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Cosmetic Filling Machine

03/07/2019 0 Comment

The cosmetic filling machine is the popular product line in recent times because of the increasing beauty needs of consumers, and the emergence of many cosmetic companies, so it needs a machine can ensure hygiene safety with the best power saving ability.

Máy chiết rót mĩ phẩm

Understanding the difficulties of enterprises, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company with many years of experience in the field of supplying machinery and equipment has successfully manufactured many kinds of filling machines for service. for the cosmetics industry with good quality and beautiful design and meet the strict requirements of health and many standards of cosmetics industry set out.

 Application of cosmetic filling machine in the manufacturing industry

Society is growing, the demand for human enjoyment is getting higher and higher. If we feed and clothe oneself properly in the past, then today, people think about how to eat well and wear well. But in addition to wearing nice, now how to make skin beautiful hair must be beautiful, perfect. Therefore, the cosmetics manufacturing industry in recent years has developed very strongly with a variety of products and this is also considered a market and a very good industry for young people to start their businesses.

Capturing this trend of the market, in recent years there have been many businesses, investing heavily in the cosmetics industry to serve the needs of the market. In which many young people also want to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in starting a business for themselves. The job will become easier if you shop for your cosmetics filling machine. With the advantages:

  • Machine devices are manufactured based on advanced foreign technology. Therefore this is a high-tech product and meets GMP standards.
  • Cosmetic filling machine with PLC controller, the machine is fully automatically filled when there is input from any solution such as liquid solution, thick solution, high-density solution, ...
  • The filling machine has a reasonable structure, has a system to adjust the extraction rate very accurately and adjust the extraction capacity to the bottle easily.
  • A simply designed cosmetic filling machine that helps operate the machine very quickly and conveniently. Installation is easy and easy to move. Machine with high stability, low noise, less damage.
  • Extraction details are designed to be accurate and discreet when feeding input materials, thus being able to resist contamination of filling materials.
  • Suitable for medicine, chemicals, food, cosmetics ...
  • The cosmetic filling machine works automatically.
  • Maximum power saving
  • The machine is reasonable in design, compact and beautiful, easy to operate.
  • The contact material made of iNox does not rust, the machine is always shiny
  • The extract does not foam, spill out due to accurate quantification.
  • Cosmetic filling machine with ISO 9001-2015 standard

With this cosmetic filling machine, the filling process is guaranteed safely and effectively, because the machine operates fully automatically, meeting the food hygiene and safety requirements of the Ministry of Health. When you own the device, you will surely get a significant profit that the machine brings, plus the cost of machines in Vietnam An is 15% cheaper than other models on the market, within 1 year you have can recover capital.

Experience in selecting cosmetic filling machines

If you are wondering if you have not chosen a suitable cosmetic filling machine, please come to Viet An so that we can consult the best, we have enough filling machines with various capacities from large to small. and affordable price with a team of enthusiastic and experienced technicians, serving dedicated and professional customers.

Through this to help customers with the best choice for businesses about Viet An cosmetic filling line, please give some experience as follows:

- First, you need to determine the type of solution you will fill, what are the characteristics? Liquid or gelatinous form.

- A reputable - professional cosmetic filling machine supplier?

- Determine how much volume each filling is?

- Simple or complex operation method?

- The best machine structure should be made from iNox to ensure the longest service life and easier cleaning process.

- Compare prices between suppliers to make the best choice

- Is the post-sale warranty and maintenance regime reasonable?

The address provides a prestigious cosmetic filling machine - cheap price

Where can you find cheap cosmetic filling machines? If you have demand for this product, Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company is always the best address that you cannot ignore. We specialize in providing:

  • Product of genuine quality filling machine, 100% new
  • 20-years experience in industrial machine import and export
  • Always have warranty and maintenance for customers
  • There are many different types of machines for consumers to choose
  • Direct distribution, without intermediaries
  • The standard and cheapest price in Vietnam market
  • Warranty 1-year cosmetic filling machine and long-term maintenance
  • Free shipping and installation in 64 provinces of Vietnam
  • Free advice - Professional guidance

For more information about the cosmetic filling machine, please contact us for more specific technical advice. Hotline: 0949 41 41 41 or 0942 41 41 41

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