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Contract for installing IVA 7T ice mking machine and VAIA 1500 water filtration line for Mr Lan

14/02/2020 0 Comment

Today, Viet An has carried out the transportation and installation of free IVA 7T ice machine and VAIA 1500 water filtration line for Mr Lan. Among the countless choices of ice making machines, Mr. Lan still decided to choose Viet An with a team of professional and affordable technicians.

máy làm đá viên IVA 7 tấn

IVA 7T ice cube machine installed for Mr Lan

Mr Lan's choice of ice cube making machine 7T and water purifier line VAIA 1500 is completely accurate by:

With 7 tons ice making machine

IVA 7T iNox ice cube making machine is a high-capacity ice cube making machine. The device can produce both ice products that are fast, clean, and hygienic, safe as required by the health ministry.

Specifically, pure ice machine is manufactured and manufactured by Viet An Company to ensure good quality and clear origin of components on the machine. Satisfying the required quality criteria such as 40 criteria for heavy metals, stone products reach 22 criteria and including up to 6 criteria for bacteria and microorganisms. You can be completely assured of the quality as well as consulting services, care, warranty or maintenance of machinery during the purchase to purchase process.

304 stainless steel components should increase the life of the machine, at least 20 years and not subject to oxidation or rust. Therefore suitable use in severe weather in Vietnam.

IVA 7T ice making machine uses R22 refrigerant imported directly to ensure safety for users' health. Refrigeration method of international standards should be safe for finished ice products to be used in daily living and eating.

Thanks to a good silencer system, IVA7T Viet An ice making machine has small noise, less affected by people around.

The automatic electrical system helps the machine, automatically disconnects when something goes wrong or adjusts the time so that it can make stones of different widths and operate the machine easily and simply.

IVA 7T ice making machine with a capacity of up to 7 tons in 24 hours. Producing tubular ice cubes depending on the size you choose. Specialized applications to the market, in the fields of seafood processing, restaurants or supermarkets, cafes and fast food stores, etc.

The difference of VAIA 1500 RO water filter system of Viet An with other conventional filtration products

+ Outstanding quality, is a special water filter for export

+ Ability to filter pure water quickly, ensuring the standard 6-1-2010 / BYT of the Ministry of Health

+ Water filtration system - Apply the latest RO water purification technology in 2018 with the ability to remove almost completely impurities, toxins, bacteria, virust ... and in water to create a guaranteed finished water hygiene standards. In addition, the system also has a mineral supplement to retain the beneficial minerals needed for the body, so that the quality of the water after being filtered through the system is always easy to drink, has a sweet sweet taste and have many health benefits

+ Long-term use up to over 15 years. During the process of using less maintenance, warranty helps save investment and production costs

+ Long warranty period up to 12 months, lifetime maintenance of the product

structure and operating principle of IVA 7T ice cube making machine


The main equipment of the machine includes:

- New compressor 100% imported from USA / Germany

- Condenser (heat exchanger and exhaust heat to water with an additional cooling water pumping system and cooling tower)

- Evaporation system

The auxiliary equipment of the machine includes:

- The oil separator operating principle changes the direction and speed of the solvent  based on the density of the solvent and the oil dust.

- High pressure container: for high-pressure liquid! The task of releasing the heat exchanger surface of condenser and providing a sufficient amount of solvent for the throttle system

- Liquid separator

- Heat recovery tank: Heat exchange upstream between the refrigerant from the evaporator goes into the heat recovery tank with the liquid in the spiral tube.

Principle of operation:

Steam technology is drawn to the compressor in the form of low-pressure steam compressor, the solvent to high pressure, high temperature. Through the oil separator to separate the oil dust from the vapor! steam into the condenser, then exchange heat and release heat into water to lower the temperature and pressure and condense into liquid form! The liquid medium is passed through a heat recovery device and reduces the based heat and the heat of the vapor after passing through the evaporator. The liquid is put into a high pressure container! The flow of fluid through the throttle system reduces the pressure to evaporation pressure! The evaporator on the evaporator takes the heat of ice and evaporates! Ice machine products with many types, shapes, different sizes, serving the needs of consumers.

The process of installing IVA 7T ice making machine for Mr Lan

When Mr Lan was interested in the IVA 7T ice cube making machine, he calls to Viet An 0949 41 41 41 and was consulted by technical experts to answer his questions.

When Mr Lan saw the benefits and great advantages of IVA 7T ice making machine, Mr Lan decided to go to Viet An's factory at: Lot 43 D1, Street H2-G2, Quang Minh - Me Linh Industrial Park - Hanoi so you can see the headset directly on the device.

He then decided to cooperate with Viet An and signed the MĐ2018ĐL 246 IVA 7T47 * 80 + VAIA 1500 contract.

Viet An will send a technician directly to Lan's workshop to check the layout, input source (need to prepare 3-phase-380V power source), water source ...

The next step is Viet An transporting machines and installing Mr Lan free of charge at his factory.

Besides, Viet An also advises him to design stamps, labels, check water sources ...

Not only that, Mr Lan was also given a packaging system worth 30 million VND. Along with many other valuable gifts.

Thank you for choosing the IVA 7T ice machine and VAIA 1500L Viet An water filter, hopefully, your business will soon develop and hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with you.

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá Contract for installing IVA 7T ice mking machine and VAIA 1500 water filtration line for Mr Lan


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