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Address sells the reputable automatic filling machine in Da Nang

08/06/2019 0 Comment

You can find any commodity in Da Nang city, a vibrant city and is said to be booming for many years. If you have chosen Danang City as the place to look for a service that provides automatic filling machines, your choice is extremely accurate. The automatic filling machines in Da Nang have diversified designs, abundant uses and very affordable prices.


Office of Viet An filling machine in Da Nang

Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company is a unit specialized in importing and distributing filling machines and filling lines nationwide with branches in Hanoi - Da Nang - Buon Ma Thuot - Ho Chi Minh City. Customers who are in Da Nang want to go directly, please follow the address:

  • Danang Office: No. 50 Phan Khoang, Phuoc Ly Resettlement Area, Hoa An, Cam Le District, Danang city
  • Phone: 0236 368 4141

With the application of modern filling technology from the United States, all machine components are imported from Europe, with a team of engineers with rich experience in the profession, which Viet An has succeeded in manufacturing extraction systems. The most advanced automatic pouring. Products meet ISO 9001-2015 standards. Viet An is the address to choose to buy Vietnam's No. 1 automatic filling machine.

The establishment affirmed that Viet An is the No. 1 automatic filling machine in Da Nang

Viet An's automatic filling machine is manufactured according to international standards, the most advanced technology, the most modern compared to other models in the market.

With 20 years of experience, we are always proud of being the No. 1 filling machine supplier in Vietnam in general and in Da Nang in particular. Not only that, but we are also developing deeply with foreign schools such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar ... And always receive the support and positive evaluation of customers over the past time.

Outstanding advantages of filling machine:

  1. Accurate filling, high efficiency

If you look for the filling machine line, what you care about beyond productivity is accurate quantification. Most of the filling machines use pistons to pump and extract the solution, inducing from quantifying the exact volume to extract.

Features and productivity of the machine are quite impressive. Compared to the way of crafting through many stages, using many workers, you just need to prepare the material then simply set the parameters and press the button to automatically extract the machine. Depending on the type of machine and you only need 1 to 2 workers to give and take bottles and containers of a solution after extraction.

The products are carefully packed, the origin is clear and brand is better. With automatic filling machines, small and medium production facilities can do this well. The solution is quantified accurately, creating uniformity, ensuring product hygiene.

  1. Save production costs

Using automatic filling machines is a significant saving in labour costs and production time. An optimal filling machine does not stop at the exact filling ability, it also saves energy consumption. Rest assured because, with these models, the power consumption is much lower than other lines in the market.

  1. High durability, low maintenance cost

Due to high exposure to the filling solutions, most of these machines are made of stainless steel 304: no rust, corrosion, safe hygiene. This is a decisive factor in the durability of the product, if good hygiene and management, there is almost no serious damage.

  1. Price of filling machine Much depends on factors such as brand, quality, function, filling solution ... but each address will have different selling prices. Compared with the automatic filling machines, multi-function or multi-tap models will have a higher price than single-function machines. The versatile machine will be cheap, compact, professionally operated as well as significantly save the filling time compared to your investment using a variety of equipment.

Advantage of automatic filling machine

Automatic filling machine supplied by Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company is a machine for filling and quantifying special liquid materials, manufactured with high technology, running completely automatically, saving fuel, Suitable for the industry of fresh water filling, carbonated water, cosmetic ... Applying modern European technology, the special filling dispenser with absolute precision, this product has satisfied Many customers in the industry of producing and trading bottled and bottled beverages. With the automatic running design, this filling machine is much more productive than conventional extractors. Depending on production needs, customers can choose product lines with different capacity types.

Customers come to Viet An we are committed

> Our products are totally 100% new

> Have a full accreditation certificate

> Diverse models, beautiful products, many categories

> High durability, suitable for many places you want to install

> High after-sales mode, low price, ...

> A team of skilled technicians, highly skilled in construction and installation

> Goods are always available, enthusiastic support staff, happy,

> Serving 24/24 when you order

Thank you for your interest in the automatic filling machine of Viet An Gentra.JSC. Any questions please contact the hotline: 0949 41 41 41

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