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Contracts to buy ice cube making machine 7 tons of Ms. Ly in Vung Tau

20/02/2020 0 Comment

When the demand for ice and ice cubes increases sharply, surpassing the supply threshold of Vung Tau province, even though ice production facilities, though operating at full capacity is still not enough to supply restaurants. , hotels, drinks shops, ... and the price of clean ice is usually pushed up to 2 to 3 times higher than normal. That is the reason that Ms Ly decided to invest more 7-ton ice machine for opening her ice production facility.

On March 13, 2019, Ms Le Thi Ly decided to sign a third contract with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to buy IVA7T - 7 ton ice cube making machine in Vung Tau.

máy làm đá viên 7 tấn

7 tons of ice making machine

Viet An 7-ton ice cube making machine that Ms Ly chooses

“The consumption of ice cubes is increasing day by day, so many companies sell clean ice making machine with unsatisfactory quality, but the power consumption of these products is always higher than branded products. "USApec - VA". This led to an increase in production costs by millions of dollars in a short time. If you do not believe, you can verify the above information, by calling directly to the ice machine production facilities and asking for details of power consumption, thereby making a comparison yourself in the most objective way ”- Ms. Ly shared.

Structure of 7-ton ice making machine IVA7T:

 + Is the main equipment including compressor - condenser (heat exchange and heat release into the water with additional cooling water pumping system and cooling tower).

 + Throttle system and evaporation system.

 + Auxiliary equipment: The oil separator operates on the principle of changing the direction and speed of the fluid flow. Based on specific gravity of solvent and oil dust.

 + High pressure container: for high-pressure liquid line. The task of clearing the heat exchanger surface of condenser and providing sufficient amount of solvent for the throttle system - Liquid separator - Heat recovery tank: Exchange of counterflow heat between the refrigerant from evaporator into the heat recovery flask with the liquid in the spiral tube.

Operating the machine produces 7 tons of ice cubes

 + Simple operation, the buttons on the control system of the ice cube machine are very easy to implement, because there are the following comment lines.

 + Customers can manually adjust the porosity of ice cubes by customizing the ice making time (for solid ice, the cooling time will be 45 to 50 minutes/batch, for hollow ice cubes, the time ice making is only 35 minutes/batch).

The size of the 7-ton ice making machine - IVA7T that Ms Ly chooses in the 3rd contract signed with Viet An Company: The industrial ice cube machine can give a huge capacity of ice cubes with the products that make the ice. Ice tubing has many different sizes depending on the needs and requirements of customers, before ordering the machine. Mr Binh has chosen 47 mm ice size, this size is suitable for drinking beer, soft drinks, ... this type has the advantage of long-melting ice

Note when using and preserving ice machine 7 tons of Viet An

- Power source: Ms Ly should pay attention to the voltage level suitable for the equipment, choose the electrical wire with good insulation, good insulation, moderate thickness and proper installation of the electric network.

- Regarding the water source: should use filtered water, tap water, ... In addition, in the process of bringing water from outside into the machine, the water pipes after using for a while will be easy to settle. stagnant water and a lot of dirt, the water source will be cloudy and greasy, so it is necessary to clean the filter according to our specified time.

- Space and layout: You should study the location of Viet An ice machine carefully, choosing cool places.

If you leave the device in a humid place, where there is direct sunlight, this will reduce the productivity and quality of ice cubes.

 - Should the periodic inspection, maintenance, cleaning or replacement of components if necessary, prevent the growth of microorganisms from damaging the machine.

Viet An wishes Ms Ly's stone ice production facility growing. Please contact today to enjoy the most preferential service when installing 7-ton ice making machine of Viet An in Vung Tau as Ms Ly's manufacturing facility!

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