filter column with a capacity of 300 liters per hour of Viet An has won the trust of the majority of customers in home and abroad and especially Mr Vinh by the following factors:

 + Is a product specifically designed to purify and treat industrial pure water from a variety of water sources.

 + The process of purifying water and purifying pure water takes place completely automatically, closed without interference from external factors, without human participation, so the quality of water is 100% pure, food safety and hygiene.

 + Design industrial compact design, with 304 stainless steel filter column just aesthetic and easy to clean.


 + The process of disinfecting and filtering bacteria twice to keep pure water ensures aseptic after filtration and when stored in tanks waiting for use.

Composite material with high salinity tolerance

300LPH Composite valve line is made of composite material so the filtration line has high mechanical strength, low specific weight. Composite material makes the line resistant to moisture, brackish water and saltwater, so the product is especially suitable for the business and production of pure water in coastal areas.

The choice of ice making machine products, water filtration line system in Lao Cai is the best, effective, quality, bringing high profits and saving costs for Mr Vinh. If you are in need of business investment in producing ice cubes, bottled drinking water, please contact at 0949.41.41.41 for a free consultation!

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