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2-ton ice making machine export to An Giang for Mr Toan

11/12/2019 0 Comment

2-ton ice making machine with compact design, modern according to international standards ISO9001-2015 uses high-strength materials, can withstand 24/24 working pressure without error on operation or control panel with the latest fuel-saving technology. The industrial ice machine is made of 100% new components, imported from many developed countries around the world.

Industrial 2-ton ice making machine for Mr Toan

Viet An ice making machine is the type of machine that currently dominates the market. This is a specialized machine used to produce pure ice, industrial ice, with many different sizes, serving many purposes of the user. Realizing many remarkable advantages of Viet An ice machine. Mr Toan from An Giang has signed a contract to buy IVA2T ice machine with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

Viet An provides the best 2 ton ice cube making machine for Mr. Toan's needs

Viet An has been equitized since August 2009, its full name is Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company. As a leading enterprise in Vietnam specializing in providing modern industrial machinery products for the food processing and manufacturing industry. The series of Viet An machines launched into the market such as bottled filling machine, bottle blowing machine, water filtration line, ice making machine ... they are all genuine high quality ISO 9001: 2015.

Ice making machine IVA2T - 2 tons also has a very compact design, handy and modern standards of the United States. The process of making ice cube by an automatic, self-contained machine without human intervention should achieve clean and pure ice. Stable performance, meeting all business needs of users.

  • Thanks to the application of the latest American advanced energy-saving technology, the device can save up to electricity compared to other types of ice-making machines on the market. Especially, the 2-ton ice machine is also equipped with the latest gas separation system - the latest technology in 2019 only available in Viet An. With the advantage of helping the process of creating ice go quickly and protect the compressor from liquid infection. Thanks to this technology, the pipe of the ice cube making machine is also designed more neatly and more modernly. Ice making cycle is also greatly reduced, helping the unit save time and monthly costs.

Liquid and Air separation system

  • 100% new compressor technology is completely applied only to 2 tons of ice cubes making machine of Viet An, this is a product specially ordered by Viet An with the latest technology to help the machine operate stably to achieve the longest service life. Produced on a fully automatic CNC system, automatic cutting, stamping, and molding. It is then transferred to the high pressure testing section of the compressor. This unit uses the best high pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. Strict quality testing before being put into use.

The air compressor is 100% new

  • Block valves, using imported valves - Not a processed valve made in Vietnam as some other units often do.
hệ thống van chặn máy đá
Stop valve system
  • Cooling tower functions to cool system with water and fans. This device works to reduce the temperature of the ice water source by separating the heat source and then bringing that heat out. Components of cooling tower include the frame and body of the tower, fill blocks, air inlet, cold water tanks, water shields, fans, each of which will have its own work heat to process the ice maker process quickly and effectively.


Tháp giải nhiệt

Cooling tower

  • The condenser condensation is 100% new. It is a device that plays an important role in ice making machine, with the function of the condenser that is condensing gas from gas to liquid. As directed by the supplier, customers should pay attention to cleaning the condenser at least once a month due to the condenser has limestone residue, if not cleaned, the heat exchange process will be reduced.


bình ngưng
  • The electric system of automatic ice making machine only needs to manipulate a switch on and off, automatic protection relay system, automatic time relay system, etc. to help ice making machine, self defrost and automatically disconnect in any event of electrical problems. The operator only has to do one simple task of selling the ice without having to touch the ice directly like traditional block ice so there will be no worry about osteoarthritis disease.


hệ thống điện tự động
Automatic electrical system
  • iNox pump system: made of 304 stainless steel, imported exclusively by Viet An. Currently, only Viet An ice machine uses iNox 304 pump. The industrial ice machines on the market use cast iron pumps so the price will always be cheaper. That means the durability will not be high.


Bơm iNox
INox pump
  • Exclusive components available only from Viet An
linh kiện độc quyền máy đá
Exclusive components

Our company, with nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing pure ice making machine, has supplied thousands of ice cube machines to Vietnam and overseas markets with different capacities. We guarantee our ice making machine products are the best and the best prices on the market. Come to our company customers will be able to use the best products, enjoy great deals that only Viet An has.

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Mr Toan should pay attention to the following issues so that a 2-ton ice machine works best

Install the machine in a suitable position so that it is not wet, around the machine is clear of obstructions, flat and solid cooling system to operate maximum cooling.

Water for ice is groundwater or bore well water, processed through filtration and sterilizing equipment.

Absolutely pay attention to the continuous, steady water supply line, no interruption, the water inlet must be secure, not leaking. On the inside of the water supply line, there must be a stop valve (used to turn off the water line when maintenance, repair or troubleshooting).

The water way out must have a slope, in the pipeline, there are no obstructions so that the drainage water will not stagnate.

The compression of the water line must be within the range provided by the supplier or the machine will perform poorly and may not make ice (the reason is that the amount of water is too weak to pump water to the indoor unit). note too strong even when the water is greater than 5 Pa, the ice is not hard, affecting the quality of ice cubes. Besides, too much water pressure damages the solenoid valve (water supply valve).

Power supply for the machine is stable, no blink. Need power supply 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz for the machine to operate with the best capacity.

Viet An will give 12 months warranty and long term maintenance for Mr. Toan. When handing over products, Viet An will provide all papers, machines, equipment, accessories to facilitate the needs of him such as: Checking the machines, operating and test run, then when the machine is stable, we carry out the instructions and transfer it to Mr Toan, so that he can rest assured our products.

Preferential mode: Periodic maintenance check, free all warranty and repair costs for him during the warranty period.

2-ton ice-making machine provided and installed by Viet An Company is a quality product. Depending on the locality, the environment that our staff conduct to design different installation locations.

Thank Mr Toan as well as domestic and foreign customers who have chosen to be partners with Viet An - We will certainly do as committed, to bring to customers the products of ice machine 2 tons of quality industry and after-sales service which nowhere has

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá 2-ton ice making machine export to An Giang for Mr Toan


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