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Bottled water production line

11/01/2020 0 Comment

If you want to operate a highly efficient bottled water production line needs to apply the most modern technology available today to create high-quality products, ensure consumer health, attract many potential customers. , gained a lot of profits to increase production and business efficiency.


The process of producing bottled pure water

- Step 1: Raw sediment filtration: The coarse filtration process will help the suspended sediments in the water to be removed.

- Step 2: Dehydration: After filtering the coarse residue, the water will be led through a filter with material capable of oxidizing metals to make them precipitate and easily remove out. This is then passed through an ion exchange system to soften the water.

- Step 3: Eliminate color and smell: In order to improve the color of the water and remove the natural fishy odour, the water source will be through automatic contact filter with many layers of materials to remove coarse sediments above 5 microns.

- Step 4: Filter by RO system: Here the water will be passed through the extremely small layer of material to completely remove the coarse residues, metals as well as bacteria present in the water.

- Step 5: Kill bacteria: To eliminate bacteria completely, the water source will be disinfected with. Finally, it will be passed through a fine filtration system of size 0.2 µm to remove bacteria. Now the water will be of the best quality in terms of color as well as taste.

- Step 6: Filling and bottling: Water after being processed through many steps will be pumped to the tank, filled and bottled. However, before filling, the bottle shell and cap will be soaked in sterilized solutions and then put into the line for automatic capping.

What should you pay attention to when investing in the bottled water production line?

The note before investing in bottled water production and business that production and business units need to carry out:

Learn, explore market needs: we have to grasp what consumers are currently in need? What brand of water are you using? analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the mineral water to draw experience for its production and business process.

Find out suppliers of bottled water production lines with high reliability and reputation in Vietnam, capable of consulting from A to Z from the design of workshops to the selection of water filtration lines with how much capacity is appropriate? What technology is applied to the input water source, how to design labels, brand logos, guide the procedures for registration of food hygiene and safety certificates and registration of the declaration of product conformity? Avoid many complicated stages that take a lot of time, effort and money.

Check the overall quality of the input water source to select appropriate water treatment technology to ensure safety and health for consumers

What does the bottled water production line business need?

Factors needed for businesses to enter bottled water production:

Find appropriate locations to open factories, avoid potential polluting sources of water such as wastewater treatment areas, livestock farms, factories, factories and industries businesses have many emissions, waste ...

Making a business license for trading in bottled water.

Design stamps and labels

Recruit and train employees

Prepare transportation

In the first 6 months, there was no revenue. Therefore, we had to prepare reserve capital for production

Look for quality input water and test the overall input water source

Looking for suppliers of high quality bottled mineral water production line, applying the most modern technology, reasonable price to reduce input costs.

Prepare consumable supplies such as bottles, stamps, labels, shrink film, tap ...

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Choose a brand that offers a reliable bottled water production line

Today, with the rapid development of information and communication technology and the improved intellectual level, people are increasingly concerned about their health. So, whether or not the investment or business of a bottled water production system is successful depends on whether you choose a partner to provide solutions and a processing line.

If you do not pay attention to choose a line of poor quality, unclear origin and lack of prestige brand, it will be difficult to produce pure products to supply the market. Since then it is difficult to win the trust and support of consumers. Therefore, you need to consider and make careful choices when considering the supplier of bottled water filtration lines.

If you have difficulty in choosing a supplier of the bottled water production line, please contact Viet An today for advice and support.

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